Last meeting in this year…

This month the cooking club turned out to be very special. The first special thing was that we united two groups together. Teens tend to take interest in things more when socializing with the opposite sex. So we made a joint group and said that everybody is free to come and go. We wanted the girls to know that we aren’t pushing them into the whole thing and that it is wholly their free choice. They come here when they really want to learn something. For example, this month we learnt how to bake pancakes with filling, different pizzas, chicken roll and potato chips.
Second, we prepared some tips for discussion on topics suggested by the girls. We found out what they were interested in as they offered such topics for discussion as “Let Others Be Different”, “Mastering the Skill of Saying No and Defending One’s Point”, etc. We try to share our thoughts with the girls and their personalities unfold to us in the process. I’d like to particularly talk about one girl. Her name is Marina. Since we met she seemed to be a very open and positive person. She has everything – looks, charm, success in studies. Nevertheless, she feels unhappy. It got worse when she broke up with her boyfriend and had a quarrel with her best friend. She takes it very hard. I talked to her and she said she understood that she should go on with her life and everything would turn out for the better. But still it’s very difficult for her to deal with her feelings. I would like to encourage you to pray for that girl so that God would send on her way people to whom she could trust and who would give her real help.
The third special thing of this month was a creative approach we introduced to our activities. We tried to be creative and spontaneous with the kids. For example, at the cooking club we made souvenirs from grains. The designs chosen by the kids revealed to us their psychological state and attitudes – who’s in love, who can get under somebody’s bad influence, who’s independent and who follows example of others, etc. I am so thankful to everybody who does care about those children, who prays for them and for us and supports this ministry.

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