In November: “Vileyka orphanage”

Posted: November 29, 2019 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Vileyka

November is not only about greyish weather and shortened days. November is also about school holidays. And because so many children were leaving for holidays, we took a decision not to interfere with their lives during that period. However, after the holidays were over, it was so exciting to finally meet again – and everyone was looking forward to that meeting! Teens love to listen and watch videos by popular bloggers who really won the minds of the generation Z. A lot of bloggers are our teens’ peers, actually. So what we did is we talked about things they care – like cars, extraordinary stunts, pranks, tricks, etc. Bloggers become teens’ role models who they look up to, dreaming to become as trendy, independent and, of course, as popular. So we think it is really important to introduce an alternative mindset to our kids (Christian mindset) where one’s significance is not something they have to earn but something that is already granted to them by Grace. Kids love to listen to stories about Christ. The last one that we shared with them is the story where Jesus tamed the tempest. We focused on the fact that Christ’s friends were scared – and twice so! The first time the disciples were frightened of the storm. Each of us gets once in the eye of the life storm: when parents leave us, when friends turn their back on us, when things don’t happen as they should at once. And the storms come along with the bad feelings – fear, inferiority complex, lack of confidence… At such moments we feel as if God is so far away, as if He’s sleeping and simply doesn’t care… The second time that the disciples were scared was when the storm was over. They finally understood how powerful the Son of God is! There was Someone who has power over the darkest storm in life. People often underestimate Christ thinking that all the stories about Him are part of the religious rhetoric. But the Good News is about having a personal encounter with Christ after which your life won’t be the same again. A new volunteer Vika joined our team! She is a hair stylist – what will allow her not just to create beautiful hair styles but have a quality time with them also. Christmas season has begun and as usual we are busy with preparing gifts for our kids and arranging a trip to a Christmas play for them. Apart from our annual agenda for the season, we have had a request from the asylum’s administration. We got to know that hiking was one of the kids’ most loved past times. And now we need to collect funds for two hiking tents. And our prayer need remains the same – unfortunately, due to different circumstances not all volunteers on our team, including drivers, are able to join the team for each trip to the asylum. And we aspire for regular weekly trips – and ask you to support this wish of our hearts in your prayers! Thank you for your kind concern and help!


In October:“Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: October 31, 2019 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Smilovichi

During this month I had a great opportunity to visit children in Smilovichy orphanage. The first thing that’s especially pleasing is that the staff of the orphanage is very friendly and hospitable! They always provide us with classroomы for our meetings, also they collect themselves all the children and bring them to our meetings. For today, there are only four children in the orphanage. Each of them is unique, talented and communicative in his own way. Of course, at the very beginning it wasn’t easy to establish report with the guys, as they checked us out and didn’t want to let us get too close. And one of the girls tried with all her might show us that she wasn’t interested in and that she didn’t really want to hear about God and everything connected with Him. Sometimes she was insolent, she could interrupt us during Bible lessons, but at the same time this girl gave the best answers to the questions and memorized Bible lessons better than other children. For 2 months our communion these guys have become close to us. Today children become more and more open to us, they’re also ready to hear about God. They even try to think about what God does for them. Also I want to say a few words about two brothers – Artem and Arseny. They’re younger than other children, they are five and six years old. We feel that they have a great need of love, tenderness and parental embrace. Of coursе we are all want their birth family to recover, or if the boys will be

adopted, we hope that their adoptive family will be able to accept and love them sincerely! These boys are very kind, gentle and cheerful, despite all the situations that they’ve been through. When we play games, they don’t play each for himself, but they want to be both winner. If one starts to lose the other runs immediately to help him. And such a behavior doesn’t come naturally to orphans, especially when they are in the orphanage. There they go separate ways! I have been serving orphans for many years, but over the years I realise more and more that not only we teach them, introducing Heavenly Father to them, but God Himself works on our hearts through these kids. I want to encourage all partial christians to pray for all these kids go to families and also for Arseny and Artem remain loving, kind and thoughtful brothers who know God! All throughout October we told them about various God’s personality traits. The kids already know that God is The Creator, who created the earth and all that is in it. They also know that God is the bread of life and the light for everyone who walk in the darkness. At the last meeting of this month we told them that God is love and about Jesus Christ’s feat on Golgotha. We don’t know how long these kids will be in Smilovichy orphanage and how many meetings we will have with them, but we believe at the right time we or our brothers and sisters in Christ will reap the fruits from the word of God we have told the kids. Let this bring glory to God!


In October: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: October 30, 2019 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Rudensk

During this month I had сommunication with the older guys only. Usually we pray before our communion . Some of the guys like to dance, so they show us their dance performances. In order to support the guys, we try to memorise and show a few dance moves, which they use in their dance. Also Dima prepared for discussion such important topics as: gossip, loneliness, betrayal. He tried to convey these topics to the guys thoroughly and in detail. I’m particularly discussed with the guys the subject of insult .It is also a very important topic for them. To my mind during this month we had a good personal contact with the guys .For example several times one of the older guys, whose name is Ruslan, came up to me for advice. Ruslan has a friend. They had a first fight, as Ruslan broke his music speaker accidentally. But Ruslan had no money to pay for it, so he was very upset. First of all I advised him to ask for forgiveness, and then pay for this thing, if it’s possible. My advice appeared to be helpful for him. Th

en, next time Ruslan came up to me and said, that he can’t control anger when someone call him bad names and that he always has no patience. He also said that believers have never ups and downs and that they are always so patient and righteous. And cited Noah as the example. But I told him that in reality believers have difficult circumstances in their life and in most cases we can’t get through difficulties on our own. Only with Christ’s help and prayers we are able to go through life with dignity. I told him to spend more time praying and also to play sports and reach the set bars to develop patience. Also I’m encouraged that the kids are getting closer to us (maybe I’m being a little sensitive) at least those who come to the meetings

In October:“Vileyka orphanage”

Posted: October 30, 2019 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Vileyka

In October we continued to visit the orphanage. In summer a new director came to school. The previous director was tolerant to our team and all the activities that Christians have organized here. So, this time we had to think over strategies of cooperation with the authorities of the orphanage. On October, 11, 2019 Dima Nachina had a meeting with Sergei Nikolaevich who is a deputy director for socially educational work. By the way this man had a birthday a few days before. So, we used an opportunity to congratulate him and talk to him personally. The conversation was very warm, and he allowed us to continue coming here. We were provided with the list of the names of the orphans and their carers from 8 classes. It is remarkable that many of these classes consist of the children with parents (so called “home“ children). Before that we didn’t have an access to such classes because the authorities were afraid of parents‘ complaints. One girl from our team once said: “it‘s a pity we don’t have enough people. But it is just a prayer need“.

After the meeting with the authorities we had a meeting with teenagers. Dima shared the Word of God with the boys-teenagers. The topic was “Loneliness”. It goes without saying that every teenager has acute issues such as self-image, looking for friends and feeling of self-worth despite collective nature of their life at school. These questions are especially important for orphans who live in the atmosphere of rejection and rudeness.

It worked out very well. There were a lot of examples from the orphanage life and a lot of challenges for them as well. We could say that this topic touched the hearts of all who were present because they listened very attentively and asked a lot of questions. Undoubtedly, the climax of the lesson became the conclusion that God is ready to be everyone’s friend regardless of their social status. Faith is the foundation for such relationship and Jesus is the mediator who proved that we are not lonely in this world. At the end we, as usual, said goodbye in a warm atmosphere.We continue to pray and ask you to join in our prayer needs. Pray for our team and opportunities to go here; Pray that God will reach the children’s hearts.

In October: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: October 30, 2019 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Belinichy

In this sunny and warm, and at the same time cold month we started studying the Bible from the very beginning. We talked about the creation of the world, first man, how the sin got into our world. All these things we talked about brought good feeling to us and the children. For the children specially, because they know these things very well. We felt special too, because it’s good to understand that children listen and hear us. It was great how they took part in the conversation and were willing to answer questions.

When we talked about sin, it seemed that this matter is so simple and learnt by everyone, that everything should be clear, because every child knows what is good and what is bad. A lot can be said, but we decided to show once. It’s much easier for a child to understand if he sees something, that way they memorize and perceive. For the kids who can’t sit still this method worked greatly. After simple questions about sin, bad deeds and so on we showed an example. Vlad took a sip of water out of the bottle and later offered it everybody else and that’s what they did. Each of them took a sip. After everybody were done Vlad spat in the bottle and asked the rest to do the same thing, and each of them did it. At the end Vlad asked if there was anyone who would take a sip out of this bottle, and there were no volunteers. We discussed this moment with the children. They were thrilled and started talking about what this example means to them and how it’s connected to the theme we talked about.Together we came to a conclusion that it can be the same way in our lives. Even small sin (it seems to us) can mess up our lives just like it happened to the water. At the end of the lesson we sang, played and prayed together. At the same time older children talked about loneliness, betrayal and resentment. We pray for these children and believe that God has a special plan for each of them.

In September: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: September 30, 2019 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Rudensk

Greetings, dear Friends! We are thankful to everyone who reads us!  Thank you for your interest in the Orphans ministry!  This month is special, as a new school year began for the Orphans ministry.  This month we visited children from the Rudensky children’s house.  Summer flew by quickly, and we see how children have changed over the summer – they grew up, tanned.    When we visited this orphanage for the first time in this academic year, we learned that the orphanage had undergone major changes since its administration had completely changed. Let’s pray that the heart of the administration will be open to the Orphans ministry that we have been doing for the past 15 years.

We hear the joy and enthusiastic cries of children all the time: “You have come to us!  Hurray!”  Such a reaction could not make us indifferent, and we gladly rushed to meet the guys.  Talks and emotions accompanied us throughout the trip.  Everybody has its own news, joy and even pain. The constancy of our ministry shows the children that they can rely on us, they can trust us.  Therefore, the kids told what happened in the summer, how the children were sent to summer camps, and how hard it was for them to constantly hear the taunts of other children who grew up in families with mom and dad.  “Nobody protects us, it’s hard for us, and we feel lonely in the evenings,” the kids told us. During one of our visits, a 14-year-old boy said that sometimes it was difficult for him to believe in God since he had been asking God for more than 10 years to send him family. He sees other teenagers, he also wants to have mom and dad.  We started the conversation, and I said:  “Listen, God cares for you anyway.  You have a family – we come to you and other guys every week.   We spend a lot of time, as a family, with you.  Yes, maybe this is not the ideal family that you can imagine when you close your eyes.  But still we – those who spend time with you – love and accept you, we pray for you. All these happen in families, this is the time of acceptance, this is the care and prayers.  You are precious to us, and we love you simply for who you are. After that, this boy looked up at us and said that he had never thought this way, that God could answer his prayers this way. “I was looking at the imaginary world and imagined that God would answer the way I wanted. But now I understand that God, sending you to the orphanage, is already showing his care for me”. Each child drowns out his or her pain with imagined ideas about faith and God. Satan is trying to convince orphans that nobody needs them, that God does not hear their prayers, therefore, when you are alone, you find it difficult to believe in God the Father.  The story ended when we hugged and said:  “Remember that God cares for you even when you think that nothing happens.” Also, this month we held sports activities, trying to have new friends through sports.  In addition to having a good time, we had a great opportunity to invite all the new guys to our weekly meetings, which we hold on Wednesdays.  The first topic of the meetings was “Laziness”.  We talked about how to overcome laziness, relying on a biblical passage: “What you sow, you will reap.”  Our next topic:  “Gossip”. Because this is a part of life that kids live in the orphanage.  Children do not understand that by gossiping they destroy themselves and others.  Our task is not only to talk on the topics but also to draw conclusions, give practical advice that can change the lives of these guys. The good news for this month is that we have a new group of children that we have been allowed to work with.  Let’s pray that God will help all the guys who come to us to think about their lives and about God. We pray that they will receive their comforting and their miracle!  Thank you very much for your prayers, they mean so much to us!

In September: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: September 30, 2019 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Belinichy

The studying year has began and we are happy to see open children’s hearts. Moreover, the administration and the workers of the orphanage are nor against our visits and even contribute to the children’s attendance of our meetings. At first, it was a little bit hard to deal with the children’s behavior but it was not because we can’t handle it or the children are so bad. Actually, they behaved like this because they hadn’t seen us for two months and were so excited to see us again. They went to state camps or spent the holiday in Italy. Surely, they missed us so much and they wanted to share their news. Graduates left school and the rest of the children started one more year at school. Some new children came to the school this year. They were taken from troublesome families or other orphanages. So, the children were eager to share the school news, tell about summer holiday and their personal worries.This study year we divide the children into two groups for younger and older ones, as it was last year. In September, we have had a few meetings where we spoke about gossip and laziness. Both topics appeared to be actual for all of them because mostly they are talented, despite their intellectual and physical disabilities. However, often they don’t develop their abilities just because they are lazy to do or change something in their lives. Gossip is a huge problem of these children! They often talk about each other behind their backs and spread gossip. As a result, they constantly face betrayal and disappointment! Our task is to show the children God’s view of the problem and give them practical advice how to cope with laziness and avoid gossip, which is so unpleasant to God. Besides, we organized a relay race at one of the meeting for the children of different ages. We like sports very much because during such activities we can not only spend a good time with the children but also get to know their characters and notice their reaction to victory and loss. It helps us to see what we need to work on for the glory of God!