June began with finishing the story about Daniel and getting acquainted with the story of Jonah who spent three days inside a huge fish. Thus, the children finished the review of Old Testament books. We hope, they will keep the word they heard throughout the school year in their hearts and God will continue working in the lives of these children!
The most vivid and memorable event of this summer became the camp that brought a lot of victories, blessings and positive emotions!
I would like to thank everyone who prayed for the summer camp in Belarus. We had the camp for 86 orphans in the Belynichi orphanage from 20 to 29 June. The program of the camp aimed at helping the children develop the necessary qualities of their character that they need in everyday life. Our camp was called “One Step Closer”. During this time, we tried to teach the children and show by our personal example how to get closer to peace, joy, faithfulness, forgiveness and love. We talked with the children about freedom and how to live right in this freedom (the freedom from sin, fear and addiction). The good news about the Greatest example of bright and happy life sounded throughout all the lessons of morality. We spoke about God and His Word, showed sketches that revealed the theme of the day. Most children at our camp had mental disabilities; some of them were born with Down syndrome.
In God’s Word Jesus said that He came to the lost sheep. This extract opened to me in a special way in practice. During the Bible lessons, we saw that the children listened to us and prayed with great craving and faith grew in their hearts despite the hardships in their lives. Many children came to us and asked to teach them to pray. The children asked God mainly about their health and a new family. One boy Roma by name told us that he slept badly and suffered from constant tiredness. Not long ago Roma returned from the hospital where they tried to help him using medicine and he became better only for a short time. He asked us: “Can Jesus help me and give a good sleep? You told us in the Bible lesson that he healed blind Bartimaeus!” We prayed together and asked God to give Roma peace and a calm sleep. Next morning he ran to us and shouted: “I slept! I slept! Thanks God!”
When I shared Roma’s story I also remembered Katya who was left at hospital where she got her name and surname. She is the girl with a wounded heart, she dreams of finding her parents and telling them that she forgives them… The stories of the children with unchildish past shocked the team and did not leave us indifferent. We saw pain even in the children’s eyes, not to mention their behavior dictated by the pain and rejection. Some of them failed to commit suicide for several times. Despair and bitterness are the companions of the left children that is why it was so important to bring them the message of love and acceptance of our Heavenly Father. I am glad that every day we taught the children to get over themselves and their bad habits and be able to change together for the better. Vadim is the boy with Down syndrome who cannot say anything but just “ba-ba” or “bi-bi”, loved listening to the Bible stories so much that he came and listened to us every evening during last days and prayed together with us before going to bed (although he did it in his own way).
We are especially grateful to God because we dreamt that these children would have influential adults who would help them in their lives! When the headmaster came to the camp, he thanked the volunteers for their work because the children do not always have the opportunity to go to camps. He paid attention to our professionalism and noticed that the children changed for the better. We also had a great blessing in repentance of 25 children! The Word of God must be preached everywhere! We are grateful to you for the opportunity to serve the children in the places where nobody teaches them that God is love and those who accept Him, accept salvation from Him!

In June: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: June 30, 2018 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

At the very beginning of the month, the older children have completed their acquaintance with the life story of Daniel and his friends. They also got acquainted with the story of Jonah, who spent 3 days in the womb of the whale. To illustrate the story about Ion we made origami. The children saw the paper Kita, Jonah, the ship and Nineveh. A new way, with which the story was told, was very popular with children. This means that the story itself will be better placed in their memory, and God will act through it in their hearts.
The children from Rudensk are very fond of sports. Many of them even participate in various competitions and take prizes! That’s why, we also try to participate in their sporting life, organizing various relay races. But this month there were unusual relay races – tasks were given not for speed, but for ingenuity and attentiveness. For example, you had to transfer the pills (M & Ms) with straws, or look for cards all over the room with the right colors. I’m glad that these children actively help those who are weaker or who will be more difficult to cope with the tasks! This is a very obvious and important feature of the children from the Rudensk orphanage.
The younger children completed their acquaintance with the biblical stories of the New Testament. It was “the story of the resurrection of Lazarus” and “ten lepers.” The story of Lazarus once again reminded about the miracles of Jesus, which He did during the life on earth, as well as His power and might. A story about ten lepers helped to show the children how important is to be grateful.
The last two meetings this month and this academic year were held in a free format. This is also a very good time, because at such meetings there is a little more opportunity to talk to the children, just listen to them or give a piece of advice, and also pray for their needs or experiences. In addition to personal communication, the boys were able to communicate with the men from our team during training on the horizontal bars. There were also organized joint games for all comers, regardless of age or abilities, which helped to form unity in the teams.
Now the children went on vacation abroad, on vacation to relatives and to the Governmental camps. We really hope that we will meet them again in September, and that God will continue to act in the hearts of these children!

In June: “Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: June 27, 2018 by Dobr9k in Smilovichi

Good day! Our school year comes to end. This month we have told the last lessons to the children. During these classes we continued to tell them stories from the Bible. And of course, we have played a lot and sang songs about God. This month we even learned one new song that the children really liked.
At our meetings we talked about Daniel. They told how he and his people were captured by Babylon. And also about how God blessed him, and he became an adviser to the king. We told the story of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, about how God saved the friends of Daniel. In addition, we told a story about the words that God wrote on the wall of Belshazzar and the story of how envious people framed Daniel, but God protected him.
This month was especially remembered by a girl. Her name is Alina. Usually she behaves very modestly, tries not to participate in anything. By the way, we do not force the guys to be at our meetings, so everyone who comes to us is the decision of the child himself. Alina came to our meetings, but she refused to sing and did not participate in the games. But in one of the lessons, when they offered to tell the story that was at the last meeting, something unexpected happened. Alina, who was usually silent, told exactly the whole story about Daniel, about how he got into slavery, and about how the king told the dream. She remembered all the subtleties and, most importantly, remembered the conclusions that we got from this story. It was just awesome!
When you see that children who listen quietly, remember everything carefully, you start to rejoice, because through this God will act in their hearts and change the lives of children.
I am very happy that many understand us, and do not forget about the orphans in Belarus. Praise God for you! Let’s hope that further we can together with you serve God and help orphans in their difficult lives!

In May: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: May 31, 2018 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

The month of May was special personally for me. Preparing the classes for children, you cannot but live through the things that you want to deliver to them; first of all, God was working in my heart. I was myself living through the stories about Daniel and his friends. And this is a special time of preparation and happiness that you can share something that God reveals with the children. Every kid who visits our meetings perceives our themes and those truths that we deliver to them in his or her own way. One of the things that I realized for sure is that we don’t know a kid’s heart, and it is only God who is making His work, and we can only be instruments in God’s hands. There are children, who at first sight are attentive and open, but after a while you can see how far they can be from God, and at the same time the most disturbing brawler turns out to be open to spiritual changes in life. That’s why when I see brawlers, who are merely trying to catch attention by their behavior, I rejoice that I can give at least a little of my love, attention and care to them.
This month with the elder children we were talking about Daniel and all his life. About Daniel being taken to slavery, about his loyalty and trust to God. The special Daniel’s gift is to read dreams. And to trust firmly to God despite the difficult trials in his life. The children like such stories, through them you can reach out and speak to their hearts. It is well known that a person shows sympathy and readiness to help after a more close acquaintance with someone who needs help. We help our nearest because we know them well and love them, and usually don’t take closely to our hearts a message about hundreds of life being taken by a storm somewhere over the ocean. The issue with orphans is the same. Although we know that a lot of children in Belarus still live in orphanages, it doesn’t give us a possibility to feel deeply a state of a specific child. We do not see these children, and our motivation to help them is very low.
It makes a big difference when we see a photo, story and video about some particular child. We discover more about him and get a wish to help. Someone will have this wish materialized into specific actions – adoption or creation of a foster family. At our turn we want to help delivering the Gospel to them and givie a little love and care during our meetings.

In May: “Vileyka orphanage”

Posted: May 31, 2018 by Dobr9k in Vileyka

In May we enjoyed warm days and the children from Vileika school were happy because of coming holidays. That is why our meetings were in a good and vivid atmosphere and with feeling of expectation of a three-month celebration. In this report we collected interviews taken from some of our volunteers. Enjoy the results.
Olya Yarmolchik:
“May is the last month before holidays. God gave us unexpectedly warm May this year and the children had more sunshine so as more outdoor games and more smiles.
Lyonka loves playing football so he listened to the story of Jorginho, a famous football player, who believes in God, very attentively. He had a hard life from his childhood, but he did his best to achieve his goal and became an excellent football player. However, the main idea was that God touched his heart and changed his life, his relationships with his relatives and friends.
Such stories encourage the teenagers, give them an example how to aim their efforts at making their dreams true, and enable them with the hope that God will not give them up.
We blessed the children and their summer and hope that God would allow us to continue our relationships with them”.
“Our last visits in May were special for me because of many reasons. Firstly, I made friends with the team, knew everyone better, learned a lot from each of them during the whole year of working together and I am so grateful for this! Secondly, we became closer to the children. They became so dear to me and I hope this is mutual. I think that due to this they could be open and trust me as their friend. We had serious private talks with some of them and they were very open, asked questions and shared the deepest wishes of their hearts. Of course, they didn’t say everything and didn’t share many things but I believe that the time will come and God himself will incline their hearts to be more and more open) I think this year was fruitful and I hope we will do more next year if God allows!”
Katya Shvedova:
“One day we had some talk with one of the teachers of the orphanage about graduates and we found out that they just get diplomas on the last day of their staying there. The orphanage cannot allow such an obvious thing for graduates as a photo album because of lack of finance and technical possibilities. That is why our suggestion to solve this problem was accepted with great encouragement and gratefulness.
On May 18 three people from our team came there to take pictures. Beforehand, we made a special chat in the social network for preparing and discussing with the graduates how and where all this would take place. However, unfortunately, there was a heavy rain on that day and we had to change our plan. We were allowed to take pictures in the last two lessons. First, we took the pictures of the whole class at the desks and then the teenagers wanted to have photos with their first teacher and we went to that classroom. Then we made individual portraits for everyone and made group photos of close friends.
After lunch, not everyone came back because some boys were shy. So, we took some funny pictures of the rest outside. They jumped, photographed with the local dog and even with the director who was passing by.
During this time, the junior pupils ran to us with one important question: “will you do the same when we graduate?” When we finished we had tea with the director and his deputy.
In that chat in the social network, we continue to discuss with the graduates different topics. When we prepared all the photos for the album, they sent us more than 30 photos from the farewell bell and asked to put them on the album and we did it because it was important for them. All the children are looking forward to having their albums and we are eager to see them because this is our first work. Although we are not professionals, we did it with all our heart and love and left a good testimony for the children and the administration”.
Vika Volkovich:
“I would like to tell more about Katya. She is a very unusual girl, cleverer than her peers. She reads the Bible but at the same time she prays for us not to come here. The teenagers very often attract our attention by speaking about suicides but generally, all the children are open and sociable, especially smaller ones, but all of them lack love”.
The meetings at the orphanage of 2017/2018 finished. This year was truly friendly, generous and joyful. Graduation assembly is coming. Our whole team are planning to organize a nice picnic for the teenagers. They are on the threshold of after orphanage life, so they need serious support and good friends. Thanks God for His help and influence!

In May: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: May 30, 2018 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

School year is nearly over in our country, so is our ministry for the season. In a month we again will say goodbye to graduates from orphanages, who’ll go to study to different towns. We’ll see those who’ll stay in the orphanage only in September. Perhaps, this is the reason why older kids try to spend more time with our team and long for one to one conversations. It’s usually hard to gather kids in May, so there are less of them at our meetings, kids just get outside to enjoy the long-awaited warmth. This year, though, is different, children try to not miss our meetings and even bring friends with them! Older students got to know new biblical characters – Daniel and his friends. There was an end of month meeting and kids remembered Daniel’s story. Moreover this month we had visits to Rudensk – we had meetings for boys and girls separately, where they discussed how to become a happy wife from biblical point of view, and boys talked about their dreams and the ways to make them come true. Younger kids continued getting to know new stories from New Testament. They learned about a parable of the prodigal son, kind samarian, good Pastor and a lost sheep, about tax collector and pharisees’ prayer. They also had a meeting where I was delighted to see that kids not only remembered biblical stories they heard that month, but also many other stories they heard through out the year. We know, it’s God Who is doing His work in kinds hearts, and we are really grateful to Him for that!

In May: “Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: May 27, 2018 by Dobr9k in Smilovichi

Children are always happy to see us.
It happens that the relationship in the orphanage between the children is very complicated. Because many of them want at least somehow to be above the rest, and the more so, no one likes when they are humiliated. Maybe this is not noticeable at the first acquaintance with the children, but sometimes, when you often communicate with them, you can see how secretly they “show where your place”, if someone tried to do what they couldn’t.
To some extent, our visits are a distraction from finding out the relationship between each other and the opportunity to see another world – a world full of love and grace. On our meetings you can be one team for an hour, without resenting each other.
Interesting biblical stories can help us to become a team.
This month, the children listened to stories about Joseph. For a few weeks the children was listening stories, and, with the help of pictures, became participants in the events that were in the life of Joseph. They faced the dislike that Joseph felt, with the betrayal of the brothers, tired to feel the emotions of Joseph, who were sold into slavery. We learned what Patifar’s wife made to Joseph, how he was feeling in prison, and how he became the second after Pharaoh.
But the most important thing is that the children listened that Joseph trusted God in all his difficulties. We listened to how he evaluated his actions not only with moral criteria, but also with God’s criteria. This allowed Joseph to live a life with God. And we told this to the children.
In addition, this month we had a meeting in which children made crafts with their own hands, which were useful for them (the guys did photo frames), and well-remembered about our meetings.
Thanks to everyone who is interested in our service, and thanks to all who support us!