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In December: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: December 29, 2019 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Rudensk

Hello, dear reader. I want to tell you about our orphanage visits in this month. I conducted lessons for the kids. We talked about Noah, the Tower of Babel and Christmas. Every lesson starts with a prayer. Together with the children we build the so called prayer house. The guys take the initiative and pray, which is great! The story about Noah made the kids understand it’s necessary to be a righteous person who helps others and does some good, and to be grateful. Also we told them how important it is to build personal relations with God, because He loves everyone.The tower of Babel story made it clear that God doesn’t like proud people and hates when they sin and do not trust Him. During the lesson we tried to speak different languages with the children and they had no idea what we were talking about. Also we tried to build a tower from cups, but they didn’t manage to finish it, because some guy destroyed it. At last, one of the most important lessons was the one about the birth of Jesus Christ. We discussed the true meaning of Christmas. The guys learned the story about the birth of Jesus and the reason why He came to the Earth.I like when the guys ask and answer questions during the topic, which makes our conversation lively. I’m glad when they remember our lessons and then retell previous topic.We are grateful to God for the children that we may visit, for the team and your prayers. Friends, let’s constantly pray for orphans, amen.

In November: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: November 30, 2019 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Rudensk

In November I held all the meetings with the older guys. We held with them sport relays. When we  participate in various competitions all together, we become сloser and the guys begin to trust us more. I believe that no word of Scripture is wasted. I know, all the topics like “fear, envy, greed” and the texts from the Bible that we’ve been thinking about with the guys will bear fruit, if not now then later. Fear, envy and greed are very urgent problems for them,  which they live in for years and can’t do anything about it. And our tasks are to help them to understand how they can coupe  with these problems, show a way out of these situations, to direct them end tell them that  Lord is able to release them from all their difficult situations and problems. At the end of our meetings we invite everyone to pray and some guys ( new ones who haven’t prayed yet) agree to pray with us. Thus we can see how our works and the action of the Holy spirit change the guys.  Polina and Zhenya prayed with me for the last time. Zhenya (as far as know) prayed  the first time. It’s hard for the guys to come out, as the others make fun of them. Our task is to explain that life with the Lord is interesting and vivid. We want to show the children an interesting God, who is able to change their lives for the better. This month, the children began to pray even more. The prayers of the children, their conversations with God are so touching: “Lord, thank you for coming guys and thank you for not forgetting us!” “Lord, help our parents to change and make everything good for them”, ” Lord, guys offend and insul

t me, help me!”. I’m glad that the Bible lessons we teach, help children to get to know God. Children do their homeworks enthusiastically. So nice to see how the guys try to accurately retell the lesson. And it’s not even a prize they will receive, but  they just want to remember the lessons and they  memorise them ! God changes children through His word. And our visits to the children help to deepen further the understanding of God’s love and care of them. It’s nice to see that the team that serves God is changing too and every child gets mentor and friend. All these are possible due to prayers, that give strength and help to move in the direction of God’s plan. Friends, thank you for your prayers! Thank you for your work for God! Let’s pray for the children on the eve of Christmas!


In October: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: October 30, 2019 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Rudensk

During this month I had сommunication with the older guys only. Usually we pray before our communion . Some of the guys like to dance, so they show us their dance performances. In order to support the guys, we try to memorise and show a few dance moves, which they use in their dance. Also Dima prepared for discussion such important topics as: gossip, loneliness, betrayal. He tried to convey these topics to the guys thoroughly and in detail. I’m particularly discussed with the guys the subject of insult .It is also a very important topic for them. To my mind during this month we had a good personal contact with the guys .For example several times one of the older guys, whose name is Ruslan, came up to me for advice. Ruslan has a friend. They had a first fight, as Ruslan broke his music speaker accidentally. But Ruslan had no money to pay for it, so he was very upset. First of all I advised him to ask for forgiveness, and then pay for this thing, if it’s possible. My advice appeared to be helpful for him. Th

en, next time Ruslan came up to me and said, that he can’t control anger when someone call him bad names and that he always has no patience. He also said that believers have never ups and downs and that they are always so patient and righteous. And cited Noah as the example. But I told him that in reality believers have difficult circumstances in their life and in most cases we can’t get through difficulties on our own. Only with Christ’s help and prayers we are able to go through life with dignity. I told him to spend more time praying and also to play sports and reach the set bars to develop patience. Also I’m encouraged that the kids are getting closer to us (maybe I’m being a little sensitive) at least those who come to the meetings

In September: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: September 30, 2019 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Rudensk

Greetings, dear Friends! We are thankful to everyone who reads us!  Thank you for your interest in the Orphans ministry!  This month is special, as a new school year began for the Orphans ministry.  This month we visited children from the Rudensky children’s house.  Summer flew by quickly, and we see how children have changed over the summer – they grew up, tanned.    When we visited this orphanage for the first time in this academic year, we learned that the orphanage had undergone major changes since its administration had completely changed. Let’s pray that the heart of the administration will be open to the Orphans ministry that we have been doing for the past 15 years.

We hear the joy and enthusiastic cries of children all the time: “You have come to us!  Hurray!”  Such a reaction could not make us indifferent, and we gladly rushed to meet the guys.  Talks and emotions accompanied us throughout the trip.  Everybody has its own news, joy and even pain. The constancy of our ministry shows the children that they can rely on us, they can trust us.  Therefore, the kids told what happened in the summer, how the children were sent to summer camps, and how hard it was for them to constantly hear the taunts of other children who grew up in families with mom and dad.  “Nobody protects us, it’s hard for us, and we feel lonely in the evenings,” the kids told us. During one of our visits, a 14-year-old boy said that sometimes it was difficult for him to believe in God since he had been asking God for more than 10 years to send him family. He sees other teenagers, he also wants to have mom and dad.  We started the conversation, and I said:  “Listen, God cares for you anyway.  You have a family – we come to you and other guys every week.   We spend a lot of time, as a family, with you.  Yes, maybe this is not the ideal family that you can imagine when you close your eyes.  But still we – those who spend time with you – love and accept you, we pray for you. All these happen in families, this is the time of acceptance, this is the care and prayers.  You are precious to us, and we love you simply for who you are. After that, this boy looked up at us and said that he had never thought this way, that God could answer his prayers this way. “I was looking at the imaginary world and imagined that God would answer the way I wanted. But now I understand that God, sending you to the orphanage, is already showing his care for me”. Each child drowns out his or her pain with imagined ideas about faith and God. Satan is trying to convince orphans that nobody needs them, that God does not hear their prayers, therefore, when you are alone, you find it difficult to believe in God the Father.  The story ended when we hugged and said:  “Remember that God cares for you even when you think that nothing happens.” Also, this month we held sports activities, trying to have new friends through sports.  In addition to having a good time, we had a great opportunity to invite all the new guys to our weekly meetings, which we hold on Wednesdays.  The first topic of the meetings was “Laziness”.  We talked about how to overcome laziness, relying on a biblical passage: “What you sow, you will reap.”  Our next topic:  “Gossip”. Because this is a part of life that kids live in the orphanage.  Children do not understand that by gossiping they destroy themselves and others.  Our task is not only to talk on the topics but also to draw conclusions, give practical advice that can change the lives of these guys. The good news for this month is that we have a new group of children that we have been allowed to work with.  Let’s pray that God will help all the guys who come to us to think about their lives and about God. We pray that they will receive their comforting and their miracle!  Thank you very much for your prayers, they mean so much to us!

In June:“Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: June 30, 2019 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Rudensk

Greetings to you brothers and sisters.  This academic year has finished.  Throughout the year, we witnessed how God has been changing children and how he has been answering their prayers.  More than 45 trips we made to the Rudensky orphanage.  Thank you for this year you were with us praying for life to change, and for children to have goals in life, and faith wich increases every day.  During this time we introduced the children to the New Testament, we talked about all the wonders of Jesus Christ.  We have seen how the faith appeared in children from meeting God.  We live in a world in which the orphans are isolated from society, and many children live in insult, unforgiveness, and the greatest fear is that everything in life can happen again.

Communicating with children, we see that they no longer believe that something good can happen in life.  The injuries that they received as a child stalk children through life.  This year, more than 15 people graduate from the orphanage.  The children who constantly came to us shared that it’s scary that they don’t know how the rest of their lives will be.  Fear in the eyes and a trembling voice shows the unreadiness of children to move to a new level!  We prayed for the children and talked about the fact that there are many churches where they can continue to learn about God, as well as this place where people will help them.  And we will come to visit with the team.  In June, when we came to the children, most of the new children aged from 8 to 10 came up to us and everyone wanted to be in the center of attention.  We see that children of this age are very lonely and they are looking for such friends who will not make fun of their peculiarities, but will accept people as they are.  We see that these children have the biggest dreams of getting new slippers.  Each of the children is special and interesting in its own way.  Looking at the children, we see how talented everyone is how they take care of stray dogs and cats by giving them their bread, which they decided to leave to the little animals.  We were approached by children from primary school and asked that we would visit them more often, because they miss us and like when we tell them about Jesus and also they love to play with us.  It is difficult now for the children who just arrived at the orphanage to adapt to everything: for the diet, daily schedule and the most important this is to adapt to the same orphans.  So, we see two or even three categories of children, the first who only came with the fear and pain the second category are children who have long been interested in learning new things and making friends and learn about God, and the third category of children are graduates for whom we need to pray  and ask God for protection.  We should pray that after leaving the school they could find church and that their lives will be good.

Years are flying fast, children grow up and it’s nice that together with you we can take part in the formation of personalities acquainting children with faith in God and also betraying life skills.

In May “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: June 3, 2019 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Rudensk

In May there were many trips to the Rudensk orphanage. The art lessons were held for the younger children. Also we have covered some very important topics. At the end of the April there was a wonderful holiday – Easter, that is why we invited a puppet show and gave gifts to the children, we also decided to dedicate the very first week of May to this holiday. Both younger and older children received Bible lessons, in which the children became more familiar with the feat of Jesus Christ at Calvary. At subsequent meetings with the older children, the following topics were covered: “Jesus loves children,” “The life and ministry

of the disciples of Jesus after His resurrection.” The younger children talked about “fears”, as well as “loyalty in friendship.” May

pleased us with warm, sunny weather, so

many children wanted to run away to the street. But despite this, they still remained faithful and did not miss our meetings! Soon graduates will pass the last school exams. Some of them feel very worried about what waits them outside of the school. Some children will go to study in different cities, some of them will immediately go to work, and someone will have to go to a disabled home. Seeing the experiences of graduates, we made a common prayer for them at the last meeting in May. We hope that the seed that has been sown in the hearts of these children will give their fruits and they will open their hearts to Heavenly Father!

In April: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: May 3, 2019 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

In April, fortunately I have visited the younger and older children.  We were playing games together, which are mainly aimed at developing attention and rallying their group.  Younger children are very happy every time meeting with us.  This month we talked a lot with them about how important it is to be faithful to your business, friends, God.  We gave the example of Joseph and how his loyalty to God changed his life for the better.

  Every meeting with younger children we begin and end with a prayer.  Sometimes some children during the prayer start to make noise and run around the room.  This suggests that many more efforts and prayers are needed for their salvation and for their lives to change.  I am glad that sometimes our tutor is with us and I hope that the Bible lessons also have a positive effect on tutor.

There were also meetings with the older children, where I conducted games.  Most of all, I remember how Katya told them a story about “Ten Lepers” and shared a story from her personal life, told how difficult it is to live in society when you are not accepted.  And we talked about how important it is to be grateful.  These stories are well remembered by the children.  I was pleased that during the prayer they held their hands with me for the first time, and several children were praying.  During the prayer, they sincerely call God the Father, share their experiences, difficulties, thanks.  And it makes me happy that there is a change for the better, but there are still a lot of problems for the children that need to be solved with God’s help.

The month ended with a bright and joyful event – Easter!  We invited a team with a puppet show to reach even more children and tell them about the true meaning of this holiday.  At the end of the performance, all the children received their gifts, which were a small reminder of the fact that God also offers His salvation as a gift!