My life… (Rudensk boarding school)
I’m Kate. When I was born, my mother passed me immediately to the baby house. I was there up to three years, then I was sent to an orphanage. I will not write about it all, the hand does not want to write, and it becomes very painful in the heart. It was very bad in orphanage . Here I didn’t have any smile on my face, but all the time I was just crying and crying, and it tormented me. I was very weepy and closed. Do not even want to remember that the only things I wanted were care, goodness and love, which I lacked. In the seven years I was sent to boarding school. There I found good teachers and friends.They took care of me and loved. I felt the love that warmed my soul. With me was my younger sister, Julia. I’ve always spent time with her and tried to be with her if it was possible . I remember that our mother came to us. Honestly talking I was not very happy, but I wanted to see her. I corresponded with her, but she did not answer my question yet, and I wanted to ask her why I don’t live with her. Well, I stopped writing letters. I find it hard to forgive her. Maybe nobody undestand me. But she did bad not only to me, but to herself and someday she will understand that she made a big mistake, which nobody can correct. In the summer I went to rest in the camp, and here I met an older sister Oksana. I saw and converesed with her a very short period of time. I know that she lives well and have a family. I am very happy for her. It made her better. The years went away, I became more adult and wiser, bolder.I started to think in a different way, to read and so on. Then my sister Julia was adopted by an Italian family and I know that she has a good time here. I am very happy for her and proud of her. After all, it was Julia’s great dream. I know that dreams come true sooner or later. I also have an Italian family. These people have changed me and gave me a new life. They are forced to forget about the past that was inside me. Italian family showed me how to love and that love exists. You must always reach your aims and believe in it with all your heart. I was surrounded by good people. I do not feel like a stranger to them but like their own daughter. And I knew that God heard me. I know that I am not alone with my Lord. When you started to visit us and I went to your meetings, I began to understand more about life. Life is an opportunity, use it. Life is a beauty of love. Life is a dream, make it a reality. Life is precious, take care of it. Life is wealth, just keep it. Life is a mystery, open it. Life is a promise, make it possible. Life is sadness, forget about it. Life is a struggle, accept it. Life is a family, appreciate it. Life is life, defend it. You should always choose what is better for you …
Thank you Alina and your friends that you were there. I love you all and you are in my heart! Thanks again! With love Kate.

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