News of this month

foto 069foto 047Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We wish you in the New Year to improve and change the world around us for the better! On the culinary club for several meetings in a row one girl from the orphanage asked me the same question: “Have you come to us without a reason? Do you receive salary for it? And why do you all want? “And after my reply adds:” I do not understand … ” This means that we are not only waited for, but our visits surprised anyone. To our desire to learn something for nothing “old” are used to, but the “newcomers” are looking at and trying to unravel the cause of visits. There are such things as – the desire to live not only for us, a desire to share what know, the desire to love person who is lacking love. And during this time as we drive in the Grozovo orphanage, we have managed to make friends with the girls and look forward to our meetings with excitement. At the December meeting were prepared some food and examined a little of them. The dish that girl had cooked in the previous meeting we asked describe step by step. Someone remembered everything, someone a little confused …). Knowledge tests they do not like – it’s a fact. All of them want to look smart and not embarrass themselves. At the last club meeting before the New Year,foto 094 foto 011we did a very tasty cake.
The most important conversation, which I would like to point out, was held by Xenia. We talked about what a believer means. What is our first impression of the believer? What valuable he has? And how he is different? Each of the girls talked about their first impression. How different were the answers)) … For the winter holidays almost all the girls are leaving. Let the winter holidays will be meeting in a great setting, the girls were happy and relaxed! God bless them and us!

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