News of this month

uqjcB6OvLEkHello to everybody! Mainly younger girls come to us (5-6 forms) and it means that we pass on to simpler dishes. 8ZfCIwWUQ5oIt’s a pleasure to see girls’ enthusiasm, their impatience and willingness to start cooking, to find out something new and to have a tasty meal. While everything is preparing we are talking and listening to a good Christian music. zUj1U-d7pggInteresting, that now girls want to listen to a calm praising and glorifying music and ask us to switch on the songs they know by heart. When we set in a circle, we were talking about personalities we want to look like. We were discussing the traces of character that appeal to us and the traces that appeal to God… Everybody expressed his/her own opinion and participated in this discussion. The atmosphere was trusting and attractive. Before that meal one of the girls prayed… Everything was delicious! ) We are waited for again!

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