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In May: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: May 30, 2022 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Belinichy

In May, we had a banana party – various active contests, the settings for which were bananas. For the IMG-1013ecc5ed5ec88b1992bd97fc2cbec8-Vgame, we invited older children – from IMG-3b58f5e9c2309ccbc7a246ba63cd053e-Vgrade 5, but everyone who was younger was also present in the hall as spectators. In general, the guys were delighted with such activity. But there were older guys, for example, boy Tolik, who did not want to participate immediately, said that they were not interested. We persuaded them to play with everyone and it was interesting to observe how they changed during the game – were very active, involved and rejoiced most of all! At the end of the game, both participants and viewers received a super prize – bananas, which also pleased the children!

IMG-2a388390151812d682fb215c6754856a-VIMG-e3b63ef72f1ba9bec175dc006718ed71-VThere were 2 trips to the graduates of the Belynichi boarding school. The first trip was to Bobruisk. We invited the guys to meet the youth church. Together they ate, played, talked about the significance of the church, that one cannot cope with difficulties at a time – on the example of other graduates (drugs, alcohol, etc.). In contrast to this, I tried to show the guys how interesting and full life of a believer. They invited the guys to come to church the next day for a Sunday meeting. Almost everyone came. We still talked, introduced them to the ministers and members of the church. They gave the guys gifts.

IMG_20220529_181444Q5gFQQmiZXQmmrLPWswL1RsC2PaPVCsGUKN8IJ8pvCQCuBR0IOPCt5Yyz7oxX7H29m0uXq-KV-J6GLxeRWg5vj7gThe second trip was in Mogilev. We met the guys there and took them to the camp base. Together they ate, played, sat by the fire and also discussed the topic of the importance of the church in life. Sang songs. We talked about their life. Many would like to come to Minsk to visit us. They also gave them gifts. This month we conducted a series of those about Daniel. They talked on his example about how important it is to love and trust God is the beginning of everything. The month turned out to be very active and rich!

In April: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: April 30, 2022 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Belinichy

This month our team attended a boarding school in Belinichy. We had a series of topics about David. wiX0j51I8FyErUjSG0iGWKO8UCEKQcgkCbNwk9NaCgLTCqSJ0MDunJ1LYwc0pZ8CqvC7w8HwNsew-24zY6rjZ-8PUsing the example of his story, such questions were considered: that only God makes us significant, that He looks at ours hearts, not at the faces, when God is behind us, we are not afraid of any giants. God forgives and accepts like the loving father, He treats us unlike our earthly parents sometimes do. I told them examples from the uQYEs7RCeIuH5bqBp2S5KKKq6A2SkKFm1pOCaCwVdvAqDloGPPlGXEll-In3KJW3k3Dck4whsK2vZBg7jC9WVVoqlives of the guys who were in my team at a summer camp. One girl could not forgive her mother for a long time, and one guy blamed God for the death of his parents. I understand that many children from the boarding school live with this feeling of not forgiving their parents, which destroys them. Therefore, I tried to explain how important it is to forgive.o_sjDPIZ6_UHPeII8d9F3bny3-899tnwJhSQMkb6JN21u58RKQ9y6XFJY2E0JxFMVJ31pP_XJWswL0KB9WYCfcvzThere was also the theme of Easter. We were discussing why someone should have ever die for us and our sins.

Recently, I have been paying attention to not just automatically conduct a lesson, but to communicate with each child on a more personal level, to pick up examples that are close, understandable and relevant to them.

When we come, it is clear that the guys BxTsyMgAXCS9NPCsHrE1sz9orRE3fPNBKPAIqzUP1-mYPCBD57BZcB6oVsJ5DJU5Htw2m29xN1od-57AFG00rF5yare waiting for us very much, they meet us, they are happy to help, as well as take the initiative themselves – they help to carry things, prepare the classroom for the meeting. They bring their drawings to show us, give them to us.

b90R8GQ4Xe4XEjWRO8ezSmbO4F782OWtFexAmizI9D-_imUo1qusRA_8eIRtz0Oxx7rcBiiM1weFnPdzkh7M_9lbAt our meetings, I try to approach those guys who are sitting alone and do not communicate with others. I talked to one of such girls, asked how she was doing, what was bothering her. She didn’t want to share anything right away, but the next time she came over to talk to me, to tell me about herself.

I noticed how the administration’s attitude towards the team is changing – they are becoming more open and friendly, asking about other guys from our team.

In March: “Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: April 1, 2022 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Belinichy

Hello, our dear readers! The month of March was filled with joyful meetings with the children from the 27_ciP0_QP0Belynichi orphanage. This month we have finished studying the topics about the miracles of Jesus Christ that He performed during His life on earth, and the most important thing we wanted to convey to them is that the time of Jesus’ miracles is not over, because He has risen, which means He is alive today! We consolidated the topics covered by watching a film about the miracles of Christ manifested in AetTmDlGFeEthe modern world. It is difficult to describe in words the delight that the children expressed! For many, it was really surprising that the miracles did not end and that Jesus could manifest them in the life of each of the children who would believe in Him. While watching the movie, many guys turned away to quietly wipe off their tears. And after the meeting, each of them wanted us to talk to him or her and pray for their needs. It P5HlAIY7D5Iwas felt that each child had his own hope for his own personal miracle. Next, we have started a series of topics about David, which we hope to continue next month. Another joyful thing of this month was the opportunity for more people from the team to come to the boarding school, thanks to which there was an opportunity to personally communicate with a large number of children. Today, beside our small country, events D7vpoNPeNQAare taking place that cause pain, fear and confusion. Therefore, our team is now even more actively trying to support orphans, because they are already deprived of parental warmth and are in isolated conditions in many ways, and now they need support, encouragement and hope even more. Very soon the next graduates will leave the boarding school. Therefore the guys try to spend as much time as possible with our team, Q-nRla5dQ40help arrange chairs and equipment before meetings, maintain discipline and are already asking if we can come to visit them and communicate with them after they graduate from the school. And the children who are still at school are happy that they will have the opportunity to come to our meetings many more times! It is also very inspiring that a large number of teachers have come to our meetings, they can also hear about God in a simple and accessible way. There are fewer and fewer teachers who once were against the believers! Thank God! We thank everyone who continues to support our ministry financially and prayerfully, as well as everyone who simply cares about the fate of the orphans of our country!

In February: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: February 28, 2022 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Belinichy

Hello, dear friends!

RWnY0T0wcBc0pWqdTXqSWoDespite any circumstances, God still gives us a wonderful opportunity to visit the children in the Belynichi orphanage! It is very inspiring that the administration of the orphanage is very open and let the children hear about God again and again! Of course, due to covid-2019 we have to wear face masks and keep the distance. This means that we hug the children less often but, despite this, our relationships get stronger. Both the children and we have reconsidered our values seriously and now we are using any opportunity just to be together and speak with them about God.  

kkMRj1DJiNwRWnY0T0wcBcThis month we were talking about Jesus Christ’s miracles. We were discussing such topics as ‘Friendship’ and ‘Faith and Doubt’ alongside. Sometimes, the children are so excited to see our team and they want our attention so much that the meeting place gets very noisy as they are full of emotions. Anyway, when the time for the Bible lesson comes, they calm down and listen to what we tell them. My greatest joy is to see that they have questions and try to make their own conclusions after listening to us!

nW0AkNdxNkAAt the moment there are more little kids in the orphanage. We are dreaming of a day when we can have separate meetings for them and will be able to serve them individually and give Bible lessons on their level. Now we gather the children of all ages together because of the limit on the number of visitors, that’s why we will be glad if you support us in your prayers for this problem!


In December: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: December 30, 2021 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Belinichy

Hello to you, brothers and sisters!

This month we’ve had five trips to the Belynichi orphanage. Belynichi is the furthest place where the team SAZ-NiyeXr0that serves the orphans goes. This month many children have come back to the school from the hospital. We could see how the orphanage got filled with more children, and more of them started to attend our meetings. Gena was in the hospital for more than three weeks. He has a skin disease. When we met with him, he said he had missed all our team and the school. He asked God to help him come back to school as soon as possible. ‘Thanks to God, I am home!’ Gena said. I thought it was great that the children were praying outside the school building! This month we have talked about grumbling. We forget about theG96Wi42QYg0 blessings that we have so quickly! Talking about this problem, we took the example of Moses and told the children about the consequences that the people of Israel had because of their resentment. We tried to connect this story with our lives. The people of Israel were dissatisfied with Moses and God. ‘And what about us?’ I asked. Children can very often be dissatisfied with their teachers, the food, or the room, in which they have to live. People need to be grateful but they often grumble and say bad words instead. As a result, it leads to bad consequences. The serpents bit the people in the story with Moses, but in our life, we will receive a xGyI-ozOUH4bad attitude. People won’t love us and treat us very badly. In that case, we might not be allowed to get the education and get into nursing homes. Obedience and gratitude open hearts and give us opportunities that can change life for the better. We also talked about Esther. She was an orphan but God made her a queen. God left these stories as examples for us. We also mentioned low self-esteem and that when we are obedient to God and our teachers our life becomes ordered. Faith in God and spending time with Him through prayer can change our life as it was with Esther. Esther overcame her fears due to her faith in God. We can also overcome our fears, lack of confidence, and failures just by having our faith. It is faith that opens the doors to opportunities and gives confidence.

During one of our trips, we talked about Jonah, where we wanted toDmpDVO1y_fk underline that God’s love covers everything. We, human beings, are picky. We love those who love us and hate those who don’t love us. But this story has shown us God’s heart and how much He wants that people will come to peace with Him. God leads Jonah through such trials and miracles to save the people of Nineveh. God loves us although we don’t choose Him, don’t believe in Him, and constantly make him upset. But God 4d6QdrxBTfochose to love us, He chose all of us so nobody could perish! Despite his lack of love Jonah eventually fulfilled his mission and the whole nation was saved. The life of a person sometimes depends on the Gospel! We spoke with the children that each of us had to make the decision like the people of Nineveh did. Our future depends on this decision.

Simple AvKbIMVP9Kolessons sow the seeds of faith in a heart. We are so glad that the children are interested in knowing about God and that they put into practice what they hear during our meetings. Also, the last Thursday we told them about the birth of Jesus Christ. The children watch a lot of different performances during the winter holidays but none of them tell about the real meaning of Christmas. We reminded the children what Christmas means to us. God created the world, then sin came into the world through Adam and Eve’s disobedience. After that, Cain killed Abel because of his jealousy. Sin had been spreading with great speed and God saw that people couldn’t be saved from this so He sent His Son Jesus Christ to Earth. Anyway, we see that when Jesus Christ was born, He didn’t have a place in any hotel or a house but only in the manger. Jesus reconciled people with God. I asked the children what there could have been if Jesus hadn’t been born and they answered: ‘We wouldn’t be able to be saved’. That was the correct answer! Christmas is a holiday of hope and reconciliation! We are so happy that we could serve the orphans in Belynichi this year! Thank you so much for praying for us and our children! Glory be to God that we can bring the Gospel to the place where it is needed so much!