Liza’s story


Hello, my name is Lisa. I’d like to tell you about the girl I met at the culinary club last year, Veronica. She was 14 back then. She immediately got my attention by being very shy, but she was watching us with truly interest… And after the couple of club meetings we were almost like sisters to each other. Veronica is very open-minded, and she always is eager to exchange with everything: she asks various things, starting from what to dress, and ending up with serious life situations. I clearly remember how glad she was when we gifted Bible to her. She started to call and write text messages even more often, and she asked lots of questions regarding to Bible. Within just half-year she started to surprise us pleasantly with quite mature thoughts of life and the Jesus Christ, and at the same time she was realizing that she was saved by Him. She became more attentive to herself and her health (she stopped smoking by realizing it hurts her health). She started to worry about her friend, who also was smoking, now they both control each other with that harmful habit. They gave a word to each other not to do this again.

Liza and Veronica

Right now Veronica is in Italy, she was adopted. I thank the God for our opportunity to keep communicating. Knowing her age and life experience, I understand perfectly how much she needs attention and communication. That is why I’m trying to keep in touch with her as much as possible, for everybody needs to be loved…

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