News of this month

foto 022Hello everyone, who follows events in our culinary club. Despite unfavorable weather conditions, the month turned out to be saturated at a meeting, sports, cooking and a variety of conversation. We are getting closer to the end of the school year and, consequently, for the next closure and honoring graduates of the culinary club. foto 034The girls began to walk less, but those who go, do it all the time. Now we are most worried and pray for the graduates. Through the interviews and personal conversationswe try to configure them that very soon they will make their own decisions, manage money and their time. foto 137For example, we gave them a task: to calculate how much money were spent to buy food for the culinary club. For most, unfortunately, the job was a great difficulty. Because if they do something and buy themselves, it’s some kind of breeze and big spending plan they have not had to. foto 148(1)Talking about what freedom is and what it should be properly used. Less control – more responsibility. May God give them more wisdom in life! On vacation, girls mainly dispersed. We came with a team on a visit to the remaining 3rd girls so they do not feel alone. The girls greeted us with great joy. We just had tea and just talking. And then we were together they saw off …

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