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In February: “Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: March 1, 2021 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Smilovichi

I want to start with great news about the children who were in the Smilovichi orphanage.  Yana, Boris and Nastya were taken to three different families for custody, and Nastya’s adoptive parents are believers (she always asked in prayer that her adoptive parents will know and love God)!  For each of them, finding a family is the answer from the Lord!  Thank God! In February, children abandoned by their Mother have arrived at the orphanage and now they are awaiting for a court and father’s decision. They are going through a difficult period of pain and resentment, misunderstanding and judgment.  When we met, we tried to build good relationship with them and we see that we achieved this thanks to the right communication and games that do not lead to competition and rivalry.  While teaching a Bible lesson about the miracles of Jesus Christ, we asked them what they know about God, whether they had read the Bible and whether they had been to the Church.  We were surprised that they had never attended Church and knew nothing about Jesus Christ.  Then we simplified the lessons and at the simplest level, adding testimonies from our own lives, told Bible stories.  At the end of each story we answered to children’s questions and gave them the opportunity to reflect on what they have learned and what can help them to believe and trust God! Liza, she is 14, said that thanks to our visits she stopped being afraid and calmed down.  Vanya, Matthew and Timofey felt loved and very important and Ira who is 4 years old stopped waking up at night and cry.For us these words and changes in the lives of the children once again prove the power of God’s love and compassion which can heal any pain and restore any destruction!

In December: “Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: December 31, 2020 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Smilovichi

Dear friends, Merry Christmas of our Savior Jesus Christ!  We wish you to have faith and trust in God, peace in work, love in relationships!  I wish you to have joy and progress where it is needed! As the whole year has flown by, it was special!  Last year, we witnessed how new acquaintances appeared, and then it grew into a friendship.  New unfamiliar children became friends with whom we got to know God, with whom we prayed together, empathized and rejoiced.  They rejoiced when families recovered and children returned to their parents’ homes.  They rejoiced when they prayed and there was a family that simply took the children to their home and called someone a son or a daughter.  The eyes at such moments burn with hope, as well as gratitude and love. I am so glad that God allows you to witness changes!  Thank God! We have talked a lot about Jesus Christ this month.  We talked about the birth of Jesus and what surprises me in the 21st century is that children who live in the villages know a little about God.  When we talked about Jesus this month, Boris, the new boy said he hadn’t heard about Christ.  Just like Yana and 9 years old Nastya heard a little about God.  When we told about the miraculous birth of Jesus Christ, everyone then told what they could bring as a gift to Jesus.  Of course, the gifts of the wise men were different from what the children would like to give.  Yana, 4 years old, would give Jesus a candy.  Boris, 6 years old, would give a carrot (Boris loves carrots very much), and Nastya, 9 years old, would give a gift made by her own hands.  And they asked: “Dima, do you think Jesus will like it?”  Then I told the children that everything we do with a pure heart pleases God. During the next lesson, we talked about the miracles which Jesus has made.  We remembered how Jesus fed 5,000 people, how He healed the daughter of Jairus, how He healed a blind man.  The miracles of Jesus are what made the children very happy!  “Is it true, Dima?  Is it possible?  Wow !!! “.  When we hear about the miracles of Jesus Christ, it creates joy, and it also raises faith in God.  What miracle would you ask Jesus to make?  Yana asks her mother to take her from the orphanage.  Boris asks her mother, who is in the hospital, to recover as soon as possible, and Nastya, so that her mother stops drinking once and for all, would take her out of the orphanage and start believing in God.  Difficult desires, I thought.  But for God, nothing is impossible.  Impossible for man, possible for God!  “Let’s bring our desires to God, how can we do this?  That’s right, through prayer. ”  When we arrived the third time, we were making crafts for Jesus Christ.  Christmas crafts!  While we decorated our craft, the children told me that they never had a Christmas tree or Christmas itself.  When I asked: “Are you celebrating your birthday,” the children answered: “No!”  As it turned out, no one give gifts to the children.  Therefore, this is the first time when one of the elders sat with them and did something.  Nastya asks: “Do you think Jesus is always with us?”  And Boris answers: “Yes, Nastya, He’s Here!”  I am glad that we manage to sow the seeds of faith in a few months!  It’s nice to see hope in children and see how their faith grows!  When we arrived for the fourth time this month, we were celebrating the Nativity of Jesus.  The clown came with us.  Diana the girl Who were playing the clown grew up in such conditions, and she herself understands what it means to be an orphan.  That is why we are so glad that we could celebrate the birth of Jesus with her!  We sang for God, we spoke wishes, we remembered the birth of Jesus.  There was so much love and joy that even the teacher said: “This is the first time we see children laughing and rejoicing like that!”  Boris shouted: “This is the best day!”  We have never seen Boris so happy during his time at the orphanage.  They laughed so contagiously and was so joyful! Such emotions cannot be faked, the teacher said.  And then we gave out gifts.  They burst into tears with joy.  “I have a gift!  Thank you Jesus!  When gratitude is in the heart, it manifests itself on the faces.  Surprise gives way to exclamations and laughter!  “Look what I have in the gift!”  “This is my favorite day,” said the children.  And then they left gifts and ran up to us and they hugged us, thanked us for the gifts.  “We have never been given such gifts!” Friends, this year has come to an end.  Thank you for being with us, praying for children and for us!  Together we can be hands and feet, the voice of God on this earth.  Let’s pray for the seed of faith in childrens’ hearts!  Merry christmas and a happy new year!  Blessings!

In November:“Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: November 30, 2020 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Smilovichi

Hello!  Thanks God, we can visit orphans from Smilovichi.  We are glad that in spite of the global situation, God is opening people’s hearts. We have visited the orphanage four times this month.  Thank God for this opportunity! This month we were able to know more about Nastya and Yana.  Nastya attended church on holidays when she was at home.  Ones she asked us “Do you love God too?”  We said that we love Him very much!  She said that her mother does not believe in God and when she was presented with a children’s Bible, she burned it.  Nastya says she was very upset that she was left without a Bible.  When we heard about this, we brought the girls children’s Bibles.  The next Tuesday Nastya was able to tell the Bible stories that she have read.  Now she prays for her mother to stop drinking, and every time before going to bed she asks God for protection.  “I think that God is very strong and He likes it when I smile,” Nastya tells us.  I like Nastya for her sincerity and the fact that at the age of 9 she is looking for God.  It’s so cool!  Also in the orphanage there is Yana, she is 4 years old.  We know that she came from a very poor family and it is clear that there was no one to deal with Yana.  This is manifested in many ways.  She often tries to steal something, and when we say: “take it, this is for you,” Yana’s template collapses.  “It turns out you don’t need to steal it all for me;  pencils, coloring books,  candies ”!  We love to hug Yana and it is clear that she is not used to do it.  She wants a hug, but because of the past, she keeps Katya and me at a distance.  Also, when we brought things, we thought whether they would fit or not, because Yana is very small, but when they began to measure, everything suited her.  She was happy!  Yana did not have a hat and gloves.  Everything she came wearing was things that were either much larger or smaller.  A teacher came up to us and said that we were the answer to Yana’s needs.  I’m so glad God took care of the girls through our ministry!  Also one evening, we left Minsk, but due to traffic jams, we arrived at the orphanage 20 minutes later than usual.  The teachers were told that the girls were very worried and asked where are we. Yana said, “Maybe the snow queen kidnapped them?”  And Nastya says that she asked God to spend this evening with us. We have talked about Joseph this month. We have talked about betrayal, talked about God’s care, about forgiveness and how difficult it is to forgive.  But I’m so glad that God gives the strength to forgive!  Nastya said that she forgives mom and wants dad to come back, and mom to stop drinking.  She said she would pray for it.  Yana said that she wanted to join the family and wants to be loved and not scolded or beaten anymore.  We also had one creative activity this month.  Creativity helps girls to relax, switch from anxious thoughts, and do what they like.  And during creativity we remembered Joseph and then thanked God for His closeness and help. Brothers and sisters, thank you for your prayers for ministering to orphans!  Let’s pray that God will keep children safe from disease!  Let’s pray that the gospel will spread and change the hearts of children and caregivers!

In October: “Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: October 29, 2020 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Smilovichi

In October, we haven’t come to the Smilovichi orphanage due to the fact that Alina was taken into a new foster family, and there were no other children in the orphanage. We can see how the Lord answers to the prayers of children for new parents and good families!) Last Tuesday we have come to Nastya, she is 9 years old and she was taken away from her Mother for the first time. From Nastya’s words, we know that her mother drinks alcohol and her roommate beat her mother and children. Nastya was often bruised, she has been living with fear and hid from her mother’s friend. She said that she constantly prayed to God and He protected her and sent kind people (believing neighbors) who, with the permission of her mother, took her to Sunday school. Recently, Nastya asked the Lord for a calm life, without violence and beatings. She is very glad that she in the shelter now, she says: I feel safe and not nervous. We supported Nastya and talked about God’s love and about people who refuse to live with Him on the example of those who lived in the time of Noah. Our goal was to show the mercy and care of the Heavenly Father and how He miraculously preserved the lives of Noah’s family and the entire generation of people.

In September: “Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: September 30, 2020 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Smilovichi

Since September, the doors of the Smilovichi shelter have been opened again for our team after quarantine. For six months we could not visit the children, but we could help them and take care of everyone. During this time, we bought a greenhouse for the orphanage and all summer the children had fresh vegetables from their garden. We also also provided them with hand antiseptics and hygiene products. Now there is only one girl by the name Alina left in the orphanage, and all the other children were returned to their families by a court decision. Thank God! Their parents decided to quit their bad habits, find a job, and restore their relationship with their children.

Alina’s situation is more complicated, her own mother is in prison and will not be released soon. Over the past few years, Alina has been in two foster families and in each family she hadn’t good relationship with her foster parents, and a new pain and disappointment came. When we talked to her about God and His love, Alina said that she began to pray every day and seek communion with God. In fact, before meeting us she had never been to Church and never prayed. She says that none of the Bible lessons we taught were in vain and that her relationships with other people and especially God has been changed. Also she feels better about herself.