Kachuro Marina, 18 years, Rudensk boarding school.

I was sent to a boarding school about 6 years ago. Before that I was in a shelter for a while until my mother was finally deprived of parental rights. There were 5 children in our family. After the trial my younger sister was left with my aunt, the others were sent to different boarding schools. That’s how I’ve come to be at Rudensk boarding school.

Though being afraid of getting under the influence of a bad company, I’m dreaming of a better future. I’m eager to receive a good education. After leaving the boarding school I’d like to communicate more with my blood brothers and sisters, but not with my mother – she had many chances to take us back home, but hasn’t made any efforts to do this. Besides, I’d like to stay in contact with my friends from the boarding school and wouldn’t like to communicate with our teachers and supervisors because they hurt me, saying that I’ll follow in my mother’s footsteps.
Moreover, I’m dreaming of being involved in charity, helping orphans like me. If I have money some day, I’ll give a part of them to support such children.

I do believe in God, but I can’t dare to accept Him completely. Your team and communication with you helped me to change my attitude towards people, to become more open. I hope other children who live in boarding schools will reach their goals and succeed in life despite all the difficulties; I hope they will treat other people with love, and the most important thing – that none of them will have the same fate as their parents.

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