In September: “Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: October 1, 2021 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Rudensk

 With the beginning of the new school year, we resumed trips to Rudensk’s boarding school. Children eIUX7eulhccreally missed for communicating with us and each of them had a desire to tell about themselves, something new andmsxhFui3ZCw interesting. That is why in our first arrival, we made a meeting with the guys in communication format and it was a true decision.

Lera told that all summer spent in the hospital and we supported her. Polina, constantly trained to play football and now she is a goalkeeper of the school team. Other guys d1330XUaYqklearned to work in the greenhouse, which we bought for school in the spring. Artem, studies the Bible and asked questions on those chapters that do not understand. Communicating and carefully listening to children, we show love to them and show zC4vuiEnfUceach of them that they are meaningful and valuable.

In our next arrival, we decided to repeat the topics from the Bible and started from the very beginning, with the history of the creation of the world. Many knew this truth and it’s good, and new guys heard about it for the first time and thanked 1NpKnPrgq78us for learning the truth. Last week, Dima spoke about the first people created in the image and likeness of God: Adam and Eve. On the first temptation and the first disobedience to God, as well as about what consequences this sin brought to our world. The guys listened very carefully, and then asked questions and shared their experiences and disobediences before God and teachers (who replace them with their parents). We see how the Lord opens the hearts of these children, brings his light and freedom in their lives. We rejoice in the fact that every year they change and become better, because the truth is forever frees them from lies and sin.


In September: “Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: September 30, 2021 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Smilovichi

Greetings dear brothers and sisters. In following description I want to share the news of our service to oHAVXF6337sorphans in Belarus. A new school year has begun, and we have the opportunity to visit children with our programs. In this particular description I want to tell you about the Smilovichy orphanage.

When we came there, we saw Arseny and Artem. We were very glad to see them, but we were immediately flooded with some bad memories. These brothers have already been taken into families three times and returned to the orphanage. The boys are very developed, interesting and sociable. Before the holidays, 3NiiwVvBWaAthey often say that they dream of being taken home as soon as possible. But now they stopped talking about home, stopped telling about their parents. During lessons they sit on someone’s lap and cuddle very hard. We see that they lack both male and maternal attention.

-Te2UCxiuqwAlso in the new school year, a family showed up. These are Dasha, Milana, Kira, Angelina and Nazar. They are all from one family. They are very interesting children. Before they had never met believers and know little about God. Kira is the smallest, she has some ear disease, she doesn’t hear well. Now doctors are deciding what the hearing loss is related to. The most memorable thing about Kira at our first meeting was that she found everything around her to be interesting. She is very dependent on the tutor. She is watching but without making any contact. Fortunately she saw us each visit we made and began to trust us.ebSElR0OBwkKira is 3 years old, she is a giggler. I also want to tell you about Dasha, a girl of 8 years old. She has a leadership potential. She likes to win. Unfortunately she stutters. Despite her stuttering, she is very curious, iZN1ZUJGwwIeverything is interesting to her, she always tries to retell the lesson or tell something about school. And Angelina, a blonde girl who has been through a lot. She is very savvy and loves to draw. She misses home. During our meetings Angelina is very active, remembers things well. When she is worried she stutters. Milana is the older sister, she is 12 years old. She is very opened and looks after all her sisters and brother like a mother does. She helps them with self-care and studying. And I want to note Nazar. This little boy is beautiful and very sociable but he can’t pronounce the letters fully. It makes him so cute.

 In total, there are only 7 children in the orphanage. With the guys we started B7S4FfMegfIto study how God created the world. And it’s so wonderful to see children’s reaction to that. They believed that the creation of the universe happened exactly the way it is described in the Bible. Next lesson we told them about Adam and Eve. We said that God created man for communication with Him. God is EF4YhjYIztAalways pleased when we communicate with Him through prayer. Milana said that she asks God to help her when she feels she can’t cope with something. And then I said that such simple words addressed to God is actually a prayer. Such simple words is something that God loves the most. Milana was shy but I encouraged her to continue her communication with God. I told her that there is nothing wrong with her prayer. Another time we visited these children we were talking about Cain and Abel. We said that God sees our hearts. He knows everything that happens in our thoughts oKhOCYhKhGEand knows when we are jealous. God wants to help us! If we want something, we should ask God for it. God will always tell us that we don’t need to be envious because we have Father in Heaven who always cares for us. I asked them what were they jealous of? Someone said he wanted a jacket like Angelina’s jacket, the other child said he wanted a typewriter, candy and colored pencils. God can give you all these things through people you don’t even know about. The time of the lesson passed so quickly and we were very late. I am very glad that we have the opportunity to visit these children in the orphanage. Thank God that there are open doors for the Gospel there. I see that each our visit causes changes in them. They have more conversation about God and ask about Him. Friends, let’s pray for all these children have families where they will have loving parents.

In September: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: September 30, 2021 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Belinichy

Hello to you, brothers and sisters!

I am grateful to God, who blessed us to start a new study year at the Belynichi orphanage school. Our meetings began with saying goodbye to the graduates. When we came, the graduates who were about to LxGPUdTsOpoleave were still at the orphanage. We arranged a separate meeting for them. The guys gathered together and shared their worries with us. ‘We are a bit scared as we have spent all our lives at the orphanage’, Igor said. Vika says: ‘I am worried about our acceptance at college’. Olya was silent and just mentioned that she would miss the school and the teacher who had been like a mum to her. Lyosha, who has been at the orphanage for five years, said: ‘I am glad that I am leaving. It’s just Og83dvAAgToa new stage in my life’. We recalled the times when we had met and how spent the time together. One of the teenagers said ‘Thank you so much for praying for us and telling us about God’. These words took a special place in my heart. You don’t hear something like this every day. Unfortunately, we didn’t see some graduates as they had already left. Anyway, when we were leaving the school, Igor, who had graduated from the school a year ago, gave us a ring through the school phone. He wanted to talk with us. oO8N6mUhiYEHis first question was: ‘Dima, do you pray for us?’ I said to him: ‘Of course, we pray for you. We would visit you but we can’t due to coronavirus’. Igor said that he prayed with other people too. Igor said that he missed school. He had dreamt of becoming a watchman, but he got into the nursing home because of his diagnosis.

When we came the next time, all the children were running towards us. They told us that they had been missing us. We organized a sports competition for them. The hall was full of people. All the participants were involved and supported their teams. H3ju3prezMMWe have noticed that we can see the children from different perspectives when they play games. They are more open. We could see that they supported each other and when someone was failing, the team members were shouting his name and clapping their hands to encourage their teammate. The teachers told us ‘We haven’t seen our children so happy xgZiU_ekJNgfor a long time’. We could see that these tasks helped to create stronger connections between the children and brought a lot of joy to them. This year we decided to have meetings devoted to the book of Genesis with the topics of Creation, Adam and Eve, and the first sin. We want to help the children understand who the Creator is, what the first sin is, and why we suffer. We’ve noticed that there are more children with Down Syndrome this year. We are praying with the team that God will give us wisdom on how to give the lessons to themlZzrk2l346c that they can grasp the information.We had a call with the school authorities on the last Thursday of this month and they told us that the children had started to get sick, so we didn’t come to them the last time. Brothers and sisters, let’s pray that the pandemic will stop and we can plant more seeds of faith and hope in the hearts of these children through our ministry.

Thank you so much for your prayers and words of encouragement!

Summer camp: “Your time”

Posted: July 3, 2021 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Camps

There is not greater music than to hear children’s laughter at the camp ‘The Lighthouse of Hope’.

IMG_6064IMG_6958.CR2Hi everyone!!! I would like to share my impression of the amazing summer camp we were at. Our camp program was called ‘Your time’. Every day we had interesting, amusing and unusual games (such as soap competitions, water games, the zoo, life in an hour, a banana relay race, dodgeball and others) and different activities (such as crafts, the school of trials and discoveries, board games, the flying fox and catamarans). But besides that, we together with the children found the time to dream, love, act, win, forgive and reconcile with God. Good and sunny weather helped us enjoy this time as well, although there was heavy rain and wind in other parts of our country.

IMG_6840.CR2IMG_7745.CR2We were lucky to see around 85 talented, amazing and at the same time difficult and wounded children at this camp. Each of them got a bunch of emotions, freedom from the wrong mindset, made new friends and just had a good rest in this good forest place with clean air. I think I will remember not only the children who repented and a great and joyful atmosphere during the worship, when all the people in the room praise God. We all have the things we struggle with and these children are no exception. I was happy to see that many of them made a decision to go on fighting with bad things in their lives (such as their bad habits; denial to forgive their friends, parents, other people; discontent with their lives, themselves and God; inability to love; unwillingness to see their mistakes and correct them). It was such a joy to see that they could do it.

IMG_6580.CR2IMG_6620.CR2There was a guy in my group who had an adopted boy in their family. He said that they bullied their brother and wanted to get rid of him because he was a little mentally disabled, he didn’t appreciate their help, didn’t listen to them and just annoyed them. He told me that he wanted his brother to leave them as soon as possible as he couldn’t stand him. At the end of the camp after we had discussed the topics of love and forgiveness, I asked him if he was willing to give his brother another chance and he said that he wanted to give it a try.

IMG_7892.CR2IMG_5770.CR2Another girl after the emotional abuse from her aunt (to cut the long story short) said that she was ready to forgive her because she didn’t want to be like her aunt. We have so many stories like these ones. It’s awesome that God gives these children strength to do this and they go and do it.

I would also like to mention the team members who worked hard and supported each other in different moments during the camp. God used everyone 100 percent through our unity and mutual support. I am grateful that I could be the part of it.

In June: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: June 30, 2021 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Belinichy

The next academic year in the schools of our country has come to an end and the next stage of our service to orphans ELe6WZ5ZMDgas well! Summing up the results of this year, I would like to note that the children from the Belynichi orphanage school had a serious soul-searching. It was caused by our several months absence. Due to the pandemic we had to put on hold our trips to the guys. They missed us very much during this period vyX4g508mT4and a thirst for communication with us and God developed in their hearts. Therefore, the children became more obedient and concentrated during our Bible lessons. They began to value our meetings and new knowledge about God more. Also I would like to acknowledge the greatness and power of our Heavenly Father, who, despite the situation in the world, gave us the opportunity to constantly visit the children after a break and hold not only weekly meetings, but also holidays, such as Christmas and Easter! Thank God for this nKJPcMzH41k (1)opportunity! We said goodbye to the graduates. Very soon they will go to different cities to study and we believe and hope that the word sown will bear fruit at the right time. We really hope that every local church will be open tokVuKcBGsv9s (1) accepting these children into their homes and hearts! In June, we talked with the guys about swearing and gossiping, as well as about the terrible impact of both on the lives of people who swear or gossip. The children were impressed by both topics because these things are very common in orphanage schools, especially among high school students. Many of them considered such behavior and this kind of words to be the norm. And some thought that it makes them cool and emphasizes their independence. But we really wanted the guys rQhO5Ue63Owto stop cursing themselves and other people, thereby destroying their lives and the lives of those who are near them. Our goal is not to show children their shortcomings or humiliate them, but on the contrary,ELlFOp_Svng (1) to show them God’s view of the situation and give them a way out. We dream that every child will get freedom from sin and be with God! At one of the meetings young people from the local Belynich Church joined us. They prepared a small musical program and performed for the children. And at the end of the meeting they had personal conversation with children, which is always very valuable for orphans who are really short of love and attention. We were glad that the youth of the local church did their best to prepare a program for our children!

Thank you to everyone who reads us and supports us financially and with prayer!