Jura Ermolaev, 15 years old. Grozovo orphanage.

When I think about how I got to the orphanage, I remember this picture: I was at home, and my mother went somewhere … then I went out… I remember the ambulance came, I was operated… And then I got into the orphanage in Volozhin town. There, at nights I often had nightmares and I cried. We had good teachers in the orphanage. After a while I was taken to Grozovo orphanage. I am here for three years already – from the sixth grade. I love to draw, love to do something with my hands. I have a hobby – I like to make planes (of different materials). Even once I wanted to become a pilot. But, unfortunately, I have a health problem. I also love playing soccer, volleyball and other sports. I love to help people. If we talk about my relationship with God – I like to listen about God, I like to pray with you. It happens, I go outside and look at the sky. Sometimes I pray in the evenings. Sometimes I want to do something bad, but there are thoughts coming, “it will not give you anything”, “do not do it, it will only get worse,” “it’s bad, it hurts me”. In my dreams I imagine that I have a loving and beloved, who will become my wife, imagine my house with two or three floors. Maybe, I’ll have children. My dream is to learn the martial art for self-defense and to protect loved ones. I would love to see behavior changed. Because sometimes you want to do something nice, but hurt instead. I would like to become a teacher works, physical or draw. I would like to wish good luck to the children who live in other orphanages, that everything will be fine in their lives, want to tell them to not do evil, to love their families, protect their friends. To treat people as they would like to be treated . Cause they have such a big lives ahead.

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