The opening of a new season of the culinary club

Greetings to all who follow the news of the culinary club! We had the opening of culinary club. It is the beginning of the third year of culinary club in Grozovsky orphanage. We had guests from Minsk. Our celebration was filled with games, air balloons, presentations, and songs. The topic of our meeting was “a true friend.” Children talked about their friends. Interestingly, many of them believe that they have a real friend (girlfriend). We discussed the criteria by which we decide whether a person is a true friend or not. We also mentioned that Jesus is able to be “a real friend.” Ten girls graduated from the orphanage last summer. This year, eleven girls are in the graduation class. Pray for us! We want to keep it interesting and informative for them. Culinary Club is not just a place where girls get together and talk. We want them to see hope, hope for alternative life. We try to talk a lot, listen to their comments, and select relevant topics for further conversations. We want them to see our interest in their fates. We have big plans for this year. Plans are higher than our abilities. Therefore, pray for us and this ministry. God help us!
P.S. Valya will not be going with us for a while because she is having a baby soon. The whole team is happy for her.

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