Culinary club in April, 2013.

foto 060Hi everyone!
That´s so great that our God created spring- I hope next month we´ll go hiking. In April the girls got the tasks and tried to do them without any help or assistance. I´m so happy to see them cooking.foto 073 Some time ago they used to refuse to try when they needed to cook, they used to hide from this and say: “I don’t want…” They used to think that they wouldn’t ever manage to do this. They used to fear. foto 087The graduated are those we draw our attention to now. They’ve learnt a lot for these 3 years. It’s a little of teaching left, and they participate in discussions a lot. We’ve got a nice Christian music in our club. foto 093Everyone has got his/her favourite band or singer. Tanya tell us more and more about cooking and growing in this skill. They can tell a lot. Our team is very glad that they long for learning new things. The girls have already decided what college to enter. Pray for them please, and for all the 11 grade class of Grozov school. They’ve got a lot of challenges now: finish school, enter the colleges they’ve chosen and remember to live their life relying on God.

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