Culinary club’s closing.

19UIin6TbxIHello, my name is Lisa and I’m the member of the culinary club’s team.
WEmq8MK0JL4April was the most eventful for us, because we understood that these were the last days that we saw the girls. We appreciated every minute…
During this season we learned about such biblical characters as Solomon, Esther, David, Daniel, Moses, Joseph, Jesus Christ. sN7_rKVzaK8We’ll believe that everything we told them (how God led His people, how He loves them and that even the punishment from Him is for good) PF7wx7zQol0they will need in their lives and will meet with Our Saviour Jesus Christ!
It was glad to hear from them that they want to have their own Bible, that’s why we presented them Bibles with pleasure.juy49-MCs3k
During games the girls opened us their hearts and we hardly saw their faces sad, because our meetings brought them joy.ShVKAgJAl88
The girls learned to cook such dishes as fried chicken, chicken chops, a Greek salad, pies, cakes and pancakes with curds. We tried to learn them different tasty dishes and were surprised that they like simple dish: mashed potatoes with chicken and salad from cucumbers and tomatoes.KNyYvEKsytY
However our club was visited for 7 years only by girls, at the last meetings 2 boys who were able to cook very well appeared.
The last meeting was fast and long at the same time. The time of games, talking and preparation passed quickly, but we didn’t want to say goodbye so fast, that’s why we took some photos and presented them.WdCg6ZFor88
I’m grateful to God for the ministry He gave me and for the girls whom I can teach and at the same time obtain patience, wisdom and love. We’ll pray for them. God give them good families and make their lives better so that they become believers and can understand joy of life with Jesus.

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