Zenevich Tanya

Zenevich Tanya was born 4th of May 1995. In 7 she came to the orphanage. Her mother was drinking and smoking so she had been deprived of parental rights. Father was looking after children. (Tanya has 2 elder and 1 younger sister which was adopted) There were better at home than in orphanage. Since 5 years Tanya has visited Italy. Italian family loved Tanya very much, especially mother. There were daughter 4 years older than Tanya and son which Tanya had used to play with. But one day the boy which Tanya called her brother (they were the same age) had done a bad thing and blame everything on Tanya. Parents had believed their son and didn’t invite Tanya to them although she wanted it. This story was included in her response, and none of the other families did not ask her to him. In the first time Tanya knew about Christian when there came Inna and Valery Slavinsky. Then Americans began visit them. Since 2009 year Dima Nachina and the team of cooking club has been visiting them. Also there came another team from Minsk. Tanya likes to communicate with Christian people. Tanya is studying at Smilovichi college and sometimes she visits the Orthodox Church and she would like to connect her life with God in future. Tanya dreams to become a good mother for her child. She cooks well and her group mates sometimes come t her and ask what she was preparing today. And she always treats them. She uses the cookery book which she was presenting with on the cooking club. She said that cooking club had changed her life. Tanya stayed with us for Christmas holidays. We have a lot of fun together and we were on the Christmas Eve in the church.

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