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Greetings friends!
I thank all of you who during the school year supported the ministry to the orphans in Belarus! We thank all who helped us prayerfully, financially, as well as those who helped things! Friends, what a great privilege to carry God’s instructions! And with a team like we have, every thing is possible! Over this year we have sown the seed of love and hope! We believe that the trips that we made during the school year, bear harvest that will have a significant impact on our country, as well as a great contribution to the life eternal, and the spread of God’s will.
Everyone knows that children are the future of not only the country but also around the world. We believe that united we will be able to influence and change the world. In this academic year were held more than one hundred and sixty meetings in every boarding school, of which five were held evangelistic meetings. More than twenty young people accepted Christ. We pray and ask you, what would you also pray for that to guys who have accepted Christ as their Savior, to keep their faith until the end.
We thank God for the fact that we can perform the service and make up children needs! Throughout the school year, we could see how children have changed and how to change their lives. We believe that in the future ministry of orphans will bear harvest in the kingdom of God.
We thank all those who sacrificed their finances to “warm the apartment” for graduates! We have seen how hard the guys enter into a world that too often becomes severe for those who have not yet emerged as a person. This year, we released our apartment the three girls. Thank God! We’ve got to give them basic skills, and now they can continue their own journey of life. Thank God for the fact that we can serve the graduates of boarding! Thanks to everyone who prayed for us and sacrificed and the time and money!
We are very grateful for the opportunity to not only fill the needs of orphans, but also for the opportunity to tell them about God! In addition, we pray and ask you to pray with dreams that have kids who are on vacation, to relax and keep in their hearts the seed, which were seed during the school year!