Sasha Voitehovich, 17 years, Rudensk boarding school.

I’ve been living at Rudensk boarding school for 11 years already (since the 1st form). I was born in Borisov. I was the only child in the family. That’s all I know about my past. I do not remember how I’ve found myself at a boarding school. I’ve never seen my parents.

I really like your Tuesday meetings. In particular, I still remember the discussion “Love and true relationships with a girl”. I believe in God. After leaving the orphanage I’d like to continue communicating with religious people.
My greatest dream now is to be adopted. I’m also dreaming of getting an education and becoming an electrician. I’m eager to create a family and become a good father, so that my children would never find themselves in an orphanage.

I hope those children who are in boarding schools now will succeed in their lives. Moreover, I hope that they will never leave THEIR children, will not become alcoholics and beat them…

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