Culinary club in December, 2013.

Z-EpcmSlqLgHello, my name is Liza, I am 23, I’m the member of the team of the cooking club. In December we cooked the pilaf, it was very tasty and, what ACPsZDeYYCYwas the most important, the girls liked what they had made. Curiously enough, but they are always content with everything and they don’t complain about prepared food, may be, because they cooked it on their own… It is not easy to criticize yourself… Last time we fried draniki, girls asked to teach them how to cook this cuisine, we cooked it fast, and eat even faster)))BtwdjEHBwMU

We talked about holiness, the contact was quite one-sided, because it is difficult to discuss it not knowing the point… So we tried to make clear for them that ‘holly’ is not just a nickname or a mark of shame, but the gift of God and our belief and faithfulness. During our next meeting we refreshed our previous knowledge and discussed the theme “is it easy to be a Christian?” htAuhK0L2HcThe girls expressed their opinions and said that it was easier to cope with sufferings if one had already walked with Christ for many years. It is difficult for them now to resist the Devil’s underhand dealing and sometimes they yielded. But they also said that conscience denounced it and the heart was heavy troubled. z793o0cTkDcZhanka clarified that sufferings could vary from “small” to “great”, it depended on one’s spiritual state. God doesn’t give more that we could manage and will always help. The last meeting was final in this season, the girls are going abroad. They are greatly impressed with coming events… with the sea… and computers and cell-phones… But they didn’t tell a lot about the families… Probably, Kristina will be adopted during this time…
We gave her a special ‘good bye’ because this would probably be our last meeting… We gave to each other contacts. God allows, I’ll be interested in this for I want to preserve our relationship.

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