In April: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: May 3, 2019 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

In April, fortunately I have visited the younger and older children.  We were playing games together, which are mainly aimed at developing attention and rallying their group.  Younger children are very happy every time meeting with us.  This month we talked a lot with them about how important it is to be faithful to your business, friends, God.  We gave the example of Joseph and how his loyalty to God changed his life for the better.

  Every meeting with younger children we begin and end with a prayer.  Sometimes some children during the prayer start to make noise and run around the room.  This suggests that many more efforts and prayers are needed for their salvation and for their lives to change.  I am glad that sometimes our tutor is with us and I hope that the Bible lessons also have a positive effect on tutor.

There were also meetings with the older children, where I conducted games.  Most of all, I remember how Katya told them a story about “Ten Lepers” and shared a story from her personal life, told how difficult it is to live in society when you are not accepted.  And we talked about how important it is to be grateful.  These stories are well remembered by the children.  I was pleased that during the prayer they held their hands with me for the first time, and several children were praying.  During the prayer, they sincerely call God the Father, share their experiences, difficulties, thanks.  And it makes me happy that there is a change for the better, but there are still a lot of problems for the children that need to be solved with God’s help.

The month ended with a bright and joyful event – Easter!  We invited a team with a puppet show to reach even more children and tell them about the true meaning of this holiday.  At the end of the performance, all the children received their gifts, which were a small reminder of the fact that God also offers His salvation as a gift!

In April: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: May 3, 2019 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

Hello everyone!  I would like to thank everyone who supports the ministry to orphans!  We believe that by serving orphans, we carry out the command of Jesus Christ to spread the kingdom to the ends of the earth.  And our bounds do not end only with our city, our limits are expanded in such a way that orphans have the opportunity, not once, but on an ongoing basis to understand the question of faith!

In April, we have visited the Belynichy orphanage weekly.  A special month not only because we covered such topics as “And who is my neighbor”, “Sin”, “Forgiveness”, but also we spoke about Easter.  Every year, coming to the orphanage, we see how the format of the ministry in Belynichy is changing.  Now it is not enough for teenagers and younger children to simply listen to the story, it is important for them to discuss what they heard with us and with each other.  So, in the topic of forgiveness, the children told how they forgive other children.  Previously, children could not, by virtue of their diagnoses, describe their feelings, but now we see that the changes have come.  In one of the lessons in which we talked about sin, the children told how they sin and what they do … I told that I have a sin and that it bothers me and the first thing that the children offered is: “Let’s pray and ask God for forgiveness. ”  Despite the fact that in my story there was an invented sin, the children did not laugh, but perceived that I was seriously telling and looking for a way out of the situation.  Some children offered to talk to them in private and also wanted to tell what was happening with them.  “I hurt my teacher because I am dabbling, the teacher often says so.”  “I stole candy and I am ashamed,” ” I constantly cheat.”  Each child has a story, but the purpose of our trips is to help children cope with their habits.  Children change when they realize the need for change.

Of course, on the eve of Easter, we touched on the significance of this holiday and it is clear that the new children who arrived recently do not quite understand what Easter means.  They associate this day with painted eggs and rolls.  And to convey the essence of the holiday to children of different ages, the puppet show team helped us.  At the end of the program, each child received a gift.

In April: “Smilovichy orphanage”

Posted: May 3, 2019 by Dobr9k in Smilovichi

Yesterday, the tutors from the Smilovichi orphanage told us that the children are waiting for Tuesday and our arrival is like a holiday.  For them, our attention and communication, games and Bible lessons are very important.  For example, Tolik was born and raised on a farm, where he communicated mainly with animals, because his mother had mental abnormalities and she did not communicate with him and did not show proper care (filled only vital needs – food, clothing, sleep).  Once in the shelter, he did not know how to communicate and was under stress because of this, but we tried to show special patience and full acceptance to him, saying that he is very valuable to God, he is God’s child.  Finally, Tolya became calmer and more confident, he felt safe, began to read the children’s Bible and answer questions after the lessons.  It is great to see how the Lord restores the lives of the children and returns everything what was stolen from them.

For the entire month, we talked about God’s promises for everyone, about forgiveness, and how important it is to learn how to forgive and ask forgiveness.  We also talked about what sin is and about what our Heavenly Father think about sin and people who consciously chose to live in sin.  The children said that sometimes they do not want to sin, but they do not succeed (if their classmates are teased by abandoned or lonely people, then they want to take revenge and strike back).  We like that they very openly share their experiences with us and want to become better!

At the end of the month we came to the children together with the puppet show and, with the help of the production, told them about the feast of Easter, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  After the performance, we gave each of them presents, they were very happy, they jumped and laughed.  And Vika said that this gift has everything she dreamed of.

In March: “Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: March 30, 2019 by Dobr9k in Smilovichi

Hello, dear friends!
We are glad to tell you how a month of trips to the Smilovichsky orphanage passed! This month there were a lot of interesting meetings with the children. Now there are few of them, so each meeting we had a great opportunity to talk with them on different topics, and discuss examples on these topics that we can find in the pages of the Bible.
At the first meeting we were talking about how important it is to be a reliable person. In order to consider the benefits of reliability, we looked at the life of Joseph. While the children haven’t grown yet, we wanted to show them that the decisions they make can affect on their whole life.
In continuation of this thought, a week later, we were talking on the topic of devotion. The heroes for this theme were Naomi, Ruth, and Orpah. At this meeting, we discussed how we should communicate with our friends and family. After all, so often we want to get something, not considering our relations with loved ones, and we can offend them.
Since there were few children at our meetings, we were able not only to communicate a little closer, but also to play games in which we could compete on who would stand more on one leg, who would be able to keep the ball from pin-pong in the air longer , and other entertaining tasks.
We also had the opportunity to engage in creative work with the children. Doing something by yourself is always interesting. When we are engaged in creativity with the children, they can see how we communicate with each other and with them. And through our actions, words and decisions, children can see other relationships – the relationship between us and God. In addition, at these meetings we usually talk about what the children are worried about and answer their questions. Such communication is unusual, because the children can get new answers to their concerns.
At the last meeting we talked about our talents, opportunities, and how they can be applied to society. Using the example of building the Tabernacle, the children saw that even regular work can be useful. Continuing this topic, we learned that some of them would like to become builders or sellers, but there were also those who said that they have not yet decided who they wanted to become. Thanks to this, they were able to think about their future.
This month has come to an end, and we are very pleased that we can share our results with you. Thanks to all who follow our ministry and support it!

In March: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: March 30, 2019 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

So another month of our ministry at the Rudensk boarding school came to an end. Sometimes it seems that nothing new has happened in this month. And it’s not so easy to put together all your thoughts and tell our readers something very bright or new, when in fact, our meetings with the children are going according to the usual plan and when we already know all the children who come to us. But no matter how familiar and monotonous everything seemed to be from the outside, we know for sure how many new emotions and meetings with God are experienced by both the children themselves and by our team!
This month, the younger children got acquainted with such qualities as “devotion” and “reliability”, and also said that God does not have a powerless word. The older children, in turn, talked a lot about trusting God and about faith, which is capable of changing human destinies. We looked at a lot of Bible stories that are described in the New Testament. It was felt that God touched children’s hearts. Many children prayed that God would forgive their sins and help them to forgive their parents who had left them for various reasons. Many children also prayed for God to heal them. And we, in turn, believe that God will continue to act in the lives of these children!
This month, there were less older children than usual. This was due to the fact that many children went to sports competitions abroad. We are very pleased that the administration of the Rudensky boarding school enables its students to develop their talents. Children participate in many creative, musical, art and sports competitions and competitions both in our country and abroad. Despite the fact that there were few children at our meetings, we tried to use this situation for personal contact with the children and for prayer. Thank God for all the children and the opportunity to serve in this place!

In March: “Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: March 30, 2019 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

This month we had lessons both with younger and older children. The topics were “Hard work”, “Respect”, ‘Trust’, ‘Public spirit’. The topic “Trust” was the most remarkable for me and the guys. This subject is so near to their hearts, because trust is a big question in their lives: their relations with parents (if they exist) from the one hand, their friends in the orphanage from the other one.This guys have difficult lives and broken hearts. They were betrayed a lot, first of all by their parents, the people who should have been the closest ant the most trusted became indifferent and so distant.
The guys also have difficulties in friendship. They don’t know what it means to be a friend and how to choose friends. That’s why we payed a special attention to this topic. We tried to show by examples from the Bible and our own lives why trust is so important in our life, especially trust in God.
At the end of the meeting some children prayed about their fears and problems, asked God for help. We were happy to watch them praying, to see their concentrated faces. We have no idea what happens with them after graduation from the orphanage, but we believe and hope all that God says through us will find a positive response in their hearts!

In February: “Vileyka orphanage”

Posted: March 2, 2019 by Dobr9k in Vileyka

We are starting our February report with a prayer need. As spring approaches, we can see how sensitive children are to the season, both kids and teenagers are so distracted. Moreover, there is now free Wi-Fi in school, so many children stay where the signal is good and play games on their phones instead of going to our meetings. Those who stay in class with us can’t focus on the material we are going through.

Here is Vlada Mozharova, one of the volunteers sharing her impressions.

«At the last lesson, we tried to start working with the books that we handed out to 2 girls who came to the class. The first topic was about respect, the story about David and Saul was presented and eventually, it connected to the New Testament. When I was preparing for the class it seemed easy and understandable, but when we started talking we realised that children simply didn’t understand what we were talking about at all. It was really hard to simplify words so that they could understand the main idea.» As you can see, this is why we are concerned and need prayers, so we ask you to support us.

We especially would like to share with you about one event organised by the National School of Beauty that took place in Minsk on 2 March 2019. That was the truest fashion celebration. During the whole year, Belarusian designers had been preparing clothes for kids and teenagers. Children from different places with physical disabilities and those whose parents lost their parenting rights participated as models on the catwalk. We should mention that our friends were worried and extremely responsible throughout all rehearsals.

Without a doubt, being on the stage brings its changes to people’s behaviour. We knew some kids very well, and they showed us different sides of themselves. They were so serious, focused and so fashionable, you’d never say that they were naughty students. They were united by one thing: being modern, fashionable and full of purpose.

Our team came to support them during that exciting event. Children were so grateful, they smiled and were just so happy to see that someone came to support them. At the end of the event, we talked, took pictures together and said goodbyes.