In May: ”Belinichy orphanage”

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Hello friends. In this letter I would like to share the news and tell you about the events that took place in the Belynichi school orphanage.1ZFEi9C5YmY The school year in Belarus is over. fiLCorT6EbgThat was a special year when we could see the joy of seeing each other after the long quarantine as well as temporary separation. After this time of being apart we have noticed the transformation in our values. We used to have such a time when all the children were not allowed to attend our meetings but now after the quarantine, we feel the difference. We are so glad that around 60-70 children constantly attend our meetings. It brings us great joy. The first thoughts that I had were about the little children with Down syndrome whether they would be able to understand that we told them about God. After a while we realized that they understand everything. It is surprising that when we come and ask what we talked about last time they are eager to raise their hands and share in their language what theyremember. In May3tl13gHR5Qc we talked with the children N0zPg-XfHmcabout betrayal and pain that they got after being left. We mentioned that it was impossible not to think about it. We have to deal with any betrayal and eventually overcome it because the pain that overflows us can destroy our present life. There is only one way out. It is forgiveness that can bring us freedom from betrayal.  This month we have discussed dissatisfaction and anger. We could see that the children grow in such a destructive atmosphere. As a result, they have hatred toward themselves, they’re dissatisfied with their appearance, their destiny, friends, teachers, food. Therefore, when they can’t change something, they get angry, beat each other and say the words that hurt a lot. We want to transfer the culture 4sEerAZl2M0of forgiveness and love which only God can give. God changes their hearts so the children become more reserved. More than 10 oGt4Xav9XjEteenagers are graduating this year. They come to our meetings. We see that they are worried, many of them cry because the school was their home but now, they feel uncertain. Vadim says that if he was allowed to stay at the orphanage he would stay there. Vadim is going to the old people’s home. Igor came up to us very upset. We asked him what happened. He said he was going to the nursing home. He says ‘Dima I was dreaming to leave this place but now I am really afraid’. Igor’s mother left him. She promised him to take him back s6PqHXKzCBAfor so many times but he ended up at the orphanage. Only 6 teenagers are going to colleges to get the education and become wall painters, gardeners or tailors. Thinking about orphans we see that they need a relevant person in their lives and I am glad that we can be such people who set an example for them. We are happy to pray together with them and talk about God. We see that they grow in their faith. We are praising God that we are in the place where he wants us to be.

Friends, let’s pray for the children who stay in the orphanage that they will grow in faith and love. Please pray for the graduates that they will settle in life and find a church which will become their family. Thank you for your prayers, friends!

In May: “Smilovichy orphanage”

Posted: May 31, 2021 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Smilovichi

Our trips to the children’s shelter continue and throughout the month we conducted H2m0uyuMFgYBible lessons on following the Q1s4AfASF3Aexample of the life of Daniel and his friends. Telling this story, we tried to draw the attention of the children to the fact that Daniel has also lost his family and ended up in slavery, and moreover in another country, he went through a lot of pain and suffering. The children were surprised by the courage of these young men and their complete trust in God in such difficult circumstances. Diana, 16 years old, was worried about how to get better and choose the right path, despite the fact that her parents tCz516jK3_ooi_tCSuLC6Yleft her and there was no one to help. Listening to the story where Daniel spent time in communion with God 3 times a day praying she realized that she also needed this time with God, as well as reading the Bible and learning more about the truth. She consults with the girls in our team and listens to the advice. We see a good change in her life and want to help her get into college this year. We believe that everything is possible through God! Last Tuesday, 5 children from the same family found out that their dad had collected all the necessary documents and was taking them home. Together we rejoiced and thanked the Lord for the answer that the family would be restored and the children won’t become orphans! We agreed that we would come to visit them if their father gave his permission. Big thanks to everyone for your prayers, we see our prayers answered and give glory to the Father of all orphans!!!

In May “Rudensk orphanage”

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jhtxPSNVqqcEvery year May delights people with bright, sunny weather, reviving and blooming nature and the sonorous singing of birds returning from the south. Usually, at this time of the year, children break out into the street and it is already much more difficult to gather them in the premises for any events. But this year, it rains almost all May in our country. Therefore, all our beloved guysAaSfNp9dcM0 come to our meetings and together with them we try to create a joyful and friendly atmosphere, support each other and learn to notice all the good that is in the life of each person. The older guys started to prepare for their final exams. Most of them share their experiences and thoughts about what awaits them after graduation, when they will be faced with an adult, independent life.

ogzRnq4GjLIIn our meetings, we talked about resentment, betrayal, as well as destructive anger and what to do and how to deal with negative emotions. It is interesting that all children are usually divided into those who completely deny the existence of certain in them and those who have already learned to admit their problems and look for ways to solve them. At one of the meetings, Katya conducted the topic: “Anger”. UW7ZG4KM99UThis topic is especially familiar to children living in boarding schools. It is very difficult for them, at times, to manage their emotions, and besides, from the very childhood they are deprived of affection and care from the dearest people and simply are not taught how to behave in emotionally difficult situations. Katya did not just talk about what “anger” is and c5-c4eJwQWswhat consequences it leads to, she gave a lot of practical advice on how to cope with anger and guided the children to solve this problem together with God, who can change a person’s heart and give consolation and peace. At the end of the conversation, a girl named Vika shared that she often faces the problem of anger and causes a lot of pain for herself and other people. Vika came forward and asked to pray that God would release her and help her change. Of course, we all supportedbmdPjNNdw1M Vicka’s decision and prayed with her. It seems to me that this is a vivid example of how the word of God works in children’s hearts. At the request of the older children, we held sports relay races in the last week of the month. In the Rudensky boarding school, the guys are very fond of sports and they participate in many competitions, both in our country and abroad. For our part, we try to take into account the requests of children and periodically organize sports events for them. This is also a great time when we can see how the characters of the guys are revealed and their ability to accept victories and defeats. Thank God for this great time!

In April: ”Belinichy orphanage”

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April was very active for us. The trips to the children continued actively and were full of various activities. One of the Nbpc-XxoTBcbrightest events is the “bachelor party” and “bachelorette party”. I want to tell you more about the bachelorette party, for which we had prepared for a long time and carefully. The meeting took place over a tea party with sweets, which all P_20210401_193430_vHDR_On_pgirls enjoy so much. But in addition to pleasant fellowship over tea, we talked a lot and glorified God together with our singing. The main topic of conversation among girls: “True beauty”. We examined the components of external beauty, but we focused on our internal beauty. The girls actively participated in the conversation and asked -C10DR4uNacquestions. The example with a beautiful outside, but rotten, spoiled inside apple, they especially remembered. They confirmed that it is better to communicate with a not very pretty, but kind and sympathetic person than with a beautiful, but with an evil and spoiled heart and behavior. However, the most important point of the conversation was that without the relationships with God, without sKS7peDUv6kHis guidance in our lives, we can NEVER be truly beautiful inside ourselves, on our own, without His help. The girls agreed with this. In the end, we prayed for the girls and wished them to strive for the very true beauty that is possible only with God. In mid-April, 5R0F5FubIN8we also visited Yulia, a graduate student of the Belynichsky boarding school. She found herself in a difficult life situation – an unplanned pregnancy, difficult conditions for the life of the baby and Julia herself, and many other difficulties for which the girl was not ready. They grew apart with the child’s father. We came to her to support, encourage, give advice, show that she is not alone and we are ready to help. She was very glad to meet us! Another great event of this month was the festival program dedicated to the Easter. The children listened with interest, actively participated in the program and joyfully proclaimed: “Christ is risen! He has risen to the truth! ”, And at the end of the meeting, they accepted gifts with great pleasure! Thank God for the opportunity to be close to these guys and show them the beauty and love of our Lord!

In April: “Smilovichy orphanage”

Posted: April 30, 2021 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Smilovichi

Greetings, Dear friends! Thank God for the opportunity to visit the Smilovichi orphanage in the middle of the week. The cvY8EJ8oCXsplace now has five children from the same family. They’ve been in there for more than two months. These children once did not know about God, they did not read the Bible and when we meet everything is new for them. First time 4pVeh7NOjiQthey’ve met the believers in their life was here, in the orphanage! They have a lot of questions: Why did God allow such a thing in our lives? Matthew asks me. Their mother left them, drinks heavily, and left home. Dad couldn’t cope with the upbringing, and the conditions in the house were threatening for their living. Lisa says: Dima, how can I forgive my mother if she left us and I hate her? We talked a lot about forgiveness, EGNhxucFF5obut it’s so hard for her to forgive her parents at the age of 12. Recently two more children were brought in: Arseny and Artem. These two little brothers were already taken to the family, but again returned to the orphanage. It is difficult for them and it is not clear why they were returned there! We were so happy when they were taken into a family, but now they are back. God only knows the real reasons for the return. Diana was also brought herr. Diana is now 16 years old and she has already been to this orphanage 4 times,6vNNZWhmCV4we have known her since childhood. Now there is a process of deprivation of parental rights of the father, and her mother was already deprived of them. Diana did not have to get used to us for a long time, because she already knows that we are believers and she told us about her pain and experience.

-CZgBT2T6GAThis month, we told stories from the Bible, and then the children answered questions, all lessons are held in a playful way and with visuals and easily understood manuals. This month we discussed the parable “Of the Great Banquet” and said that God invites everyone to his house, but few come to share the joy with God. Many are called, but only a few respond to be reconciled with God. We also discussed another Biblical story about the “Seed”, we said that everything impossible is possible to God. There were examples about mustard seed and if we have even a little bit of faith, then the circumstances will change.

-nqvL6Z37A8And we also talked about Easter. All the previous topics were a bridge to help approach the importance MCTHVdVzY0Yand significance of the holiday. God calls us all, we need faith because through faith God moves, and we receive the gift of eternal life. When we explained the meaning of Easter, we saw that children have a wrong understanding of this holiday. The children listed that Easter is eggs, bread rolls and a day off. We shared that Easter is the resurrection of Jesus Christ! We discussed where they first started celebrating Easter and under what circumstances. It was said that the Jews were in slavery and you and I were in slavery too; they needed a savior and we need a Savior! The Jews had salvation in the blood of the lamb, and our salvation in the blood of Christ. I am so glad that the guys understood this important truth.Also this month we were able to celebrate Easter. Diana, an entertainer, came to impersonate “joy” as her character. She said that many people pay more attention to the crucifixion of Jesus and this is important, but Christ has risen from the dead! And this is the most important event in the history of the whole world. Joy is given to us through the son of God, Who has given us hope and faith that we will be with a loving God and Father always. Everyone received a gift at the end of the event, and God made the greatest gift for us by sending his son to die for us! Thank you friends for your prayers and for your help with the gifts!