News of this month

9j15Azfp19sHello everybody! We always visit people, cook, play games, taste things, communicate…Maybe it looks like something ordinaryjuy49-MCs3k but every time it’s something new for girls and for all of us. We can cook meat dishes, garnish, some salads and pastry. Girls feel more confident near the vnI7eTgLTUgoven right now because they catch all the tasks very quickly, NhD5zGB2ZNQcarry out instructions more responsible. We always encourage them when we finish our club. We clean the dishes and everything after the club together. We talk with them on different topics, they ask a lot of questions-which I like very much, because due to their questions you can guess what they think of, and what they are really interested in. WdCg6ZFor88WEmq8MK0JL4We keep on talking about outstanding people of Old Testament. We take the most interesting facts about them and then discuss them. If they already know what the person or story is like- they can tell you right away. The oldest girls (Nadia, Nastia, Jamita, Kristina & Ania) got Bibles as gifts. Please pray for them for realizing the dipper sense of the story, not just reading it without understanding, thus making their lives full of blessings!

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