In February: “Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: March 1, 2021 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Smilovichi

I want to start with great news about the children who were in the Smilovichi orphanage.  Yana, Boris and Nastya were taken to three different families for custody, and Nastya’s adoptive parents are believers (she always asked in prayer that her adoptive parents will know and love God)!  For each of them, finding a family is the answer from the Lord!  Thank God! In February, children abandoned by their Mother have arrived at the orphanage and now they are awaiting for a court and father’s decision. They are going through a difficult period of pain and resentment, misunderstanding and judgment.  When we met, we tried to build good relationship with them and we see that we achieved this thanks to the right communication and games that do not lead to competition and rivalry.  While teaching a Bible lesson about the miracles of Jesus Christ, we asked them what they know about God, whether they had read the Bible and whether they had been to the Church.  We were surprised that they had never attended Church and knew nothing about Jesus Christ.  Then we simplified the lessons and at the simplest level, adding testimonies from our own lives, told Bible stories.  At the end of each story we answered to children’s questions and gave them the opportunity to reflect on what they have learned and what can help them to believe and trust God! Liza, she is 14, said that thanks to our visits she stopped being afraid and calmed down.  Vanya, Matthew and Timofey felt loved and very important and Ira who is 4 years old stopped waking up at night and cry.For us these words and changes in the lives of the children once again prove the power of God’s love and compassion which can heal any pain and restore any destruction!

In February: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: February 28, 2021 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Rudensk

Greetings, brothers and sisters! We are glad that God gives an opportunity to serve orphaned children! We are glad that orphanages are open, and we can serve children! We haven’t seen the children for a while. The first February visit to Rudensk took place on the 3rd. When we arrived many children did not believe that we will hold meetings with them. Because of the pandemic they were often forbidden to gather together even within the orphanage and ofcourse they weren’t allowed to gather with other classes or to receive guests. So the meeting started and when I asked who wanted to pray Peter said, ” I want to pray and thank God.” His prayer was a thanksgiving to God for our arrival and for the fact that the disease is losing its power, so the children can finally meet with friends. Then Pauline also prayed. She prayed for her family and friends: “God, I do not know where they are now, but please keep my family from the virus! Thank you so much for the team coming! Be with us”! I was surprised by the atmosphere that was in that place. It is usually difficult for teenagers to pray in front of other teenagers. But this time, no one was laughing, and there was silence. We’ve been talking about a lot of things over the last month, but the main point is: “THE TIME HAS COME”! We understand that many teenagers have already known a lot about God. The topics during our meetings have become a challeng for them and have encouraged them to take concrete and open actions. The topic “Time to help” – we talked about how Jesus helped on earth and that God wants us to follow His example in daily life, helping others. The topic “Time to love”. We asked what  prevents us from loving? It’s hard to forgive your parents, it’s hard to forgive your friends who betrayed you, it’s hard to forgive yourself, to forgive God. “So unforgiveness is the main barrier that prevents you from loving ?” we said. ” Yes, that’s right!” they replied.  “Then let us pray that God will help us to forgive those who have caused us to feel much pain.” Such lessons are not just theory, but practice. We move from words to deeds only by practicing our faith and beliefs. Simple tips, but a difficult decision.  “We know that we have to live this way and we want to do what is right  but we don’t have strength to do this. What should we do?” they say.  It’s so great that we’re moving to another level of depth! Hearing such questions and thoughts makes us understand that our teenagers are on the right track. We help them come to the answer themselves by thinking with them because then there is a chance that the guys will apply it to their lives. Prayers, the participation of children, and answers to the questions  indicate that children’s confidence in faith and hope in God grow. The task of our team is to pass the faith in God, as well as to help children cope with low self-esteem through the knowledge of God. And you know, I think we can do it! Thank you friends for praying with us! Because the prayer of the righteous can do much!

In February: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: February 28, 2021 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Belinichy

Dear friends! We send greetings to everyone who’s reading us! You are in our hearts and prayers! We are grateful to God that we can serve together with you! I’d like to share the happy news that this month God has opened the doors to boarding schools. We have been praying about this for a long time and God has answered us. But for safety reasons, no more than three or four people from our team are allowed to visit the boarding schools, and they are also asked to comply with the security measures due to the epidemiological situation. Every time we came, almost all the children who are currently in the boarding school, as well as their tutors, came to meet us. We haven’t seen the children for a long period of time. And when we arrived, the children wanted to share their news, needs and experiences with us as soon as possible. It’s so great that we have a relationship of trust with them! Every time, we spent time with joy and fun. We played outdoor games, and also told the children about God. Throughout the meetings, we stuck to a series of topics about time: “Time to dream”, “Time to be happy”, “Time to love”, “Time to help”. We are happy that the children usually remember our topics. When we talked about the time to help, we recollected the story of the Good Samaritan. Despite the fact that we had not returned to this story for a long time, the children remembered it well enough and were even able to retell it. We believe that they will not only remember the Bible stories, but also learn to apply them in their lives. The fact that the children are changing for the better is already noticeable now. Glory to God! God also works with the hearts of tutors, and we can see how they are changing for the better too. The children also thanked us for the gifts they were given for Christmas. Even though it’s been quite a while, the children are still under the bright impression of this wonderful time! They were happy to talk about sweets, toys, clothes, and even personal hygiene items that they found in Christmas boxes. We thank everyone who participated in the collection of gifts and we believe that God will bless everyone who participated in this action! Dear friends, let us pray that the pandemic will end soon, so that we will have even more opportunities to serve orphaned children! Be blessed!

In January: “Christmas events”

Posted: January 30, 2021 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Uncategorized

Dear friends, we are glad to welcome you to our website! January 2021 has begun! We are so glad that God continues to pour out His mercy, and we have the opportunity to spread His Kingdom on the Belarusian land. Together with the team, we prayed for open doors to boarding schools at Christmas time during the pandemic. We also prayed to collect gift sets for orphans. God hears and answers! We had the opportunity to collect more than 7,000 thousand gift sets. We are so happy that children will receive not just gift sets consisting of only sweets, but gifts that will contain everything they need. With the whole team we visited 20 orphanages and boarding schools in Belarus. Every orphanage has special children! When we visited the Molodechno, Shklov boarding school, there were children who had lost their sight and it is very important for them that toys make sounds. It was nice to see how the children touched the gifts with their hands and were happy that they now have their own toy with sound and new hygiene items with a pleasant smell! When they touched the shower gel or shampoo, soap, they tried to smell them, and then said: — How great everything smells! My dreams have come true this is the best gift ever. Anastasia always dreamed of a warm and soft bathrobe and wearing it feel in the arms of mom and it was in her gift that we put the bathrobe. Also we were in Rudensky and Belynichskiy boarding schools. Children with mental and physical disabilities live there. These children were especially happy that we came to them after a long time. We know many children and were able to see them grow up. Anton told me that Santa Claus did not come this year and did not bring gifts! It’s all Covid’s fault! I got a chance to reveal to him the truth about the Heavenly Father and the real essence of the Christmas holiday. Many children in a gift box found exactly what they had wanted for a long time and had prayed for! Children shouted: «I got a flashlight», «and I got colored pencils», « and I got a beautiful doll», «and I have a hat and gloves and I’m so happy about it, because now I will not be cold and ill». We went in Vileika boarding school where the children live with speech disorder. When they met us, each of them wanted to show their attention, so they grabbed our hands to talk face to face. Over the past 4 months, we have not seen them, and here is such an opportunity to communicate, because so many new things happened. When the Christmas production began, we noticed how our visits every Friday helped to form the children’s basic knowledge about God and His Son Jesus Christ. Even the teachers were surprised by the children’s answers. Everyone wanted to participate and prove themselves! When the gifts were distributed, we saw that the children were blooming, taken from gift boxes toothpastes, brushes, soap and toys in the corridor of the boarding school. Before our departure, the teachers said that they hadn’t seen children so happy for long time. Each of us is happy to be able to give a gift to every orphan child, andprimarily to tell them the good news about the Savior and God, who is Love! Thank you to everyone who prays for us, we really appreciate it! Let us pray that the seeds of faith sown will bear fruit.

In December: “Christmas camp for girls-graduates”

Posted: December 31, 2020 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Camps

“Dreams come true when a strong desire turns them into concrete actions… ” – a quote from the great author of books about success Napoleon Hill, which in the life of Christians has no value if it doesn”t have the most important component of success – PRAYER. Dreams and desires/action/PRAYER – this is the formula of good luck for every Christian in the beginning of every deed. We wanted, looked for opportunities, PRAYED – and our wish came true! From December 25 to 27, on the grounds of the beautiful place Green Ranch of the Minsk district, we had a wonderful opportunity to spend the Christmas holiday in the company of girls-graduates of two orphanages – Rudensk and Belynichi. There were right much of difficulties in organizing this camp – not all the girls understood how to come, someone had a problem with work, we had to go to another city personally to bring girls over to camp and make an application by place of study, and someone simply did not have money to buy a ticket.But God miraculously led, and what seemed simply impossible-became a reality – we gathered in one place with one goal – to spend this holiday weekend together. Our main goal was to show the girls all the importance and great value of the holiday of the birth of Jesus Christ. To show His love and care for them, to create a family atmosphere, to talk and listen to each of the girls, to be together and just have a delicious meal. On the first day of arrival at the recreation center, the girls settled down in their rooms, got acquainted with each other, talked and waited for the evening. We helped them to get ready, do their hair and put on beautiful dresses. In the evening we had a festive program dedicated to the Birthday of Jesus – communication, Christmas songs and the theme of the evening – the Birth of Jesus. Not all the girls knew the details of the story of Jesus’s birth , but everyone listened with great interest the fact that Jesus was born so that everyone would have salvation and that He is available to the ordinary people – really became surprising news for some of them. At the end of the evening, we once again congratulated each of the girls personally and gave them some gifts. The next day of our mini-camp was no less interesting – it was about taking care of yourself and your body, beautiful hairstyles, and as a super bonus – a horse walk and a photo shoot with horses.What could be better?The girls were happy. Their eyes were shining! Even the most shy and closed could barely hold their emotions after riding and communicating with the horses. We returned to the base freezing, but pleased and happy. Over a warm tea with sweets, there came up a lot of topics for conversation – the girls were very open and we managed to communicate with each of them personally. Same day in the evening there was an important and difficult topic for every girl who came, in which there were many difficult questions – Why did my parents leave me? How to forgive them? What is God’s plan for my life? What is life like with God? How to take the first step on the path to repentance? The result of this evening was tears of perception and joy, acceptance of yourself and your life situation, forgiveness of your parents and prayers of repentance. We rejoiced, cried and prayed together with the girls. God was with us and among us. During these incomplete 3 days, there were many different interesting conversations and moments. We felt that those girls to whom we came when they were still pupils of orphanages, really matured. They didn’t need to be soothed, they were calm. We didn’t have to puch on them for communication – they were seeking for it themselves. Talking about God was not a burden – they willingly asked questions and kept up the conversation. A very simple, but personally valuable moment for me had touched my heart. Alina, a graduate of the Belynichi boarding school brought each of the team members a chocolate bar. A simple, inexpensive chocolate bar. When she gave it to me, she said: “I want to make it pleasant for you, too, because you always take care of us…” Nothing unusual, but this chocolate bar has a special value for me – Alina thought and bought it with her small salary of a street cleaner and wanted to please us. Thank God for the fact that He acts in the hearts of girls, even through such seemingly insignificant situations. It was a special place, a special time in the lives of the girls and each of us. I believe it wasn’t just another cool camp. It was a time when we prayed a lot, communicated a lot and the meaning and the importance of Christmas was achieved. The Lord was there to protect us from accidents, He sent us the desire to go and serve the girls, gave us the right words and actions. Thank God for everything!