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In May: “Smilovichy orphanage”

Posted: May 31, 2022 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Smilovichi

We have resumed our trips to Smilovichy asylum in May. There were no children for three months as all of 5tbP32ODEQDi3FREnsD0NutW6Qdvf4A23IXJwR_8RLQkbqaMbu6yx_M3AMWIAQhyGz0B6pPsmExcowmW1hZ-3Qgbthem were placed in families what made us really happy. However, in May one young girl called Nika came to stay at the asylum. She is 17 and has been experiencing difficult life situation. She is psychologically and emotionally challenged and is going throughZB_MudG2fi4Y_DvFRWha5iM1em7QAI7GT4rsOtqvF8_fWyltvIEfTJAFwI0mQgHvqw8K59g-fISmUotDjgatOcU1 a stormy teenage period. Nika is harboring an enormous amount of wounds, fears and rejection. Since early childhood she was left by her parents and she was raised by her granny. Every effort she made to make up with her parents was futile and each time she saw one of her parents, she was hurt again and again what only exacerbated her feeling of rejection and not wanting to live. This all brought Nika to alcohol addiction and several suicide attempts. After those incidents, she was expelled from school and sent to 7jqb3RtCayOhDbFEfpd5srj-D3cf0i502vtXAe1QYvnUZTYCQJfkGXqrs3L0gDtjps2kkvGIJcdItx6DYYgjIUVcthe asylum as her granny, who is now very elderly and has health issues, can no longer take care after Nika. We cannot disclose more personal information about this girl, but we think that from what already has been said you can imagine how hard it is for her. Frankly speaking, we were really concerned with whether our first meeting with Nika will go well and if she was going to be open to hear rlp2n1o_a9bVt1xioETCzpmLMQbx2nTYvCyaKgIg_QB_yKbS6jiBx3blheeiSLDQ1mA1mKpAYorwSqDGnp5Bw86Pabout God. At first, indeed, we had to make some effort to build up a dialogue as the girl didn’t fully understand why we came and tried to distance herself. However, one of our girls called Vera managed to melt Nika’s heart. Vera is 6 and she is one of team member’s daughter. For some reason she fell for Nika and was hugging her, sharing candy and trying to engage Nika in our program. For example, when we were speaking about the creation of the world and were reproducing the yyBzsg5bvrMQTkCykTneMnkYWIi5ObRA4VuUlkZ1jXSOgponEEAwN1hanpkUTO_p1OySkFRrYvBT6f9Kpb_1U1rQgarden of Eden with pictures, Nika became very skeptical but then Vera approached her and said: “Here, take the giraffe and find a place for him”. And then Nika smiled and took the giraffe while Vera was hugging her so that Nika almost cried. This is when she was becoming more open, step by step. Vera brought candy with her to the next meeting which she bought with her own pocket money that she had saved in her piggy bank. Vera gave the candy to Nika saying: “I love you”. And Nika began to cry saying that nobody told her those words before. Since that moment it seemed that her heart has melted and she began to share her life story and share her feelings and fears. And when we began to talk about God and His Love to people, Nika burst into tears. With each new meeting she was opening more and more and getting more engaged in our activities. Praise the Lord!

In December: “Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: December 30, 2021 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Smilovichi

This month, a new child was added to the Smilovichi shelter – Maxim, whom we have already known, _iZMYdcR1Fo (1)because he was there a few years ago. His situation 9OGIDEMd-z4in the family was more complicated, the parents did not give him proper care and now he experienced a new pain. When we had a meeting, he was very happy and he said that he remembered us and very happy to see us again!

Before Christmas, we finished the biblical lessons in the Old Testament and spoke with children about Samson and Ruth, their lives, obedience and disobedience to God and what consequences it led. AsDlgVr-Z_0uTt49-9NKr0For example Samson. We explained that obedience to God is always a blessing and the Lord does not ask us to do something impossible or commit a bad act. People can make sin or advise incorrectly, but our Heavenly Father will never! On the example of Ruth, we told about how God loves us and takes care of us despite difficult times or circumstances. We stressed many times the loyalty to God and his ability to fix everything in our lives if we trust him and sincerely ask for help.

aR_6YKjO8EkDuring Christmas, we bought a cake and prepared gifts for each child. Diana prepared a statement in which it was very affordable about the true sense of the holiday of the Nativity of Christ. Then children were eating the cake and talking . At the end of the meeting we distributed gift boxes and children were really pleased! Milana even looked around with happiness and said that she had always dreamed of such a gift. Each child was happy, grateful and truly experienced God’s limitless love and care. Glory to Him!

In November: “Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: November 30, 2021 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Smilovichi

At the moment, there are five children in the Smilovichi social center. There are four girls and a boy. All of ULFUKQ-S5VYthe children are from the same family.  They are very bright, beautiful, and communicative children, who got into a hard life situation. Milana, who is the oldest girl, sometimes behaves like a mum.-XkED5x-GLI She tries to discipline her siblings with words or hugs them and holds their hands to comfort them. On the one hand, it is good when children show care to each other, but at the same time, we want so much that their childhood will be real childhood and kids will not have to act like adults! Dasha and Angelina have very noticeable speech problems. Both girls stutter very much and, as a result, they often avoid talking with little known people although they are very sociable and love attention. What is good in this situation is that these girls get a lot of help here. The speech therapist and the psychologist work with them, and they attend a comprehensive school. Nazar, who is LgA4XMLY6ugtheir brother, doesn’t usually try to grasp our attention, however, he, like any child, loves when someone hugs him, gives him presents, and just listens to him during a conversation. The youngest girl is Kira. We shared about her birthday not long ago. She turned four at that time. This little girl has serious hearing problems, so we have to talk with her using sign language. That is a good experience for our team! 9eHEiJKRNPADespite Kira’s hearing problem and her young age, we try to involve her in our program. Christian songs with movements are a great help here because Kira takes part in them with great pleasure. She also likes bright pictures that we use during the Bible lessons. The situation with Kira shows us once again that the word of God is living and active and love destroys all the boundaries! Glory be to God for that! In December, Kura is going to the hospital. She will is going to have a tMvs9pfE-Y8thorough examination, which will show if she has any chance to have surgery that will restore her hearing. We hope for God’s mercy and firmly believe that there is nothing impossible for Him!

In November, we have discussed a few Bible stories. The children have found out about Moses and the journey of the Israel people across the desert. They have also learned about the wise queen Esther through whom God saved the whole nation from destruction. The children were especiallyugziR9HImtc astonished and excited about the story of Jonah, who was in the belly of the big fish! While sharing this story, we could remind the children one more time that God hears us any time and in any place. Even in the belly of the big fish! We could also tell them that God was omnipresent. At our last meeting, we had a creative activity, during which we could revise all the Bible stories, that we had shared with the children this month.

Dear friends, we would be glad if you supported little Kira in your prayers and also keep praying for our team that continues serving orphans and orphanage graduates of our country!

In October: “Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: October 31, 2021 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Smilovichi

The Smilovichi Orphanage occupies a special place in my life! There are children in it who were taken the other day from a family where they were in danger. I am grateful to God that in the most acute phase of stress, we can come and get to know the guys, TgUVvzTanBIgradually helping them to recover. We have good news this month! Artem and Arseny were taken to a family-type orphanage. These guys were taken into various families, but then returned back. We have seen how the boys suffered, but now there is certainty in their lives. We’ve been talking a lot about God and prayer lately. 7ctczpqLhooDespite their age, the guys prayed and asked God so that they could get into the family, and here’s a miracle – they were taken away! Talking to the orphanage’s teacher, she said that she got used to boys and she misses them now. But the main thing is that they got into the family and now they will find out what having a mom and dad is! This month we talked at the orphanage about the life of Joseph. It was said that Joseph was also betrayed by his brothers and had to become an orphan. The story reached boys, because of how often, as Milana said, they met with envy for their sisters when they USwjh9ZHPH0were given beautiful things. Dasha told how she envied her little sister Kira when she was given beautiful toys. Through the biblical story we see an actual example for life. For example, when Potiphar’s wife wanted Joseph to do a bad thing, Joseph ran away. We said that sometimes our peers will provoke us to do something bad in order to get rich quickly, cheat, or disobey a caregiver or parent. They say that -vulEjTa1mAby such actions we will show everyone that we are independent and already adults, forgetting about the consequences. We said that God watches over every action. Joseph ran away from bad deeds. So we have to run away from bad surroundings and people who want to harm us. Even the teacher said that we have interesting, deep lessons! We just want to show through the stories that are written in the Bible what our decisions lead to. We know that time will pass, and God will put Joseph second after Pharaoh. For us, this means that, despite the fact that you are an orphan, you can achieve a high position in life. If you have a close relationship with God, then God will create goodwill around you in front of people. But you also need to remember that honesty and loyalty are valued in this world.


Natasha also came to the shelter with us. She ran a k0eMBE897j4DIY workshop with the kids. We were making Noah’s Ark. We try very hard to develop children’s motor skills through creativity, and we see that children have problems with this. During the creative process, we remembered Noah and his family. They also talked about God’s covenant with man through the rainbow. Nazar said that now when they walk on the street and he sees a rainbow, he remembers us and Noah, as well as God. “I’m just smiling at the rainbow”! God remembers His promise. We are glad that we could make fakes and repeat the lesson! At the last meeting of this month, it was the birthday of the youngest girl Kira. She turned 4 years old. We all congratulated her and brought her gifts in order to please her. At the request of the educators, we were able to purchase brushes, toothpastes, shampoos and soap for the children. Many thanks to those who helped financially to be able to buy everything you need! We are glad that the trips to the shelter continue! Thank you very much, friends, for your prayers!

In September: “Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: September 30, 2021 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Smilovichi

Greetings dear brothers and sisters. In following description I want to share the news of our service to oHAVXF6337sorphans in Belarus. A new school year has begun, and we have the opportunity to visit children with our programs. In this particular description I want to tell you about the Smilovichy orphanage.

When we came there, we saw Arseny and Artem. We were very glad to see them, but we were immediately flooded with some bad memories. These brothers have already been taken into families three times and returned to the orphanage. The boys are very developed, interesting and sociable. Before the holidays, 3NiiwVvBWaAthey often say that they dream of being taken home as soon as possible. But now they stopped talking about home, stopped telling about their parents. During lessons they sit on someone’s lap and cuddle very hard. We see that they lack both male and maternal attention.

-Te2UCxiuqwAlso in the new school year, a family showed up. These are Dasha, Milana, Kira, Angelina and Nazar. They are all from one family. They are very interesting children. Before they had never met believers and know little about God. Kira is the smallest, she has some ear disease, she doesn’t hear well. Now doctors are deciding what the hearing loss is related to. The most memorable thing about Kira at our first meeting was that she found everything around her to be interesting. She is very dependent on the tutor. She is watching but without making any contact. Fortunately she saw us each visit we made and began to trust us.ebSElR0OBwkKira is 3 years old, she is a giggler. I also want to tell you about Dasha, a girl of 8 years old. She has a leadership potential. She likes to win. Unfortunately she stutters. Despite her stuttering, she is very curious, iZN1ZUJGwwIeverything is interesting to her, she always tries to retell the lesson or tell something about school. And Angelina, a blonde girl who has been through a lot. She is very savvy and loves to draw. She misses home. During our meetings Angelina is very active, remembers things well. When she is worried she stutters. Milana is the older sister, she is 12 years old. She is very opened and looks after all her sisters and brother like a mother does. She helps them with self-care and studying. And I want to note Nazar. This little boy is beautiful and very sociable but he can’t pronounce the letters fully. It makes him so cute.

 In total, there are only 7 children in the orphanage. With the guys we started B7S4FfMegfIto study how God created the world. And it’s so wonderful to see children’s reaction to that. They believed that the creation of the universe happened exactly the way it is described in the Bible. Next lesson we told them about Adam and Eve. We said that God created man for communication with Him. God is EF4YhjYIztAalways pleased when we communicate with Him through prayer. Milana said that she asks God to help her when she feels she can’t cope with something. And then I said that such simple words addressed to God is actually a prayer. Such simple words is something that God loves the most. Milana was shy but I encouraged her to continue her communication with God. I told her that there is nothing wrong with her prayer. Another time we visited these children we were talking about Cain and Abel. We said that God sees our hearts. He knows everything that happens in our thoughts oKhOCYhKhGEand knows when we are jealous. God wants to help us! If we want something, we should ask God for it. God will always tell us that we don’t need to be envious because we have Father in Heaven who always cares for us. I asked them what were they jealous of? Someone said he wanted a jacket like Angelina’s jacket, the other child said he wanted a typewriter, candy and colored pencils. God can give you all these things through people you don’t even know about. The time of the lesson passed so quickly and we were very late. I am very glad that we have the opportunity to visit these children in the orphanage. Thank God that there are open doors for the Gospel there. I see that each our visit causes changes in them. They have more conversation about God and ask about Him. Friends, let’s pray for all these children have families where they will have loving parents.