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In February: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: February 28, 2021 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Rudensk

Greetings, brothers and sisters! We are glad that God gives an opportunity to serve orphaned children! We are glad that orphanages are open, and we can serve children! We haven’t seen the children for a while. The first February visit to Rudensk took place on the 3rd. When we arrived many children did not believe that we will hold meetings with them. Because of the pandemic they were often forbidden to gather together even within the orphanage and ofcourse they weren’t allowed to gather with other classes or to receive guests. So the meeting started and when I asked who wanted to pray Peter said, ” I want to pray and thank God.” His prayer was a thanksgiving to God for our arrival and for the fact that the disease is losing its power, so the children can finally meet with friends. Then Pauline also prayed. She prayed for her family and friends: “God, I do not know where they are now, but please keep my family from the virus! Thank you so much for the team coming! Be with us”! I was surprised by the atmosphere that was in that place. It is usually difficult for teenagers to pray in front of other teenagers. But this time, no one was laughing, and there was silence. We’ve been talking about a lot of things over the last month, but the main point is: “THE TIME HAS COME”! We understand that many teenagers have already known a lot about God. The topics during our meetings have become a challeng for them and have encouraged them to take concrete and open actions. The topic “Time to help” – we talked about how Jesus helped on earth and that God wants us to follow His example in daily life, helping others. The topic “Time to love”. We asked what  prevents us from loving? It’s hard to forgive your parents, it’s hard to forgive your friends who betrayed you, it’s hard to forgive yourself, to forgive God. “So unforgiveness is the main barrier that prevents you from loving ?” we said. ” Yes, that’s right!” they replied.  “Then let us pray that God will help us to forgive those who have caused us to feel much pain.” Such lessons are not just theory, but practice. We move from words to deeds only by practicing our faith and beliefs. Simple tips, but a difficult decision.  “We know that we have to live this way and we want to do what is right  but we don’t have strength to do this. What should we do?” they say.  It’s so great that we’re moving to another level of depth! Hearing such questions and thoughts makes us understand that our teenagers are on the right track. We help them come to the answer themselves by thinking with them because then there is a chance that the guys will apply it to their lives. Prayers, the participation of children, and answers to the questions  indicate that children’s confidence in faith and hope in God grow. The task of our team is to pass the faith in God, as well as to help children cope with low self-esteem through the knowledge of God. And you know, I think we can do it! Thank you friends for praying with us! Because the prayer of the righteous can do much!

In October: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: October 31, 2020 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Rudensk

Hello dear reader! Thank God that this month we had the opportunity to go to the boarding school. But unfortunately, due to the situation with covid-19, it was not possible to stay there for a full month. Dear brothers and sisters, let us pray that this virus soon loses its power and be gone! Thanks to every person who prays for children and our team. Every time we come to school, we see that the children start to rejoice and smile. When we see them, they run and hug us and talk about how they are doing. It’s so great to watch their emotions because they are sincere! This month we continued to talk about David with the children. We remembered who David was, the guys said that God was with David, and this was expressed in deeds. For example: when a lion or a bear attacked David, He killed them with his bare hands. The guys also recalled that if there are any difficulties in life, then you need to turn to God, and He will definitely help! The second case was in the classroom, I was telling the children a story about David and Goliath. And there was such a moment. From history, when King Saul asked David why do you think that you will defeat him? I asked the children what do you think? What did David say? And the Children say “I will win it, because God is with me” and then I asked this, why will he win? And the children answer “because God is with me” and I asked a couple of times, and the guys were so inspired and straight, shouting that God is with them, and He will help in any situation. It was a bit like in a medieval movie about war when knights stand against each other and they are motivated to win, and they shout like “God is with us”. I think the guys will remember this for the rest of their lives, that God is with them, and He will help them if they turn to Him. With the adolecents, we talked about the importance of dreaming. Because when we dream, then we more specifically understand what we want to achieve in life. And when we reveal our good plans and dreams to God, then He will help, because for God nothing is impossible. The main thing is to build a personal relationship with God, trust Him and also take steps towards God and your dream. Beside this the adolecents had an autumn photo session. For them, it was something unexpected and joyful at the same time. At the begining some guys were a little embarrassed when they were photographed, but after a while they did it with great pleasure. Also this month we met with some graduates of the Rudensky boarding school who are now studying or working in different cities. The life of the guys after graduating from the boarding school goes in different ways. They find themselves in a variety of living conditions or in circumstances that are still difficult for them to cope with on their own. That is why we try to pay special attention to graduates. I really liked the meeting with the guys who are now in Vileika. We managed to gather the children in a local church and introduce them to a pastor who gladly accepts orphans and helps boarding school graduates. We could freely and in simplicity communicate with the children, eat pizza together, drink tea and learn about how their life is going after leaving the boarding school. In the end, we prayed with them, and then gave out some gift sets to the guys. The guys exchanged phone numbers with the pastor from Vileika. We really hope that they will be open to God and start attending the local church. Be blessed!

In September: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: September 30, 2020 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Rudensk

Hello dear reader! I want to share the good news that despite the epidemiological situation in the world, God

opens the doors and sends us tools in order to go and serve orphanages. Many thanks to every person who prays for orphans, for our team, and for Belarus! Thank you all! Of course, we take care of the health of children and all employees of boarding schools, therefore we comply with all preventive measures to combat with the covid-19, and also, as Christians, we pray for

the children we serve! I want to tell you about our trips to Rudensk. The first two trips we came and spent time with the guys on the street. We communicated with them, played different games, and also each person from the team tried to focus on personal communication with the guys. We really wanted to pay attention to every child! The guys were very open, almost everyone talked about how they spent the summer, as well as how much they missed our team. For the next two weeks, we had Bible lessons with the children. The younger children were told about King David. That David was with God, and God gave David strength to overcome various difficulties. We talked about the importance of communication with God, you see that God is near and He helps every person who refers to Him with the faith. Also we discussed with the adolescents that now is the time to live. “Life is an invaluable gift that is given to us only once.” Beside that you don’t need to waste your life, because each of us has a purpose from God, and it is important to understand your personal purpose and try to fulfill it in your life.



In February: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: February 29, 2020 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Rudensk

This month, at Rudensk orphanage, we decided to talk about alcohol and drugs with older children.  While they are living in the orphanage, they do not face these temptations, no one offers them to drink alcohol or try drugs, but this summer they will leave school and go to college or get a job where no one will protect them from dangers and temptations!  Speaking on these topics, we did not want to intimidate the children, but to warn and talk about the consequences of alcohol in human life.  In order to make it easier for them to understand these topics, we compared alcohol to the traps which the enemy sets for the children of God to catch and destroy them.  After all, he knows how dear we are to our Heavenly Father and that eternity depends on the choice of a person here on earth. During those topics, children asked questions and shared their stories, because many of them were without parents precisely because they drank or used drugs.  The girl Alesia began to be indignant about what she heard and said that she would not forgive her mother, since she drank a lot and began to bum on the street, ceasing to take care of her.  The children began to express their pain, which they hid for so long and deeply, trying to forget everything and in prayer began to ask God to help them to forgive and receive healing from all the injuries inflicted on them since childhood.  Thank God!!! Together with topics for older children, we conducted Bible lessons for younger children and during 3 lessons told the story of Joseph’s life.  With the help of visual aids and in a playful way, the children were interested in listening and understanding the meaning of the defeats and victories of Joseph and his family.  After all, he was betrayed and abandoned, experienced a lot of pain, but thanks to the love of God, he could forgive everyone and achieve God’s heights in his life.  This story is relevant for each of the children, they also said that they did not want to take revenge, but to forgive !!!

In January: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: January 30, 2020 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Rudensk

Hello, dear friends!  This new year we had the opportunity to attend the Rudensk orphanage.  I am grateful to God for the opportunity to see how children are enriched when we come to them.  When we go to orphanage teenagers and children run out to meet us.  One situation I have remembered: “we went to the orphanage and we see a little girl sitting.  I thought that she arrived here not long time ago and she was delighted when she saw us.  We went up and asked her name, she was embarrassed, but still answered.  Looking at Veronica, the girl from our team, she said a little audibly: “can you hug me?” Veronica agreed and the girl hugged her very tightly, and then said: “I really miss hugs”.  There are many similar stories and we see children who do not have enough hugs.  Teenage girls, growing up, build an early relationship to fill their void, which emerged from a lack of parental attention. We were also able to hold a Christmas performance. When we were talking with the administration, they told that we were the first this year who made a Christmas performance and said about the Nativity of Jesus.  Many people come for the new year, but no one spoke about the birth of Jesus.  All the children came to the show, as well as the teachers.  We are pleased that we can speak directly about our Savior and celebrate the Birth of Jesus together.  Thank God!  Looking at the children, I saw that seeing the performance they seemed to forget where they were and what was with them 20-30 minutes ago.  Everything seemed to be transferred to the story of the Birth of Christ.  The Christmas performance flew by and the children, as well as the teenagers, were so inspired by everything that was happening that they told us how time flew by imperceptibly!  It  was a good occasion to  remind the children once again about our weekly meetings, as well as invite new children who have not yet come to us. We had several more meetings where we talked about mats and their impact on human life, as well as theft, which is a real problem for most orphans.  I really want the graduate students, who will finish school in a few months, not to be in a situation where, due to the inability to use money and plan their budget, they begin to steal and for this they are sent to prison.  But we want every child to be savvy and to know and understand what his theft will lead to.  We also talked about pure speech.  Children are so injured that talking obscenely is just normal for them!  Often, because of this, the children have a lot of problems, when they fight with the teachers, they are more punished for their words.  We talked about the power of words and the consequences of bad words.  The children thought and said: “Dima, we will try to restrain ourselves and try to say less offensive words.”  We also see that the children actively participate in the study of bible verses.  They copy them in notebooks and then show them to us.  And we make out verse by verse. Dear brothers and sisters, we thank God for you, that together with you we can serve our God, visiting places of despair!  Pray for the children, that the life of orphans will change!