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In May “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: June 1, 2022 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Rudensk

In May I had trips to Rudensk. We presented a series of topics about Daniel. Most of the times I was IMG_20220518_201954responsible for the games. We also held a Banana party – active game-contest. The guys had been asking for such activity for a long time and were very happy. The younger ones were spectators and the older ones were participants, but in the end everyone got prizes — bananas! During discussions of the topics we told the guys about Daniel’s faithfulness and love for God and aboutIMG_20220518_192208 the importance of such relationships. While we prayed together a younger boy named Sasha came up to me and said that he also wanted to pray with us but he was too shy to stand out. Eventually he joined our prayer and asked God for reunion with his parents. I keep on interacting with him whenever I come to the orphanage and I can see that he is very attentive and sincere child. So I was very moved by this prayer. No matter how good they feel outside of their families all children still dream of a real family. But now Sasha knows he can speak to God and ask Him to involve. Let his prayer be answered!

IMG_20220518_192836I would also like to mention that the children sincerely miss us, always wait for us and are happy to have time with us.This month two new guys joined us during our visit to Rudensk. We hope that they may become part of our team in the future. On the way to the orphanage, we told them a lot about the children there and disabilities these kids have. They shared their worries that it would be too hard for them and they were especially worried about how the children would reactIMG-43318d50cf0e0d39ebdc02d4da21c83d-V to them. When we arrived at the orphanage from the very first minutes both older and younger kids surrounded our new guyes, started getting to know them, complimenting them, hugging them and telling them about themselves. Personally I was touched and amazed at that moment, because at those very moments, I especially admired how these children, despite the pain they have gone through and all the wounds that were inflicted on them in childhood by their closest people, can so easily accept, love and open their hearts to new people! Sometimes, we – adults, who have everything we need to live, whose freedom IMG_20220518_194323is not restricted, who have someone waiting and loving at home, are not able to accept and love as much as these children! Through all of this, we have once again seen that we are not the only ones who teach orphans something new, but that everyone has something to learn from them as well! So we thank God for the good lessons He is teaching us through orphans! We are also thankful to everyone who takes part in our ministry, who donates their resources, time, and finances!

In April: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: April 30, 2022 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Rudensk

In April, together with our team we visited a opharanage in Rudensk. This month we had a series of talks IMG-2de94acc114e3dc69eb30a654ccd66db-Vabout David. We talked with the children about fears; about how God looked at the heart; about how David also made mistakes in his life, but whatever happened he came to God; we talked about jealousy and the consequences it can lead to; we also talked about friendship, using the example of the relationship between David and Jonathan; we also talked about Easter and we discussed the history IMG-d41b2466de1d5f79479ea09298c365ad-Vof the holiday, its significance in our day and traditions. In order to bring the information to the kids as clear as possible, we prepared auxiliary materials such as IMG-5b6da9807cdb9d64facdc2930626ca67-Vvideo clips, slide shows, thematic games and visual examples. In addition to the breakdown of the topics, we were able to talk with many of the kids in person. On one of the topics we discussed was fears, Sasha suggested that the children think about the fears that are keeping them from living. As well he offer to stay longer those kids who would like us to pray for them personally. There were stayed about 10 kids, whom we divided among all the team members. I prayed for the two girls. I was surprised to know that both of IMG-3e4f1805386aa7109b4456124a5fd60d-Vthem are named Sveta). Immediately we tried to figure out what fears they would like to pray for. One of the girls had difficulty expressing her thoughts, but we were able to find outIMG-2bb51c0d6674ce08e2c52774d913936d-V that she was afraid of insects and would like to be less afraid of them. The second girl said that she was ridiculed and called names in class because she wanted to do well in school and get good grades. It is difficult for her to be in class and communicate with children who hurt her. I prayed for them and so did the rest of our team. Also this month we started not just praying for the kids, but teachingP_20220413_192724_vHDR_On them to be more conscious of prayer, teaching them to address God in prayer, to bring their fears and problems to Him. We suggested that the kids not just listen to our prayer, when someone from the team prayed for them, but that everyone who wanted to join in repeatedly pray with someone from the team. Almost all of the kids are praying with us in this way. I’d also like to note that most of the children are well aware of the Bible stories we studied, they quickly and accurately answer our questions, reflect, ask interesting and deep questions. In addition to fellowship, games, and organizational moments, everyIMG-d41b2466de1d5f79479ea09298c365ad-V time I try to give one of the children a hug, like when we are listening to a lesson or watching a video. It’s noticeable how much these kids miss that kind of attention. I see how these children come to life, how they come to me on my next visits and hug me, give me their attention, share their worries and try to stay with me longer. I hope that I manage to give them a little bit of warmth. IMG-8a4bbe65bce67bb10e92b0ddb8d19bc4-VOn one visit I noticed one boy who greeted us, came to meet us, and then left and only came for a topic breakdown. He missed the time when we were socializing with the kids, playing, singing songs. After the meeting I asked him why he did that – he said he didn’t know. I told him that we weren’t just coming to tell them a Bible story, that it was important for us to spendIMG-9459a1f0a32a0990f3cbff229a51a0b0-V time with the kids in person, that we all noticed and felt that we would like to spend more time together with them. At the following meetings this boy never left again. Last week we brought small gifts of various stationery to the children who were at our meeting and I was really touched by the reaction of one of the boys when he opened his gift. It was such sincere and great joy for such mundane things! It made me step back and look at my life from different perspective and thank God for what I have!

In March: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: March 31, 2022 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Rudensk

Hello, everyone! After a long personal break in ministry, my first visit was to orphanage in Rudensk. It was iJLyH2YhXSEgreat to see the faces of the children again, to notice the positive changes and to be happy about their successes! This month we have finished the series of topics on Jesus Christ and the miracles He performed during His life. The one thing they all had in common was that God is always there, He is here, He hears and is ready to reach out and do miracles in the lives of those who still believe in Him today! For many these truths were key. The kids knew firsthand what loneliness, rejection and abandonment were. But the news that there is Someone Tu12bevtElMWho cares, Someone who loves them and is willing to solve their problems made many of them think, and it was visible in their faces. That’s what’s important to them every day. That’s what really gets to them. A memorable moment was when, after our conversation, Sasha offered P_20220323_190454_vHDR_On_pto pray for the fears the children have. We were divided into small groups and the guys began to tell what was bothering them. It was touching that they were asking us to pray for their parents, who had abandoned them, and for the war between Russia and Ukraine to be over as soon as possible. The guys, who need love so badly, clearly understand how the world needs love, so that all the terrible things that are happening now would stop. At moments like that you understand thatuvm3E_Mr3qo everything that is being said through us is not in vain. And even if now there are no clear and visible results of repentance, which sometimes you desire so much, but I believe that for each of us God has his own plan of salvation! At the end of the month, we began a series of topics on David that we plan to continue next month. We hope that these topics will also be relevant and from the example of David’s life, they will be able to see the benefits of living with God!

P_20220323_190956_vHDR_On_pI would also like to share a story that happened at one of the meetings. Two middle school boys come to us who are friends, but also often have rivalries and conflicts. One of them believes in God and actively tries to bring the other to our Bible lessons. The other, in turn, has often ridiculed him because of his faith. But after talking about the miracles of Jesus, we showed the boys a movie “The Girl Who Believes in Miracles,” which was a good representation of the reality of His miracles in our day. After that, the boy who had been teasing his friend changed his mind and said to his friend the following words, “Okay, okay, you better believe in your God always and in everything!” Personally I was strengthened by this situation and smiled, because even if by small steps, faith is sprouting in the hearts of our beloved boys! Praise God! He is great!

In February: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: February 28, 2022 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Rudensk

Greetings, brothers and sisters! February is a special month, so many things are going on in Belarus now! We thank everyone who prays for peace and asks God to stop the war!

hnYlfhKUZvYTnDkbgj6jScThis month we had the opportunity to serve at the Rudensky orphanage. When we come to the guys we meet not just children running out to meet us, but the guys who have become a part of our lives. More and more guys are coming to our meetings, the guys who used to ignore them. Bozhena is one of them. I asked this girl once why she decided to come to our meetings. She replied that she didn’t understand everything before and therefore it wasn’t really interesting. But now our meetings become more and more enteresting for her and things that we discuss become more clear as well. “I like that I am not alone. I feel accepted here,” — once she said. This month we talked about friendship. Such a simple concept but how difficult it can be to trust somebody or to believe that you can be accepted. Every child wants to have friends but not everyone knows how to do that. Nastya was talking about four friends who brought a paralyzed man to Jesus. She asked the question: “Guys, what was special about that paralyzed man? Why did he have friends?”

Many children in the orphanages worry that they have noKBHB2PhuHKc8-Al5b2En2Q friends because of their appearance. But the point is not the appearance but your heart, are you ready to have friends and to open your heart to be friendly? In addition to friendship Nastya told the story about the healing of a paralyzed man, who was brought by his friends to Jesus through the roof. That was the continuation of the series of topics about the miracles of Jesus Christ. We talked about the miracle (what it is) and how it differs from magic or illusion. I like that our topics are very relevant. Often they reveal the lie that the devil put in the children’s mind, calling these things “help”. The consequences of this lie are much more destructive than it seems at first glance! Ilya at one of the meetings talked about the miraculous satiation of 5,000 people. He asked the guys a question: “If you needed a miracle now and Jesus did it, would you believe it?” All the guys answered: “Yes, we would believe it!”Ilya said that to notice all the good things that God does in our lives and thank Him for that is very important . After the meeting the guys came up and told us about different situations they were going through. They realized that certain situations were not coincidences but God’s help. It is so encouraging to understand that the guys on their own have come to such conclusion!

fz60UVwFrIEQGhZvIQsKd4Also during this month we talked about faith. We raised the question about faith. “Faith or doubt? Which is stronger?” And opinions divided. Some shouted that faith is stronger but others kept saying that doubts are stronger than faith. It’s always nice to see that the guys have their own perspective on things and can substantiate it. We talked about faith and that it is formed in childhood. It is in childhood when we start to trust and believe. We also said that the family where the child is growing defines what this child will believe in. In our case the caregivers form children’s faith because they tell them what is true and what is wrong. And if he or she says that faith in God is the best thing that God gives to us, in this case faith will bring hope and the whole group of children will be believers! But if guys are under the influence of a teacher or a caregiver who does not believe then it will be much harder for such guys to believe in God. We based the lesson about faith on the story about Jairus and his daughter. Faith always suppress doubts and on the contrary doubts try to choke the faith off. But in this story Jesus says something very important: – “Do not be afraid! Only believe!”. In many cases that’s all a person needs to know. Doubts may come but we should not be afraid instead we should believe that God will help. And sometimes we need to separate ourselves from the

people who laughs at us or pushes us to do something wrong. But there is great joy even in such situation when we have to make efforts to protect the seeds of faith in the soil of our hearts. Joy and peace floods our hearts when we came through such season. I really like that the guys strive to implement the things they’ve heard in their lives!

Thank you very much, friends, for your prayers! We believe that the word of God will give abundant fruit in the lives of children! Pray that God would continue to help children open their hearts and make the right decisions!

In December: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: December 31, 2021 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Rudensk

Greetings, dear brothers and sisters! We thank everyone who prayed for our ministry and for the orphans! WiTQctliSp4We are glad that together with you and God we can expand the kingdom of God by carrying the gospel!

In December, we had the opportunity to visit the Rudensky boarding school 5 times. If you look at the photos, you will notice children who used to be in elementary school and did not attend our meetings. We went to their groups and held Bible meetingsqpWimX3WuSM there. But time goes by and now these guys have matured and they are allowed to come to our general meetings. We are glad that we once laid the foundation and now we see the fruits! This month we gave more opportunities to children to pray and participate in joint prayers. What are the children asking for? “Dear God, help me win in competitions, and also give me understanding in school subjects in order to study better.” “Lord, I ask you to take me home for the winter holidays.” “Lord, help the virus to leave our country.” “Thank you for being here and already helping us.” Simple words and thoughts about the urgent. But A8-gejwZRpsthese are the first steps, and they please us. We see how children feel safe when they come to meetings. We can reflect with the guys about the lives of biblical heroes. Recently we talked about Esther and how she conquered her fears! We also remembered Ruth and her loyalty to Naomi, as well as how Boaz was a relative of the redeemer. If it wasn’t for Boaz, then most likely they would have lived in poverty and died quickly. When we talked about Boaz, we said that he saved the lives of Ruth and Naomi, but faith in Christ gives us redemption and salvation. Usually, there lijTctmkaK8are a lot of questions after such serious topics. For example: “What should the people do to stop the famine (this story is about Naomi and her husband)”? I replied that if the people repented for their sins, there would be no famine at all. So in our life, we think if we move somewhere, our personal life will change, but life depends the relationship with God only! Boaz paid for the land to redeem it, as well as for Naomi’s debts, and Jesus Christ redeemed us from our sins. We also talked to the guys about Jonah. They talked about how the disobedience of one person could lead to the death of an entire city. And how God is interested in saving unbelieving cruel people. Then we discussed that we, as people, decide for ourselves who to kJKc6LqXw30help and who not. But God shows his heart, and it is full of love. We didn’t choose Him, but He chose us when we were still sinners. The guys were very hooked, because “such love is simply impossible in our world” – the guys said! Then I looked and said: “Artem, God loves and gives everyone a chance. He does not want any man to perish, so He sent His Son to save and reconcile people and God.”

Also this month we talked about the Nativity of Jesus. We talked about the2ciaVTjhVuA fact that the world lies in sin, but God does not care and He wants salvation. The birth of Jesus Christ was a decision of God and a plan to save man from his own sin. We talked about the fact that the baby Jesus was born in a stable, about how Joseph did not believe Mary and how the Angel confirmed that the savior of the world was born. Everyone knows the story, but we also watched and analyzed the angel’s words about peace on earth. Peace came to the earth only when Jesus came. It was His Birth and later life that reconciled people and God through faith. “And what is the Nativity of Jesus Christ for you?”-I Everyone has their own associations connected with Christmas. Someone associates it with dreams, someone with holiday decorations and gifts. Looking back on how this month has passed and how this year has passed, I thank God for His guidance! After all, thanks to His grace, we could make trips to boarding schools, bring joy and hope to children! Thank God for everything! Merry Christmas!