Valya’s story

Hello everyone, my name is Valya, and I am a head of a culinary club. Our team consists of 5 members, and every member is responsible for his own branch: cooking, games, independence lessons (all as Bible teaches us). However, it is not all about just cooking, playing, and teaching, it is also about interaction with every single girl. We want to know their interests, their problems, and it is important for us to know what they like/don’t like. This is the most important from the very beginning: if you don’t have anything in common with them, they simply won’t attend you.

Inna with Valya

I’d like to give you an example of how culinary club can affect girls (in positive way). I became very friendly with the girl Inna. What’s important – she chose me herself. So we started to chat on various topics: how she became orphan, does she have parents, does she keep in touch with them, etc. After that chat we exchanged our phone numbers, and we started to call each other. She became so open-minded with me that started to ask me for an advice for various situations. She started to change herself: she stopped smoking, stopped swearing, and stopped fighting with other kids (she used to do that a lot with or without the reason). I invited her for almost every holiday, sometimes even for week-ends. We became best friends, and we didn’t have any obstacles in communication ever since. Every child wants to be loved, accepted, and understood, but it doesn’t mean that communicating with child is an easy deal. We need to be very sacrificial, with family in my case (husband and two children). Another huge obstacle was a distance. She went to the Italy this summer, and since then we haven’t chatted as much as we used to. That was a huge minus. If you became friends with someone and started to communicate with each other, you should avoid of a huge gaps in your communication. Otherwise the orphan might think you stopped thinking about him, you don’t like to communicate with him anymore. So her attitude towards her peers becomes negative. Believe me: it’s very hard to explain it is not like this. Now we are starting to get close to each other once again, though it’s much more challenging that it used to be.
We need to pray for these children, beg the Lord for his wisdom for self, and everything will be fine.

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