Culinary club in February, 2013.

foto 009On Sunday we returned from another trip from Grozovsky orphanage. Tanya was a driver. It was about eight p.m. when we came back. We were tired and satisfied. On Monday our team discussed the previous meeting and planned the next meeting.

foto 021The culinary club is about four hours in Grozovo. And when we spend so much time with the girls, we want to see the real results of the culinary club. You know, those who have been going to us for three years, visible culinary successes. The girls feel more confident at the stove. They do not ask simple questions, but more interested in the “secrets of culinary art” .We respond them with pleasure and rejoice at their interests.

foto 257We continue to speak on various topics. We talked about the Bible, about proper behavior on dates, rational allocation and budget planning (this is particularly relevant for the eleven-year-old, which we have a majority).

After the topic each of the girls has a chance to think, make conclusions and the right choice in the future. We always pray to God for wisdom and blessing for them!

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