In May: “Smilovichy orphanage”

Posted: May 31, 2023 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Smilovichi

There were quite a lot of children in the shelter this month, half of them are younger, and half are already -HipayaVPSsteenagers. All of them are waiting for our arrival, one of them even once said, when the team was going to go home, “I wish next Tuesday would come soon so that you would come again.”GGtzmPQYj1k On the last trip, Katya, who is 6 years old, asked why we couldn’t stay longer and leave later. The kids happily go to hug the team members. We play a common game with all the children together, and then we divide them into two groups: kids separately, teenagers separately. The kids were informed in simple words about what God is, that He is Kind and that He loves them. They were also told about prayer, that you can communicate with God and you don’t need any special skills for this. Despite their age, it resonates with them. What we tell them does not pass without a trace, it feels that it is still DFqokmLHXcgpossible to convey to them some truths Jtut03tLiesabout God at the level of their understanding. There were moments when the kids talked about what was happening at their home. A girl named Zhenya told how her father beat her mother in the face. A girl named Katya told how her mother beat her grandmother, who was sitting in a wheelchair, and how she and her younger brothers waited for dad to come home so that it would end. Katya from the team told the children the story of her childhood and described the difficulties she had to go through.

fhnR7wV2P-cIMG_0192Older children listen to Bible stories with interest. Some of them actively read the Bible for Teenagers in their free time, which we brought them, and at home they do even more than what we ask them to do. It is clear that they are not indifferent to what is happening: they remember well what they are told, it is felt that they are involved in the conversation, they willingly answer questions in the course of the story. For several weeks, they were told about Who Jesus Christ is, what He is and what significance it has for their lives, analyzing with them some stories from the Gospels and parables that Jesus spoke.

R8hl2xqNj0EiUR2Risp5zM These guys are open to sowing the seed of faith in them. Last week we spent the birthday boy’s day. We gathered all the guys and said that we want to celebrate your birthday with you. We brought a cake and candles with us. When we all sat down at the table, the guys had to put out the candles. And this joy was in the eyes of the guys. They shouted again, light the candles again. We were so glad to see the happy eyes of the guys. I’ve never had such a birthday, the kids said. And we, looking at this joy, simply thanked God. The guys from the shelter will soon leave for the camps. And each member of the eam said his wishes to the guys. We prayed and blessed the guys. Dear friends, thank you for your prayers and support of the ministry! We are glad that together with you we can influence children and that the kingdom of God is spreading.

In May: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: May 31, 2023 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Belinichy

Greetings, brothers and sisters. The month May came and throughout that time we continued to visit the C4hynNKtgKYchildren at the Belynichy boarding school. There were four trips in total. In recent months, we have seen how the atmosphere in the boarding school has changed. We see how more and more educators come to our meetings. New children came to the school, they brought children who are in a socially dangerous situation. For many of them this is the first meeting with believers. We continue to 9M0HfwU5L9Qtalk about God’s love and bible stories help us to understand in different examples how we need to act in life. The first topic was the parable of Jesus Christ about soils. We talked about the importance of not only hearing, but also applying faith in life. When we considered the topic, everyone could see themselves. The children came up and said it’s hard for me to defend my faith, when VpMoEclX2Jothere is someone nearby whom I respect, and I listen to him more than what I believe in. One guy said I am too busy to delve into God. I like such simple sincere answers from guys, because I see what is happening in life. Therefore, when the guys talked about their weaknesses or workload, we said let’s agree to pray that God will help you to establish yourself in faith and experience the love u2Hip_Vm4pYof God even more. The next topic was love of God, and we were talking about a woman who came to Jesus and washed his feet with her tears and wiped them with her hair. In this story, the woman is opposite to the Pharisee. The story says that one can know about God and delve into God a lot, but never experience God’s love. The reason is that being a sinner this woman understood how much her life needed a change, and the Pharisee was fine with everything. The sinner loved a lot and believed that g2v2i9cV2BMonly God would help her change her life. At the end, we talked about how the year has flown by so quickly and they all have an understanding of God and we dream that they grow in the love of God and realize what Christ has done for them. Because it is very easy to be a person who has a lot of knowledge about God and the Bible, but doubts everything. God wants us to experience Him as a Father.

The next topic we talked about was the importance of friendship. dOFir1I_uZoWe said that God can send people into our lives who will help us become better. It is very difficult to find a friend in boarding schools and many guys are often lonely even though there are many children around them. Often guys meet betrayals, because their so-called friends also have not learned to be friends. And we decided to tell them what God thinks about friendship and how to understand that someone is just trying to use you. Ivan, who is already 15 years old, said “I really want to find a friend who will not betray and will zphaUrjluvgjust be with me. I have often been betrayed and others used my friendship for their own benefit”.  The last topic was the great invitation. We were talking about a story where one person made a holiday and invited friends and they refused to come. In the same way, God calls people to be reconciled with Him, to come to Him. But people often reject His love and His care, and most importantly His salvation, which He offers for free. “And what will you answer to God, because He is now also calling you to reconcile with Him…” And then in personal conversations the guys said “I want to give my life to God and be with Him. I accept the invitation from God”. Dear brothers and sisters, thank you for being with us. We are happy to work together with you to spread the kingdom of God on earth among orphans.

In May: “Vileyka orphanage”

Posted: May 31, 2023 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Vileyka

Greetings, brothers and sisters. Thank God for the whole school year. We are completing the ministry in 5UstbAxSpeUthe academic year. This year has been interesting, we have seen how children change and their lives are transformed. It’s nice to realize that thanks to weekly trips, children are increasingly interested in the personality of God, and the biblical heroes have become not only a good example, but also a huge encouragement. As Lesha said, God has everything under control.

This month we noticed that the children at the Vileika boarding school jafKGkCGEv8enthusiastically read the Bible and after reading ask us questions. They are very interested to know why God did this to Moses, Joseph and other people whose stories are described in the word of God. Sasha, 11 years old, came up to me and said that he likes to read about God and learn about him every day, and when he grows up and gets married, he wants his wife to love God too, and he will read the Bible to his children. Listening to such testimonies of children, we rejoice that the Lord has opened their hearts to the truth and they will not live in the slavery of this world.

NxXI3SLqskEOne of the topics of the Bible lesson was about our love for God and how we could express it. Children already know how much God loves and cares for them, but they have not often heard about how we love Him. They were surprised that when we share something with other people, it is also a manifestation of love for Heavenly Father, and while singing they tried to sing more beautifully, realizing that they are singing for God.

On the last Friday of May, we invited our friends to the Christian theater. We warned the guys that our IaeLqW_VMQUfriends would come with us and show a performance. The hall gathered quickly and everyone froze in anticipation. The performance was called “Paints”. It all started with the creation that God created the world and out of His great love God created a human friend with whom He wanted to spend time. It is important for God to communicate with us. The palette of colors is different, but they all spoke about the qualities of God. There was one black color in the palette of colors, and this color indicated that sin had come into the world. The disobedience of one person led all the inhabitants of the earth to separate man from God. To the question: guys, what to do, if a gap has formed between us and God, who can help us? The guys started shouting loudly, our hope is Jesus, He reconciled all people with God.

sHvhCNKMP3U Watching the teachers, they asked from where do you know this, and the children told teachers that all this was told us at Friday meetings. I was so glad that children do not just come to meetings with us, they learn a close relationship with God. And it’s nice to see the guys how in moments they say that they are asking God and how He responds. The performance continued, and the hero continued to say and show that despite the fact that sin steals close relationship with God, God had a plan to save people. This is Jesus Christ. God never leaves a person in trouble. The hall came to life even more because these words revived and strengthened faith. Thank God that we have an defender and a conciliator. After the performance, Lyuba, who is 10 years old, said I am so glad that we have a reconciler, Jesus. But before everyone left, we blessed the guys and prayed that God would keep and protect them in the summer when they would be in the camps. The children asked to pray that God would arrange a speedy recovery in their families, and that their grandmothers or close relatives would take them away as soon as possible. Friends, I thank God that together with you and your prayers we were able to cover the entire academic year. Be blessed.

In May “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: May 31, 2023 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Rudensk

Greetings to you. Thank God that we have the strength and time and desire to attend boarding schools, bzpY5XLOoawtell children about the Lord God Jesus Christ, pray with them and for them, play and make friends, communicate and know their needs and their lives, as well as sing Christian songs, kbCbjfj2mO4which carry the truth and which you can croon during the week and music that is easily remembered.

This month we covered topics about different types of soil, explained to them what dangers they can expect in life and that they should strive to be a good soil that accepts the Word and does not stop to bear fruit. We also told them about the Pharisee EHQk9ukmy-Eand the publican about the fact that if we do good deeds and exalt ourselves and are proud of it, it is not pleasing God and that the heart of publican saw his sin and humbly asked for forgiveness and that it is such a heart that pleases God. There was also a story about how the Pharisee invited Jesus to visit, but he did not love Jesus, and a woman who was a sinner poured expensive oil and wipedNoc2XgHbCsc Jesus’ feet with her hair. She humbly came to ask God for forgiveness and loved God greatly because she saw many of her sins and knew that Jesus was able to save her. We tried to explain to the children how it relates to their lives.

Also, God blessed Nikita and Dasha to make documents and take Alesya, 19, and Bozhena, 17, for patronage for the weekend. When they came to pick up the girls, the children 58nzqzUKrmYgreeted them joyfully, the girls asked to take them to the hairdressing salon, after that they ate, showed them the apartment and went to a teenage meeting at the Bethlehem church, but since it was canceled, they had a great game of volleyball with the local youth. On the way, theyKASfMsGqIZA talked about various topics, including Christ and the Gospel. In the evening before going to bed, they decided to show them a Christian cartoon and were worried that they would not go to bed in time, but when Dasha went to turn off at 22:15, the girls had already turned everything off themselves and were already asleep, apparently the sleep regime in the boarding school had done its job. In the morning after breakfast they read the Bible together, Nikita drew them on the timeline briefly about the general history of our world, creation, flood, Moses, Jesus, our days, the second coming of Christ, the millennial kingdom and eternity. And they also read the last chapter of the book of Revelation, because it’s interesting to find out how everything will end. After the Sunday meeting, they went to a teenage service at church Resurrection, where they had a great game of volleyball, wi31kgL6wNA3iowhZyMczktalked, listened to the word and sang songs. After that, at home, the girls and Dasha baked cupcakes, (they turned out delicious by the way) and took them to boarding school. Before coming back to boarding school at sunday evening they visited the local church in Rudensk for a very short time, and now they know where there is a church in their city. In those 2 days they visited 5 churches, I think they could compare them. The teachers at the boarding school asked: were the girls behaving well? Nikita was glad to honestly admit that everything was fine. Thank God that He gives such an opportunity and strength.

In April: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: April 30, 2023 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Belinichy

Greetings, dear brothers and sisters. I thank God for the opportunity to visit the Belynichi photo_2023-05-05 00.03.02boarding school in April. This month we talked a lot about faith. At our meetings, we discussed Bible stories for example the saturation of five thousand people. This story OvwVj0B6LQgshows us care of Jesus Christ. Before making the miracle, Jesus took two fish and five loaves. Also, this story showed the guys that in order to get your miracle, you need to entrust your fish and your bread to Jesus. The miracle was obvious, the people rejoiced and had fun, but all this became possible only when one boy gave his food to God. When we trust God with our natural needs, this is the manifestation of faith. We said that faith is always a challenge. We can’t just sit and pray and do nothing, the story of the saturation of five thousand people tells us that we also have to act and then God will change the situation whatever it will be in your life. The next topic was the healing of the lepers. Ahd36LLr4ZEWith this story we showed that you need not only to ask for something, but also to thank. The story showed that ten lepers came to Jesus and they received their miracle. But only one returned to thank God. At the meeting there was a boy Gena, he had skin problems, and p6ZJ7N6jBJkthen he came up, showed his hands and said: “I also want to be healthy”. We prayed for Gena. Later the administration found out that there is a special laser that helps wound healing and we were able to buy it so that children who have health problems could warm up, and those who have problems with skin could be treated. Thank God, Gena’s wounds are gradually healing. On the next trip we talked about the resurrection of Lazarus. The story shows the close friendship of Jesus and Lazarus. One new boy said: “I also want to be friends with Jesus, because He is faithful”.fd8MEw3qFiI It was the friendly attitude that most affected the guys, because they often see only betrayal. “A real friend”, – said Artyom, – “is much appreciated in the boarding school as there can’t be many of them! Only one or two”. We are glad that we had the opportunity to talk about friendship and about the relationships that exist in the boarding school. But the story ended with the resurrection of Lazarus. We said God’s faithfulness lies in the fact that when the time comes, God will raise us from the dead and we will be with our loved ones and with Jesus. We also sing songs at meetings and often we see how children want us to do different movements from songs with them. When the meetings are over, many people want to pray and then we realize that faith comes from listening to the word of God. We understand that faith is usually instilled from childhood at home or in church. But boarding school is a special place where no one can come, and the children themselves cannot go to church. That is why serving orphans is so important. Thank you very much for your prayers about serving children! Blessings to you, friends.