About little Valya

Name of this little girl is Valya.  She is 8 years old. Her little eyes … her smile…

When I look at her I have only one question in my heart … “why???”

Why this little innocent child must suffer?

Her mother died when Valya was still small. She died from the disease of “Hepatitis” (decomposition of the liver). The sad thing is that Valya was completely alone and with the same diagnosis.

The child is doomed to suffering.

Yes, yes! I understand   that when you are reading this, you can empathize with the problems of this girl. But after a time to forget these words, these story and the truth!

But I pray God moved your heart to serve these children. My dream of the believers did not remain indifferent to the fate of orphans. God talk to us to take care of them.

Dear friend! you can change someone’s life, to save  someone’s  soul.

When I take Valya to my  home and spend time with her

I share with her what I have and pray for her.

And this is the greatest blessing in my life.

Go ahead and use what God tells us!  God bless you!

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