Demidenko Vadim, 12, the orphanage in Belynichi.

I have been living in Belynichi for about 4 years. I lived in the adoptive family before. I know that my parents are died, and I was taken to an orphanage as a small child. I have many friends here. I extremely enjoy being on friendly terms and communicating with your team. I believe in the existence of God. Sometimes I read the Bible for children, but I don’t often pray. I want to be a policeman, when I will leave school. I dream about going back to my adoptive family, because my brother is there. Mother promised to visit me and bring gifts, but she has never come… I want to have my own family in the future and I do not want my children ever to be in an orphanage. I would like to wish other guys to leave school as soon as possible and not to mistreat other children.

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