Make-up and photo session

In December we held a master class in make-up for girls from Grozovo orphanage which visit our cooking club. There came professionals which work in this sphere and gave the first lesson to girls- the basis of facial. We can say that they gave the girls secrets of beauty. It was interesting to all – for girls who wants to connect her life with the profession of make-up artist and hairdresser, and those who just want to know how to properly care for themselves. It was only first lesson but we are planning one else more interesting lesson. And girls are looking forward it. Any girl wants to feel herself beautiful. And sometimes they just do not have a compliment or an elementary piece of advice how to show the beauty that God gave them. We speak a lot about it with them. We want they accept themselves as they are, have confidence in themselves. In November we invited a professional photographer so that he did a photo session for each of the girls. He taught them properly present themselves. They could feel themselves the real models and beauties. Some had a lot of cajoling to be photographed because of the fact that they suffer from complexes and have very low self-esteem. But after the photo session they looked at their photos and we saw that they had liked themselves. They were looking at the photos and smiling. And some were deciding which of the pictures, they leave themselves, and which will give to people who they love. I had a talk with one girl, Christina by name. She was deciding which of the pictures is better; she wanted to send it to her mother…

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