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In November: “Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: November 30, 2022 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Smilovichi

New guys have arrived in Smilovichi this November. So Alesia and Max don’t feel so lonely now, because along with them there N8HDc7LoB_8Cji6yQkObsAare other children who are in a similar life situation and have similar experiences. At the moments of the arrival of new children we have ambivalent feelings. On the one hand, it is good that there is an opportunity to talk about God to new children, but on the other hand, it is upsetting that some more children are in a difficult situation and for certain reasons are experiencing separation from their parents.

So, let’s get acquainted! The whole family came to the orphanage again. Dima, who is 13 years old, Polina, 11 years old, and 2GBUDAujbmAVladik, who is only 4 years old. Unlike MaxcjHj2bBxNPg and Alesya, those children’s relatives often visit them and there is hope that the children will be able to return to their native family. Speaking about the guys themselves, Dima is a more open and cheerful boy who quickly became friends with our team. Polina also tries very hard to be sociable, but because of the stress and rejection that the girl has experienced, she often competes, envies other guys and shows aggression. And little Vladik most of all likes talking about the fact that he has a father and mother who will come for him soon. It’s feels like Vlad misses his parents especially much and seems to convince himself that he definitely has them and that he will be taken away from the orphanage soon. Our team is trying to support the children and direct their thoughts and dreams to God, because there is nothing impossible for Him!

bT7_xgnBRoAQWOR6jcH-mYIn November, we told the children the life story of Moses, through whom God saved the Israeli people from Egyptian slavery. And the guys also learned the 10 commandments that God left to all people through Moses, which are still important and relevant for all mankind today. At the end of the month, we started introducing the guys to a new biblical hero – David. We talked about the fact that God, unlike people, primarily looks at the human heart, and also that God knows even the most hidden thoughts and secrets and sees the very depths of our hearts. To make the children remember the story better, we had a mini-play in which each of them took part. Someone was the prophet Samuel, whom God sent for a new king, someone was Jesei, among whose sons God chose a king, someone was the shepherd David, who once fought with a lion, and someone was responsible for the hearts that God pays so much attention to. We also told the children the story of David’s battle with the giant Goliath. We hope to continue further study of David’s life story with the children in December. At the very last meeting of November, we met two more new children. Two brothers – a 12 year-old Vlad, and a 2 year-old Roma. They are still a little closed and keep distance, but we really hope that we can make friends with them. Dear friends, thank you to everyone who supports us! This is very valuable! May God bless you!

In October: “Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: October 31, 2022 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Smilovichi

Hello dear friends! October passed quickly. This month we visited Smilovichy orphanage. Currently there are only two children in RSGXOoe5-oUthe orphanage — Alesya and Maxim, they are siblings. They are waiting for a court decision, after which the fate of these guys will be known. Let me remind you that they were taken from a family with addicted to alcohol parents. These guys have never heard of God before. I am still surprised by the fact that in the Belarusian villages so little is known about Christ! That’s why we started with the basics. Namely: “The Creation of the world, the Fall, the history of the flood and Noah’s Ark.” In October we spoke with Alyosha and Maxim about the story of the failing construction of the Tower of Babel. BYvampuytPMWe talked about people who wanted to reach God by their deeds, as a result, God’s reaction was a mixture of languages. After listening to the story Maxim asked why God did this to people? I told him that we cannot reach God by our deeds, because there is too much sin in our life. The only mediator because of whom we come to know God and can live with God is Jesus. After all if by deeds You can reach God and please Him, then God wouldn’t have had to send Jesus to us. The main goal of people would be to glorify themselves not God. Pride is a problem of people, as well as envy. They pass through generations and are still relevant.

wAbvUdOMiAkAlso after our lesson I offered coloring pages on the topic of the Tower of Babel saying: “Guys, if you colour these pages, you will get a prize.” The goal is to help get rid of an orphan mindset (everyone owes me), but to enhance the desire to take control over the situation and think what I can do to be rewarded. When we arrived another time Alesya ran up and asked: “Dima, where do you think Maxim’s drawing is, and where is mine”? I assumed it was the right one, and she said, “No, the left one”! Then the teacher, who was nearby said: “Alesya, you should always tell the truth”! Alesya blushed at that moment, and the teacher once again asked to tell the truth no matter how difficult it is. Then Alesya said that Maxim had a lot of homework and she decided to help him earn candy, so she coloured the drawing instead of Maxim. But she also lied in order to get her own benefit and because of this she was very ashamed at that moment. The teacher praised the truth and said that it was better to tell the truth and then people will be more open and even more willing to help. “The truth helps people to be friends and even God likes it when people are honest. After all God sees our heart as once, He saw the Cain’s heart. I was just surprised when the teacher came to such a conclusion! “Thank God, I thought!” Oy62fgADBlUThen we sat down and I told the story of Joseph. About his childhood in a big family, his dad’s love to him, and his brother’s envy against him. He told about Joseph’s brothers, their evil actions against Joseph when they sold him into slavery and then deceived Joseph’s father.

Zzr8-CeVnXkAfter Joseph’s story I said, “Guys, look, our reactions and actions are often similar to those of Joseph’s brothers. We also envy when parents take care of someone more than about us. When someone is given new and beautiful things but we have only old ones. And of course we get offended by this and get envy and anger.” And the guys admitted they are often jealous of one another. Also we talked about Joseph’s sincere trust in God that didn’t vanished when even when he was sold into slavery. Instead he relied on God and God helped him. Joseph was also like an orphan. He lived in a place that he did not choose. At that moment Maxim said: “Oh, an orphan like us”! I replied: “That’s right, Maxim!

But Joseph always asked God for help. And one day, when Potiphar’s wife wanted tolwRwxvCQoKc cheat on her husband with Joseph, he didn’t want to betray his master Patiphar.” “Why did Joseph refused to do this? Because Joseph knew that if he did this, it would bring pain to God. Joseph did not want to upset God because he loved Him very much.” At the next meeting, we finished the story of Joseph’s life. Summing up, we reasoned that sometimes we do not understand much of what is happening in our lives. But if we trust God, He can turn any circumstances into good for us. “Today you are in a shelter, far from your parents and friends, but God has a plan for you. Therefore, if you learn to trust Him, then God will help you in your lives. After all, only God can greatly change your life and change orphanhood to loyalty and heirship. But you need to believe in God get to know Him better and have strong hope in God’s plan for your life”. Friends, thank you very much for your prayers! Let’s continue to pray that the guys return to their families as soon as possible and that God help all these parents to change their lifestyle to have their kids with them and not in orphanages.

In September: “Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: September 30, 2022 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Smilovichi

Greetings, brothers and sisters!

FVF_i4XelN4WE7LCJB3Nx8So the school year has begun, and trips to boarding school have been renewed. We really missed the guys and are glad that in the new school year, we can continue to serve God and children! This month we were able to visit orphans in Smilovich. On the first trip, we were able to see that some of the children we had previously met at the shelter were also there, mainly Tolik and Vika. On the one hand we were glad to see these guys, but on the other hand we were a little upset. Tolik’s story: he got into a shelter a couple of years ago. We remember him as an inquisitive and very joyful child. Tolik was left by his mom, since they separated from dad. At that time we were like parents to him. After all, sometimes the words “mom” and “dad” slipped by. About a year passed and Tolik was informed that he was being sent to a sanatorium. He was very happy, because he had never been to a sanatorium! When we arrived with another trip to the Rudensky boarding school, we saw Tolik in there. He was very depressed, he was scared because of an unfamiliar atmosphere, but when he saw us, he was very happy. We were worried about him for a long time, because it was difficult for him to adapt there. We started praying that he would be taken to his family. A couple of months passed and Tolya disappeared from sight. We never saw him again in Rudensk. Later, the administration reported that Tolya was taken to a family-type orphanage. We were happy for him that he was safe now!

ZWBEmDkLMqU_5PYLt20PrYThe Vika’s story that I mentioned before: we met at the Smilovichi orphanage. Her mom was a heavy drinker, so she was taken to a shelter, but she was out of the shelter for a long time, as she was very quickly taken into a family. As it turned out, later they got into the same family with Tolya! When we arrived, the first question we asked was: “What happened, why are you here? The guys said that the parents went on vacation, as they work in a family-type orphanage, and when the vacation is over, they will be taken home again. Vika told me what she likes about the family. There she is allowed to attend church and she especially likes church youth meetings. It’s so great that the orphanage became a start for her in the knowledge of God, where she learned to pray, and also learned that God is loving. A few weeks passed and we were informed that Vika, Tolya and Artyom, who was also with them at that time, were being sent back to the family, since their parents had come back from their vacation. We prayed for the children and blessed them for further knowledge of God and following Him! Also, there were brother and sister Olesya and Maxim in the shelter. It was their first time there.

dLWod8UykyY2yyr7WALfB8Their parents are alcoholics. The children, at the first meeting, were very disturbed by the changes in their lives. Sasha and I tried to create a safe atmosphere of acceptance. Getting to know the kids, we ate colorful M&M’s candies. The guys took candy and each color meant something. For example, the color blue – we talked about our dreams. It is noteworthy that the answers were the same for all the children who were there, namely, so that parents would stop drinking and, in order to return home faster, see a cat or a dog. Such sincere dreams! Yellow candies implied the question: “what do you want to change in your life?” The answers of the guys: to be less lazy, learn a language, stop being shy. Red candy symbolised their favorite dish! At the break the children told me what they like! And when we got to know each other better, we told the new guys that we were believers and that we wanted to tell them about our friend Jesus.

JohFYb743QU0mtbL_E2r20 At the second meeting, we talked about how God created our world, that God cares about people. At the third meeting we talked about Adam and Eve and the first sin. And the fourth lesson was about Cain and Abel. We talked about how we sometimes behave badly, talk badly, but God would like to help us. He saw Cain’s heart and warned him not to be jealous, because any sin leads to death. Then the guys and I discussed the heroes of the Bible, which we talked about during lessons. “Why did Adam and Eve disobey God”? “Why did Cain kill Abel and is it possible to do otherwise”?  We talked about what is important, if we are jealous or really want something, we need to ask God for strength and then God will help us. Either to forgive or not to envy, and if you have already done wrong – not to run away from God, but to ask for forgiveness! Brothers and sisters, thank you very much for your prayers! We really need them! Please pray for the children too, so that the word of God changes and transforms them!

In June: “Smilovichy orphanage”

Posted: June 29, 2022 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Smilovichi

Hello Dear Partner! I want to thank everyone for being with us for a long time, thank you very much for your support and prayers! atG3D0D79SISharing news from Smilovich. I think that in the previous letter you have already met Nika. Once we have talked with Nika, and the talk was about the fact that God can change a person for the better. But for this you need to build a personal relationship with God and to seek Him. Also, as a vivid example, we told her a little about Katya Nachina, how God changed her life, and the life of her mother. For one of the trips Katya went with us. She told Nika her story of how God had changed her life and the life of her mother. When Katya told her story, it was clear that it concerned Nika, because Nika herself went through some similar situations or still is going through. Well, at the end, Katya, after her story, told the Gospel, and after that we all prayed together for Nika (she didn’t mind),IMG_20220531_191109 so that God would come into her life and show his love for her, and also to send a complete arrangement to all areas her life. She burst into tears and was very grateful that Katya came and shared her story and gospel. About Nika, it is clear that she is open for communication and prayers, but she has her own moments to struggle with, so I encourage everyone to pray for her. That her life would be changed. Maxim and Nastya. When we arrived once again in Smilovichi to Nika, we didn’t meet her because she was taken to the 9Xkil9LhPRshospital (there were some problems with her stomach). But instead of Nicky, there were two other people: Maxim and Nastya. Their adoptive parents went on vacation, and they were placed in an orphanage for a while. It turns out that they have already heard something about God. We got to know these guys, played, and together we read the parable of the Prodigal Son, and together answered prepared questions that helped us to understand this parable more deeply. It was interesting to see that the guys have sanity. Through a parable, Maxim analyzed that the youngest son means us (people), and God is the Father, and that He is waiting for us to come to Him and to ask forgiveness for our sins, so we will rejoice with God. And at the end we also prayed for the guys, and for the speedy healing of Nika. Gave them small gifts. We believe that they will read it and their life will be changed. Thank you for making it to the end! I inspire you to pray even more for orphans. So that their lives supernaturally change for the better, and so that they recognize the Living Loving Father God, who loves everyone very much! Blessings to you and your home!

In May: “Smilovichy orphanage”

Posted: May 31, 2022 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Smilovichi

We have resumed our trips to Smilovichy asylum in May. There were no children for three months as all of 5tbP32ODEQDi3FREnsD0NutW6Qdvf4A23IXJwR_8RLQkbqaMbu6yx_M3AMWIAQhyGz0B6pPsmExcowmW1hZ-3Qgbthem were placed in families what made us really happy. However, in May one young girl called Nika came to stay at the asylum. She is 17 and has been experiencing difficult life situation. She is psychologically and emotionally challenged and is going throughZB_MudG2fi4Y_DvFRWha5iM1em7QAI7GT4rsOtqvF8_fWyltvIEfTJAFwI0mQgHvqw8K59g-fISmUotDjgatOcU1 a stormy teenage period. Nika is harboring an enormous amount of wounds, fears and rejection. Since early childhood she was left by her parents and she was raised by her granny. Every effort she made to make up with her parents was futile and each time she saw one of her parents, she was hurt again and again what only exacerbated her feeling of rejection and not wanting to live. This all brought Nika to alcohol addiction and several suicide attempts. After those incidents, she was expelled from school and sent to 7jqb3RtCayOhDbFEfpd5srj-D3cf0i502vtXAe1QYvnUZTYCQJfkGXqrs3L0gDtjps2kkvGIJcdItx6DYYgjIUVcthe asylum as her granny, who is now very elderly and has health issues, can no longer take care after Nika. We cannot disclose more personal information about this girl, but we think that from what already has been said you can imagine how hard it is for her. Frankly speaking, we were really concerned with whether our first meeting with Nika will go well and if she was going to be open to hear rlp2n1o_a9bVt1xioETCzpmLMQbx2nTYvCyaKgIg_QB_yKbS6jiBx3blheeiSLDQ1mA1mKpAYorwSqDGnp5Bw86Pabout God. At first, indeed, we had to make some effort to build up a dialogue as the girl didn’t fully understand why we came and tried to distance herself. However, one of our girls called Vera managed to melt Nika’s heart. Vera is 6 and she is one of team member’s daughter. For some reason she fell for Nika and was hugging her, sharing candy and trying to engage Nika in our program. For example, when we were speaking about the creation of the world and were reproducing the yyBzsg5bvrMQTkCykTneMnkYWIi5ObRA4VuUlkZ1jXSOgponEEAwN1hanpkUTO_p1OySkFRrYvBT6f9Kpb_1U1rQgarden of Eden with pictures, Nika became very skeptical but then Vera approached her and said: “Here, take the giraffe and find a place for him”. And then Nika smiled and took the giraffe while Vera was hugging her so that Nika almost cried. This is when she was becoming more open, step by step. Vera brought candy with her to the next meeting which she bought with her own pocket money that she had saved in her piggy bank. Vera gave the candy to Nika saying: “I love you”. And Nika began to cry saying that nobody told her those words before. Since that moment it seemed that her heart has melted and she began to share her life story and share her feelings and fears. And when we began to talk about God and His Love to people, Nika burst into tears. With each new meeting she was opening more and more and getting more engaged in our activities. Praise the Lord!