Stories of girls

KATEstudies at Grozovo orphanage in grade 10. She has two brothers: Egor is in grade 11 and Ivan is in grade 8. When Kate was 5 years old she and her brothers lived at home with their father and mother. All was good. Kate remembered her father how he loved her… then in the family appeared stepfather. He often came home drunk and beat his wife and children. Sometimes his roughness was overlimited. Kate  remembered that once he came home when the children were slipping, take the needle and was sticking the children and saying: “Why pretend, let’s go to sleep!” Mother didn’t kick him out of the house, she drunk with him. Life became a terrible. Finally the children were taken to the orphanage. Kate said that the life in the orphanage is much better than at home but she misses her family. She is nearly adult but she want somebody take her into family, especially Christian people. She communicate with us when we visit her and she likes it. Every weekend a family from Minsk take Kate and her brothers to them.
She had seen life without God and also she see life with God. She can easily compare them.

DIANA is 16 years old girl. She studies at Grozovo orphanage in 10th grade. She and her brother have been taken to the orphanage because the life at home was getting worse and worse. Sometimes they haven’t got anything to eat. Mother has drunk more and more. They went with the father. The mother didn’t interest in the children’s life in the orphanage and didn’t call them. She died from drinking. But father calls Diana very often. Diana told different stories from her childhood but there were a very few of them… Diana wants to be a teacher of preschool children. Although few people support her she believes that her dreams will come true. One Christian family takes her each weekend to them.  We pray she’ll make a good choice in her life.

In 2011 in Grozovo orphanage get a girl, VIKA by name. She was born 14th of June 1997. There was drinking at home so sometimes she had to visit her friends. They feed her because there was nothing at home. She says that a social worker at school found out that they have such situation in the family. And once, when she was 9 years old, and his brother (age 14) were playing  at home some people came and just took them and brought them to the receiver, then from there they came to the orphanage. Her neighbor Sveta by name two years later began to take them on weekend. We have a lot talks with Vika. She listens us very carefully and asks lots of questions.

There is a girl OLYA in Grozovo orphanage. Her history is quite different from the others. She had lived with her mother. All was great although the family was not full. But mother was seriously ill. Olya said that her mother had to came to a hospital more and more often and before her death – every day. The mother died in 2006. Granny took Olya to her, but in 2009 Olya get into the orphanage after her Granny’s death. We became acquainted with Olya last year. She is a very open girl. She truly says what she is feeling and thinking. Christian family takes Olya on the weekend if they can.

We have a lot of the same histories. Please, pray for the girls! Their histories a very sad. They need support, love and faith!

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