About Us

Belarus without orphans

Our slogan: You will be found
We are Christian who united by the same goal. Our goal is to reach all orphan kids and kids who live without their parents. We do what we can to help orphan kids find a family and prevent orphans in Belarus.
Country without orphans, I see Christians who solve the problem of orphans. I see youth who belongs to God. Lost generation has found hope.
Our goals are: reset statistic
Advocacy of family as only one good condition for bringing up kids
Developments of adoptions in Belarus
We organize and do trainings for orphan kids. The trainings are designed to help the kids to adjust to society.
We do training and support these who plan to adopt the kids or be foster family for them.
We sharing with our experience how to adopt the kids and organize style of life in family
We assist to find kids their biological parents. We do rehab ministry with their parents and thanks to it their parents return to family.
We cooperate with government in order to prevent orphans
We assist to prepare necessary documents for these who desire adopt orphan kids
We draw attention of society to the problem of orphans
We prevent orphanages working and supporting families who at risk, graduates from orphanage and young people who at risk

  • Humanitarian outreaches

The government doesn’t take good care of the children who have graduated from the orphanages, so we help to provide them with necessary food and clothing.

  • Promotion of orphan ministry

We have organized and held different conferences and meetings in the church to promote our ministry and encourage people in the church to be active in orphan ministry.

  • Providing medical aid

Many of the children have some illness but have been incorrectly diagnosed. We help them to find out what is wrong with them in order to cure their illness.

  • Promotion of adoptions

There are 30,000 orphans in Belarus. We believe that only family can take care of kids and show them a wonderful life. Through conferences and advertisement in the church, we encourage local Christians to adopt orphans.

  • Supporting gifted and talented children

There are kids in the orphanages who are gifted and talented, but nobody works with them. Our team works with these children to help them develop their talents.

  • Transition house

The goal of the transition house is to help kids who have graduated from the orphanage adjust to the new way of life. They have a lot of freedom after graduation, and a lot of children go to prison and many girls become pregnant. The transition house is a temporary home where kids are able to rest, adjust and find a church before they find a permanent residence.

  • Improvement of children’s physical and spiritual health in Belarus and abroad

This is a very important part of our ministry. During our weekly visits, we hold lessons on morality. We have also organized camps where we talk with kids about how to practically apply what they have learned during lessons. We are also open and would like to do camps abroad to help kids improve their overall health.

  • Culinary club

We teach kids how to prepare food so that they will be ready to do so when they graduate from the orphanage. Also, we raise different Christian topics and discuss them from a Biblical perspective.

And more, more, more to come!

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