Culinary club =)

foto 006I am glad to resume our work of the culinary club in November. November meetings were full and sometimes unpredictable. I liked that there were a lot of girls at once, we met with those who long time no see. We tried to pay attention to everybody despite the fact that there were many. Our communication was active very much.foto 008

The topics have been like a talk show. Take, for example, the topic of «the Prayer» and each of them was asked a question in which they certainly knew the answer. The answers were impressive, and dialogue was much deeper than I expected. We have had many fruitful conversations about topics such as «The prayer», «Faith», «The Bible». foto 023Almost all of our girls pray. To the question, whether they believe in God confidently answered only several girls. So, the next theme we will take «The Bible», because « faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God». foto 016It cannot describe and talk about all, but one I want to say that they have became open to conversations, and dialogue with themdialogue with themdialogue with them has been getting more interesting and exciting. I really hope that they take important thoughts for themselves from the thematic discussions. We cooked the main dishes, salads and baking with tea or coffee. It was delicious and nutritious.

foto 037On the culinary club the girls write in their notebooks all recipes that we prepared. As promised we try to work individually, for two people set one dish, we give beforehand the preparation technology of the dish where explain how it is prepared.  When tasting of dishes at the table we discuss what we did, praise and parse errors. Also we play and fight for prizes. What I do not understand is the fickleness of some girls “I want to come, I do not want to come”. Other than that, I think we have found a “common language”. Pray for the girls and our culinary club. God bless them, and will give us to see the fruits!

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