Cooking club’s closing season.

Cooking club is on three months’ vacation now. All the girls are excited about their holidays – some are going to travel abroad, others will visit their relatives or take exams. Some girls we won’t see again as they have been adopted and leave for another country. We wish them all the best, of course.
The closing ceremony was a hit. We all made our preparations – cooked tasty treats, prepared games and entertainment. We also shared a musical hour when we sang songs together and communicated. The girls prepared a surprise for us – a dancing performance. It was cool!
After some parting words, we presented each girl with a small token and gave special gifts to those who were not going to come back. We asked them to remember us and everything we taught them during this time. I’d like to mention that it’s very upsetting to part with the girls especially with those who are leaving us for good but we hope that the knowledge we gave them will help them to become good mothers and wives. I thank everybody for supporting this cooking club and helping us to organize the closing ceremony. Thanks to your prayers and help the cooking club became very popular and fruitful. I wish you all be happy and in good health. May you have a blessed summer!

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