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In December: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: December 30, 2019 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Belinichy

 I would like to tell you about our trips to Belynichi in December. With the youngest kids we discussed such themes as “Job’s faithfulness”, “Birth of Jesus Christ”, and during one of the meetings we were doing crafts. I noticed that crafts is one of the kid’s favourite activities. During the ceative process we strive to pay more attention to personal help for everyone, to show care about the children, to let them reveal their creative potential and implement thier ideas. Doing crafts we always seek opportunity to communicate personally with every kid, but of course not always it is possible, because there’s only one hour to finish their handicrafts, and we want everyone of them to leave the lesson being happy. Sometimes it seems to me that our visits have no results at all. But receiving serious questions from the kids I understand and get assured that they hear and understand us. And only God knows every kid’s heart. And only God has strength to change hearts. I get surprised by their questions when they ask: “and when I die I will be with Jesus in heavens as long as I believe????” or “Will God forgive me if I believe???” Each trip provokes more changes in my heart than visible chages in kids which I expect to see. But the children do change, and it encourages us and brings much joy.I liked what one of the elder boys said to Dima: “During holidays time a lot of people come to us with merry programmes. But only you come to us for real because you tuly love us and want to be friends with us. I was touched by such sencere observations. The elder children had such topics this month: “Greed”, “Not simply a carpenter”, “Life of Jesus Christ”, “Not an ordinary Teacher”. By the example of Christ’s life Dima spoke about hope and, of course, delivered many other important thoughts to the kids. He told that each of us and of the children has the opportunity for changes in life. And that Jesus proved His love by His life, and now for us He is the true example, Teacher, Saviour. He is the one who understands us genuinely.

In November: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: November 29, 2019 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Belinichy

Once it turned cold, it became more and more difficult to get outside, but it didn’t impact our meetings with the guys. So every week, as usually, we met with them. Our lesson topics were ”Noah’s ark”, “The tower of Babel”, “Moses”. Though the guys were familiar with these topics there was no lack of interest. Through Noah’s story we emphasized that God hates sin, but sees and loves people loyal to him. Then they answered the questions and for every right answer they were allowed to “save” one pair of paper animals, which were stuck on the poster with the ark. They tried to do their best to get that animals.One more interesting moment was during the story about the tower of Babel. Everyone was allowed to speak any language one knew. English, German, Italian, even French were used. Then we found out we did not understand each other.It is when our story about the tower began. I memorized the boy Vanya’s prayer at the end of the lesson. In his prayer he wanted the school to change, so that it would be peace instead of feud and misunderstanding like in Babilon. It was really sincere and touching. Despite other children’s mockery he continued praying and then it became quiet. I hope everyone heard that short and honest prayer and changings will take place. Changings in the hearts of the guys and the educators first. The older guys discussed “Revenge”, “Fears”, “Envy”, “Greed” which are simple, but always actual and important topics.We’re praying for changings in the children’s hearts and glad we can be with them and be a little part of their lives.

In October: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: October 30, 2019 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Belinichy

In this sunny and warm, and at the same time cold month we started studying the Bible from the very beginning. We talked about the creation of the world, first man, how the sin got into our world. All these things we talked about brought good feeling to us and the children. For the children specially, because they know these things very well. We felt special too, because it’s good to understand that children listen and hear us. It was great how they took part in the conversation and were willing to answer questions.

When we talked about sin, it seemed that this matter is so simple and learnt by everyone, that everything should be clear, because every child knows what is good and what is bad. A lot can be said, but we decided to show once. It’s much easier for a child to understand if he sees something, that way they memorize and perceive. For the kids who can’t sit still this method worked greatly. After simple questions about sin, bad deeds and so on we showed an example. Vlad took a sip of water out of the bottle and later offered it everybody else and that’s what they did. Each of them took a sip. After everybody were done Vlad spat in the bottle and asked the rest to do the same thing, and each of them did it. At the end Vlad asked if there was anyone who would take a sip out of this bottle, and there were no volunteers. We discussed this moment with the children. They were thrilled and started talking about what this example means to them and how it’s connected to the theme we talked about.Together we came to a conclusion that it can be the same way in our lives. Even small sin (it seems to us) can mess up our lives just like it happened to the water. At the end of the lesson we sang, played and prayed together. At the same time older children talked about loneliness, betrayal and resentment. We pray for these children and believe that God has a special plan for each of them.

In September: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: September 30, 2019 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Belinichy

The studying year has began and we are happy to see open children’s hearts. Moreover, the administration and the workers of the orphanage are nor against our visits and even contribute to the children’s attendance of our meetings. At first, it was a little bit hard to deal with the children’s behavior but it was not because we can’t handle it or the children are so bad. Actually, they behaved like this because they hadn’t seen us for two months and were so excited to see us again. They went to state camps or spent the holiday in Italy. Surely, they missed us so much and they wanted to share their news. Graduates left school and the rest of the children started one more year at school. Some new children came to the school this year. They were taken from troublesome families or other orphanages. So, the children were eager to share the school news, tell about summer holiday and their personal worries.This study year we divide the children into two groups for younger and older ones, as it was last year. In September, we have had a few meetings where we spoke about gossip and laziness. Both topics appeared to be actual for all of them because mostly they are talented, despite their intellectual and physical disabilities. However, often they don’t develop their abilities just because they are lazy to do or change something in their lives. Gossip is a huge problem of these children! They often talk about each other behind their backs and spread gossip. As a result, they constantly face betrayal and disappointment! Our task is to show the children God’s view of the problem and give them practical advice how to cope with laziness and avoid gossip, which is so unpleasant to God. Besides, we organized a relay race at one of the meeting for the children of different ages. We like sports very much because during such activities we can not only spend a good time with the children but also get to know their characters and notice their reaction to victory and loss. It helps us to see what we need to work on for the glory of God!

In May: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: May 31, 2019 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Belinichy

In May we met with the younger children. At last it became warmer so we could spend time outside. A change of scene and fresh air positively influenced the guys, they joined the communication and answered the questions more actively. The older guys had topics “Jesus loves children”,” Life and ministry of disciples after the death and resurrection of Christ”. The younger children discussed “Fear”, “Real friendship” and other topics. The topic about friendship and the image of real friend as usually interests children most of all. Many of them have problems with communication. The boy of 8-9 years attracted my special attention. His name’s Artem, he is very short and thin. He rarely visited our meetings and never joined conversations. But a couple of classes in a row he surprised me a lot, because he listened to us very attentively and answered absolutely all the questions, not simple ones! Even the older guys could not find the answer. Moreover he remembered in details what we’d discussed during the previous meetings. It is a great joy for me and actually a little miracle which I observed with my own eyes. Those guys who are underestimated because of their strength, age, appearance or other factors may become the best. It proves that we, people, estimate not like God. The Lord doesn’t look at the things man looks at. Except our conversations we had lessons in creativity with the younger guys. They made beautiful notebooks for themselves, for their friends and educators. Also summer holidays began. They were looking forward to them. Moreover a happy occasion is ahead, our summer camp, where we’ll be glad to see them. Thanks God for this wonderful time!

In April: ”Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: May 3, 2019 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

Hello everyone!  I would like to thank everyone who supports the ministry to orphans!  We believe that by serving orphans, we carry out the command of Jesus Christ to spread the kingdom to the ends of the earth.  And our bounds do not end only with our city, our limits are expanded in such a way that orphans have the opportunity, not once, but on an ongoing basis to understand the question of faith!

In April, we have visited the Belynichy orphanage weekly.  A special month not only because we covered such topics as “And who is my neighbor”, “Sin”, “Forgiveness”, but also we spoke about Easter.  Every year, coming to the orphanage, we see how the format of the ministry in Belynichy is changing.  Now it is not enough for teenagers and younger children to simply listen to the story, it is important for them to discuss what they heard with us and with each other.  So, in the topic of forgiveness, the children told how they forgive other children.  Previously, children could not, by virtue of their diagnoses, describe their feelings, but now we see that the changes have come.  In one of the lessons in which we talked about sin, the children told how they sin and what they do … I told that I have a sin and that it bothers me and the first thing that the children offered is: “Let’s pray and ask God for forgiveness. ”  Despite the fact that in my story there was an invented sin, the children did not laugh, but perceived that I was seriously telling and looking for a way out of the situation.  Some children offered to talk to them in private and also wanted to tell what was happening with them.  “I hurt my teacher because I am dabbling, the teacher often says so.”  “I stole candy and I am ashamed,” ” I constantly cheat.”  Each child has a story, but the purpose of our trips is to help children cope with their habits.  Children change when they realize the need for change.

Of course, on the eve of Easter, we touched on the significance of this holiday and it is clear that the new children who arrived recently do not quite understand what Easter means.  They associate this day with painted eggs and rolls.  And to convey the essence of the holiday to children of different ages, the puppet show team helped us.  At the end of the program, each child received a gift.

In March: “Belinichy orphanage”

Posted: March 30, 2019 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

This month we had lessons both with younger and older children. The topics were “Hard work”, “Respect”, ‘Trust’, ‘Public spirit’. The topic “Trust” was the most remarkable for me and the guys. This subject is so near to their hearts, because trust is a big question in their lives: their relations with parents (if they exist) from the one hand, their friends in the orphanage from the other one.This guys have difficult lives and broken hearts. They were betrayed a lot, first of all by their parents, the people who should have been the closest ant the most trusted became indifferent and so distant.
The guys also have difficulties in friendship. They don’t know what it means to be a friend and how to choose friends. That’s why we payed a special attention to this topic. We tried to show by examples from the Bible and our own lives why trust is so important in our life, especially trust in God.
At the end of the meeting some children prayed about their fears and problems, asked God for help. We were happy to watch them praying, to see their concentrated faces. We have no idea what happens with them after graduation from the orphanage, but we believe and hope all that God says through us will find a positive response in their hearts!