Girls’ dreams

Attending culinary club is not only the possibility to teach how to cook, at the same it’s a big opportunity for girls simply to talk with each other, to chat.) It’s awesome, they are very glad to see us. Recently we had talked with them how they see their future.

Kate Rusin: “ I dream a lot of about my future, but most of all I wanna be an artist. I like drawing very much and my plans is to connect my life with art.”

Luda Gas’kova: “ I’m planning to be a professional chief cook. But first of all, I had to improve my knowledge of English. I want to enter Linguistic University. And only then I’m planning to study the professional cook chief. I like to watch how simply cooks work with knife and food.”

Vika T.: “I haven’t decided yet whom I want to be in the future. But one thing I know for sure…I don’t want my children have the same destiny like me. I’m dreaming about radiant and happy future. I’ll try to do my best! We want only the bright future both for ourselves and our relatives.

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