News of this month

Our culinary club was quite unusual this month. First of all, we’ve managed to unite two groups together. The main reason for that was a teen age period, when girls want to communicate with boys. Once it was united, we proposed to come every week for people who are eager to attend every week; the rest of them can attend the lessons they choose. By this we are delivering the message to girls that we are not making anybody to come here, but it was their choice, while they, on the other hand, come to us in order to learn something. For instance, we were learning to make pancakes with cottage cheese and pizzas with various fillings, chicken rolls and French fries. We also were chatting on various topics, but this time girls were the ones who pick the topic. We learned how they live and what they are interested in, for example “What people are we keen on? Let the other be the others”, “The ability to say “No” and ability to make one’s point”. While we go deeper into the topics, so go our girls. I’d like to tell you about Marina. From the very beginning she was very open-minded and kind person. She seems to have everything: natural beauty, charisma, she is a bright student at school. However, she considers herself as very unlucky person. The situation with her boyfriend made her quite edgy, and she’s quarreled with her BFF, so now she doesn’t know what to do in such situation. When I was talking to her, she said that she understood about the life going forward, and everything what happened, happened to the best. Still, it’s emotionally hard for her to hold all this inside herself. And I’d like you to pray for her, so she meets only people who’d be willing to help her when the situation is dire. Other than that, we made an artistic meeting with them. We’re making various picture frames from consumable products (pasta of various shapes, rice, etc.) While watching, we could easily tell who was in love or broke up, who has his (her) own opinion or easily influenced by others, and just repeat from the rest of the team. I am grateful to all those people, who can’t remain indifferent to their fates, who prays for us, for the orphanage girls, and who supports our meeting financially.

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