Nastya L.

Nastya Ljutarevich , 18 years old. Rudensky boarding school.

In Rudensky boarding school I am from the first class. Even now i don’t know the whole story how I appeared in the boarding school. My aunt came to me before. She told me that my father had died, and my mother was the drunkard. The aunt hasn’t already come to me for a long time … I have a lot of friends, but they aren’t close enough for me to trust them. I like to participate in meetings which pass on Tuesdays. Most of all I like to sing, and I remember one topic of the meeting very well: «Jesus brought peace». I believe in God. When I pray, I ask God to help me to get rid of bad words and from a habit to fight. I believe that God sent me opportunity to go to Italy on my summer vacation. When I stay alone I dream to live in family in Italy. Their attitude is very good to me . Therefore I would like to stay with them for ever. Mostly I am upset with the moments when I am quarrelling with people, especially with a close one. If to speak about the joyful moments, most of all I love when visitors come to us to a boarding school because. I like to get acquainted with new people. I wish children who are in boarding schools to find families. Also I wish them always be joyful and to laugh more often!

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