Dasha Chuiko, 17 years old, the orphanage in Grozovo.

I was born in Soligorsk. There were six children in our family. My twin-sister and I are the youngest. Our father died on the day of our birth. And my mother left us for another man. Till we were 4, we lived with a man who used to live with our mother before they separated. He raised us on his own but never expressed any kindness towards us. He already had children of his own and we were strangers to him. This man’s younger daughter took care of us. When we were 4, we were sent to the asylum.
Now I go to high school. I get along with my peers at the asylum. However, I do not have loyal friends among them. No real friendship exists at the asylum! Children usually make friends with you when they want to get something from you.
I love to dance more than anything else in the world. When I have spare time I learn new movements. At first I do it on my own and then together with several other girls. I would like to do it professionally. My dream is to become a dance coach. I am willing to develop and improve my dancing skills to achieve this goal. If I ever have children I’d like to give them what I lacked myself as a child. I wish that children who were raised at asylums would never repeat their parents’ mistakes!

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