Culinary club

Team of 2011

Culinary club is a place, where everyone has tons of interesting and fun time. The club itself was found in 2009, and it all started in Zhanna’s house. We got 6 girls on our first meeting, and back then we used to have 2 team members – Zhanna and Dasha. Since then they got more girls to come, so we had to split them in 2 groups, and our team grew up to 5 members. Slutsk orphanage was closed, but we transferred culinary club to orphanage in Grozovo in 2010. The club is organized to 2 groups with 10 members in each group. We make breaks only during the holidays, when most of the kids are absent. We are trying to build up interesting and various programs for every meeting, so it would be fun and useful time for girls.

Team of 2010

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