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In December: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: December 30, 2021 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Belinichy

Hello to you, brothers and sisters!

This month we’ve had five trips to the Belynichi orphanage. Belynichi is the furthest place where the team SAZ-NiyeXr0that serves the orphans goes. This month many children have come back to the school from the hospital. We could see how the orphanage got filled with more children, and more of them started to attend our meetings. Gena was in the hospital for more than three weeks. He has a skin disease. When we met with him, he said he had missed all our team and the school. He asked God to help him come back to school as soon as possible. ‘Thanks to God, I am home!’ Gena said. I thought it was great that the children were praying outside the school building! This month we have talked about grumbling. We forget about theG96Wi42QYg0 blessings that we have so quickly! Talking about this problem, we took the example of Moses and told the children about the consequences that the people of Israel had because of their resentment. We tried to connect this story with our lives. The people of Israel were dissatisfied with Moses and God. ‘And what about us?’ I asked. Children can very often be dissatisfied with their teachers, the food, or the room, in which they have to live. People need to be grateful but they often grumble and say bad words instead. As a result, it leads to bad consequences. The serpents bit the people in the story with Moses, but in our life, we will receive a xGyI-ozOUH4bad attitude. People won’t love us and treat us very badly. In that case, we might not be allowed to get the education and get into nursing homes. Obedience and gratitude open hearts and give us opportunities that can change life for the better. We also talked about Esther. She was an orphan but God made her a queen. God left these stories as examples for us. We also mentioned low self-esteem and that when we are obedient to God and our teachers our life becomes ordered. Faith in God and spending time with Him through prayer can change our life as it was with Esther. Esther overcame her fears due to her faith in God. We can also overcome our fears, lack of confidence, and failures just by having our faith. It is faith that opens the doors to opportunities and gives confidence.

During one of our trips, we talked about Jonah, where we wanted toDmpDVO1y_fk underline that God’s love covers everything. We, human beings, are picky. We love those who love us and hate those who don’t love us. But this story has shown us God’s heart and how much He wants that people will come to peace with Him. God leads Jonah through such trials and miracles to save the people of Nineveh. God loves us although we don’t choose Him, don’t believe in Him, and constantly make him upset. But God 4d6QdrxBTfochose to love us, He chose all of us so nobody could perish! Despite his lack of love Jonah eventually fulfilled his mission and the whole nation was saved. The life of a person sometimes depends on the Gospel! We spoke with the children that each of us had to make the decision like the people of Nineveh did. Our future depends on this decision.

Simple AvKbIMVP9Kolessons sow the seeds of faith in a heart. We are so glad that the children are interested in knowing about God and that they put into practice what they hear during our meetings. Also, the last Thursday we told them about the birth of Jesus Christ. The children watch a lot of different performances during the winter holidays but none of them tell about the real meaning of Christmas. We reminded the children what Christmas means to us. God created the world, then sin came into the world through Adam and Eve’s disobedience. After that, Cain killed Abel because of his jealousy. Sin had been spreading with great speed and God saw that people couldn’t be saved from this so He sent His Son Jesus Christ to Earth. Anyway, we see that when Jesus Christ was born, He didn’t have a place in any hotel or a house but only in the manger. Jesus reconciled people with God. I asked the children what there could have been if Jesus hadn’t been born and they answered: ‘We wouldn’t be able to be saved’. That was the correct answer! Christmas is a holiday of hope and reconciliation! We are so happy that we could serve the orphans in Belynichi this year! Thank you so much for praying for us and our children! Glory be to God that we can bring the Gospel to the place where it is needed so much!

In November: “Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: November 30, 2021 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Belinichy

Dear friends, I thank our God for the opportunity to serve Him by spreading His kingdom on the n17uHEzL3agBelarusian land! This month we were glad that the E5UxPx2OV9gheadship of the Belynichy orphanage allowed us to recommence our visits after a month break. The reason was that the children were sick and the headship decided to restrict the visit of children for some time. But thank God, the disease has abated, and we have the opportunity to visit guys again! When we were driving there again, each member of the team was a little excited, because we all missed the guys. Our arrival was a big surprise for children. Of course they were very excited to see us, and the news about our arrival instantly spread around the orphanage and soon the events hall was filled with children.

TGz2W9_R6JUqE0kP0i3HxwEvery child wanted to hug us and wanted us to talk to him. Even the children, who do not speak due to their mental and physical issues, shouted and squealed with joy! At that moment I thought of how much we all missed each other! Lockdown has shut children out of the world. It was impossible to visit children, and therefore, there was another reappraisal of values. We see that our visits this month were like a holiday for guys. First of all, we prayed with all guys in the events hall and thanked God for the opportunity to be in the orphanage. We sang praising God and also played and talked about God. We continue laying the foundation of their faith. At Christmas we will talk a lot about the Birth of Jesus Christ. Also, I would like to say that there are many new children who have recently arrived at the orphanage. Most of them hear about God for the first time, therefore it is especially important for them to get acquainted with Him and with the most vivid biblical stories. At our meetings children found out Who created the world and everything that fills it, as well as how God created a man. They found out how the first sin entered the world and what consequences it led to. We also shared with guys about the story of Cain and Abel. Our goal is to show the children that God wanted to save people from the sins accumulated from generation to generation, so He sent Christ to earth.

jBB1MkMPtP8WMkNlVGy9tcThe meetings we hold in the orphanages help the children to see that the Bible is a message of love. We pray for the health of children as well as for the ability to remember information. Also we pray for children’s ability to understand simple but meaningful and deep stories. I am so glad that children remember a lot of what we discuss during our meetings. We make review of a previous subjects to help them grasp the information. One of the aducator of the orphanage thanked us for coming to the children and told us about the changes that she can see in the children. Her words proved to us that God works in the children’s lives. She also said that orphans desperately need hope. We see that before our work with children wasn’t always welcomed by educators, they didn’t really like when we came and talked to the children about God but now the situation is changing and we get approval from them. Thank God that His word changes, including the hearts of educators!

KSTE6wU8bJszZGABworqSoI want to tell you a little bit about the graduates. We are so glad and grateful to God that graduates who have graduated from orphanages get housing! This month Katya Shlyaga got an apartment. We are so grateful to God that He opened the heart of the mentor from the college where Katya studies. She helped her to get housing! Also it is difficult for some guys who were graduates this year to settle in a new place. They spent their entire childhood in orphanages. But now they miss their old house they’re so used to and now they are stressful about being in a new place. We visit and support those graduates who can be visited. But there are some you can’t come to. And such children are in the hardest position! Let’s pray for these guys that God will help them in new places and that they will have friends. Let’s also pray for teachers and educators to treat the guys with understanding and lenience.

Friends, we are thankful to you for your prayers about our team and we are thankful to God for your prayers for orphans who are in boarding schools and need salvation! We believe that joint service will bring salvation to children’s lives!

In October:”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: October 30, 2021 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Belinichy

This month we haven’t had any visits to the Belynichi ophranage, due to the fact that some of the children and teachers got Covid-19. We keep in touch with the ophranage administration to understand the situation there and of course we pray for those who are sick, and we believe that God will show His mercy to each of them!

DmmLWfs8hYkf2W96WJeZPgWhile there were no major trips to the orphanage, we decided to use this time to meet with graduates from the Belynichi ophranage. Graduates have always had a special place in our ministry. We are happy that we can bring the ministry to its completion! But when we talk the graduates it is not completion, but a new phase. Over the course of 10, and in some of the orphanages even 15 years, we have seen how children change and grow. A generation of children have passed through our ministry in Belarus. We see that we still have children in the orphanages, which means that our ministry keeps going. Once at the orphanage we try to lead the children, teach them morals from the perspective of the Bible. We help the orphanage staff in educating the children. We also introduce the children to God. Everyone should have hope, especially orphans! We see how children’s faith is developing and how their faith grows into hope. We know that with faith in God difficulties, pain and despair are easier to bear.

arR6rD9a4n4RzAOovpcEioThis year 9 kids graduated from the Belynichi ophranage. We visited the children at the beginning of the year to see them, pray and bless them! Tears, fear, worries were in the eyes of the kids. A month and a half passed, and we came to see the graduates who had left for Mogilev to study there. Two girls who had graduated this year came to the meeting. Their names were Olya and Vika. They were very happy when they saw us! Also Alina and Katya, our graduates from previous years, came to the meeting. The meeting was held in a cafe, because while talking to the girls, we understood that they were hungry. We immediately bought all the necessary things, praised God in prayer and fed them. Then I started saying that God really wants the girls not to be ashamed of their past. It wasn’t their fault they grew up in an orphanage, God loves and accepts them for who they are! Again, I reminded them not to imitate anyone, but rather trust God, who is not to be ashamed of! There are always people who will attack their faith. I really wanted to emphasize the fact that God is for them and He wants the girls to turn to Him in their time of need! Unbelief is doubt, and so many go unanswered in their prayers. Sergey was also at our meeting. He is from Mogilev church. Many graduates know him well. We wanted, that Olga and Vika also met him and later were able to visit the local church. When they meet believers they will have more confidence and they will have someone to turn to for help and support.

We were also able to visit the graduates in Bobruisk. Lesha and Dima also graduated from the Belynichi boarding school. When VegpOaNmRKEwe met, we fed the guys and talked a lot during dinner.iWIlCiu6ua8 Lesha said that it was difficult to study, as many subjects were not taught at the ophranage. He also said that there are boys, who try to dominate the group, because of that he gets in trouble a lot. “This is not how I imagined leaving the ophranage”, said Lesha. “I thought it would be like school, where everyone took care of me, clothed me, fed me, but it’s different here. I have to cook and keep my things clean on my own. Because if I don’t do this, then people around me will make fun of me”. Lesha also talked about how sometimes there wasn’t enough food and he was very hungry. We bought food packets for Dima and Lesha in order to support them. Dima told us that he has started to work, that he managed to get an apartment. He also said that it is difficult for an orphan to flow into the SKXDz0PeuV0group. “Often we are too trusting, sometimes we do not understand everything from the first time, because of that we often have problems. Often they try to manipulate us” – said Dima. Nastya and I told him there was a church in Bobruisk that we recommended they attend. Dima said he used to go to church, but then it turned out that he was not able to be there a couple of times and now he is ashamed to go again. But we told him that church is like a family – people accept and don’t judge each other, so if Dima comes back there, he will be definitely welcome! Dima and Lesha said they would go to the service this Sunday.

Friends, thank you so much for praying for orphans and the graduates! It’s hard for them to adopt to an adult life and they need our prayers more than ever! Blessings!

In September: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: September 30, 2021 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Belinichy

Hello to you, brothers and sisters!

I am grateful to God, who blessed us to start a new study year at the Belynichi orphanage school. Our meetings began with saying goodbye to the graduates. When we came, the graduates who were about to LxGPUdTsOpoleave were still at the orphanage. We arranged a separate meeting for them. The guys gathered together and shared their worries with us. ‘We are a bit scared as we have spent all our lives at the orphanage’, Igor said. Vika says: ‘I am worried about our acceptance at college’. Olya was silent and just mentioned that she would miss the school and the teacher who had been like a mum to her. Lyosha, who has been at the orphanage for five years, said: ‘I am glad that I am leaving. It’s just Og83dvAAgToa new stage in my life’. We recalled the times when we had met and how spent the time together. One of the teenagers said ‘Thank you so much for praying for us and telling us about God’. These words took a special place in my heart. You don’t hear something like this every day. Unfortunately, we didn’t see some graduates as they had already left. Anyway, when we were leaving the school, Igor, who had graduated from the school a year ago, gave us a ring through the school phone. He wanted to talk with us. oO8N6mUhiYEHis first question was: ‘Dima, do you pray for us?’ I said to him: ‘Of course, we pray for you. We would visit you but we can’t due to coronavirus’. Igor said that he prayed with other people too. Igor said that he missed school. He had dreamt of becoming a watchman, but he got into the nursing home because of his diagnosis.

When we came the next time, all the children were running towards us. They told us that they had been missing us. We organized a sports competition for them. The hall was full of people. All the participants were involved and supported their teams. H3ju3prezMMWe have noticed that we can see the children from different perspectives when they play games. They are more open. We could see that they supported each other and when someone was failing, the team members were shouting his name and clapping their hands to encourage their teammate. The teachers told us ‘We haven’t seen our children so happy xgZiU_ekJNgfor a long time’. We could see that these tasks helped to create stronger connections between the children and brought a lot of joy to them. This year we decided to have meetings devoted to the book of Genesis with the topics of Creation, Adam and Eve, and the first sin. We want to help the children understand who the Creator is, what the first sin is, and why we suffer. We’ve noticed that there are more children with Down Syndrome this year. We are praying with the team that God will give us wisdom on how to give the lessons to themlZzrk2l346c that they can grasp the information.We had a call with the school authorities on the last Thursday of this month and they told us that the children had started to get sick, so we didn’t come to them the last time. Brothers and sisters, let’s pray that the pandemic will stop and we can plant more seeds of faith and hope in the hearts of these children through our ministry.

Thank you so much for your prayers and words of encouragement!

In June: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: June 30, 2021 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Belinichy

The next academic year in the schools of our country has come to an end and the next stage of our service to orphans ELe6WZ5ZMDgas well! Summing up the results of this year, I would like to note that the children from the Belynichi orphanage school had a serious soul-searching. It was caused by our several months absence. Due to the pandemic we had to put on hold our trips to the guys. They missed us very much during this period vyX4g508mT4and a thirst for communication with us and God developed in their hearts. Therefore, the children became more obedient and concentrated during our Bible lessons. They began to value our meetings and new knowledge about God more. Also I would like to acknowledge the greatness and power of our Heavenly Father, who, despite the situation in the world, gave us the opportunity to constantly visit the children after a break and hold not only weekly meetings, but also holidays, such as Christmas and Easter! Thank God for this nKJPcMzH41k (1)opportunity! We said goodbye to the graduates. Very soon they will go to different cities to study and we believe and hope that the word sown will bear fruit at the right time. We really hope that every local church will be open tokVuKcBGsv9s (1) accepting these children into their homes and hearts! In June, we talked with the guys about swearing and gossiping, as well as about the terrible impact of both on the lives of people who swear or gossip. The children were impressed by both topics because these things are very common in orphanage schools, especially among high school students. Many of them considered such behavior and this kind of words to be the norm. And some thought that it makes them cool and emphasizes their independence. But we really wanted the guys rQhO5Ue63Owto stop cursing themselves and other people, thereby destroying their lives and the lives of those who are near them. Our goal is not to show children their shortcomings or humiliate them, but on the contrary,ELlFOp_Svng (1) to show them God’s view of the situation and give them a way out. We dream that every child will get freedom from sin and be with God! At one of the meetings young people from the local Belynich Church joined us. They prepared a small musical program and performed for the children. And at the end of the meeting they had personal conversation with children, which is always very valuable for orphans who are really short of love and attention. We were glad that the youth of the local church did their best to prepare a program for our children!

Thank you to everyone who reads us and supports us financially and with prayer!