Semenchukova Lera.
17 years, Rudensk boarding school.

We live at orphanage. Some people coming to us to! They are believers. They go to church and believe in God! I had known much more with their help and I became more serious. I changed my attitude to the teachers. The lessons are important to me. I had never seen such kind of people.
When the believers began to visit us, I began to understand who is God and start to believe in Him.
Now I know that God is not an empty place in my life. I know that He loves me and I am his daughter.
If I don’t know this believers I would start to drink and smoke when I went out with school.
My dream is to have a good life! I want To have normal family. So that people couldn’t point at us with their finger.
In the future I will do everything possible to bring up my children by myself. And I have never give up my children in the same way that made my parents with me!
When I finish school I want to go to church. I want to have friends in the church.
I wish people to be kind and attentive. And love each other as much as they love themselves.
I wish For people to experience joy. Everything is given for a reason. We must keep on going.

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