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In November: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: November 30, 2022 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Rudensk

Fall came to its end, and so did one more month, during which we served the orphans of our country.S4yf7tVOtN0 In the middle of the month E_nY_y3xap4our team and church devoted time to Prayer Day for orphans. It is always a blessed time, because we can remind believers again about God’s special attitude to orphans and call them to pray more often for these children and serve them. But at the same time, we talked with the children about how God takes care of them and called them not only to expect that somebody will pray for them but that they will also learn to pray for themselves and each other.   This month we finished discussing the series of topics from the program ‘You are special’. Thanks to this program, children learn 07x81nB8L-ws5y-PV4h6bgto accept God’s view of a person, treat each other as God’s creation and see the individuality of other children as their worth but not as a weakness. At the closing meeting, we talked about the perfect and unconditional love for people that God showed through the cross of Calvary, where His beloved Son was crucified. The atmosphere of this meeting was filled with special peace and joy. At the end of the meeting, all the children who were present prayed the repentance prayer! What will be after that? We believe that after that, God will not leave these children, and we will try to be an example and the mentors who will help them get to know their Heavenly Father better and better.

flVKjq3ampcIYIzWcdho2MMoreover, we had a sports relay race which the children love. We love these activities because we can learn more about the children’s characters. New children attend these events too, so we can invite them to our Bible lessons. This time we had the thematic relay race. As the snow had already fallen and it’s been quite frosty, the children are already looking forward to Christmas and New year celebrations, we decided to devote this activity to the topic of Christmas. And at the end, we had a great opportunity to talk with the children about the coming birthday of Jesus Christ who brought joy, peace, and hope to people!

-F0TNtb_7bcZNAUeMCyNSYDuring the very last meeting of this month, we separated boys and girls and had ‘Boys’ time’ and ‘Girls’ time’. At these meetings, Iliya talked with the older boys and Nastya talked with the girls about hygiene. It may seem that this topic is very casual and simple. Nevertheless, because of their orphanhood and experience of being rejected, they still have to learn to take care of themselves and their bodies, accept and love themselves. Moreover, this topic was not only about body hygiene, but also about the cleanness of thoughts and a heart, as this is also important in God’s eyes. At the end of the meeting everyone who came got different hygienic things as presents. We are very grateful to God that the ministry to orphans is still going on today, and there are so many kind and faithful friends who help with their resources and have been supporting our team in prayers for so many years! May everyone who is not indifferent to the lives of the orphans be blessed!

In October: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: October 30, 2022 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Rudensk

October was warm and sunny both in terms of the weather and meetings with the children. Every time we come to Rudensk, we CdYyTVjqnjMare greeted with smiles by a crowd of children who TlpGe1R2ysoare ready to spend time with us. Every month we take a topic that is relevant for the children. Those topics might be painful for some of them, but some of them didn’t even think about it before. God’s сare was the key topic of last month, the purpose of which was to show each of the children the special role of God in our lives. Care is something those children lack.

4h-K6MrEXH0uLyelKzXy98Using the examples of biblical characters, we revealed God’s love for each of them. We talked about how valuable each of us is for God; how God cares and keeps us safe; we talked about the fact that the One who created everyone doesn’t make any mistakes; about the fact that nothing happens in our life without His will, and God has a plan for each of us personally. The topics of last month were “God’s Care”, “God looks into the heart”, “Plan for you personally”, and “Always near”. We played a lot of games with the children, learned and sang new wonderful songs on the topics we’d covered. For me personally, each of the topics we’d covered was really special and important. I believe that we were able to share this understanding with the children. I hope that not a single word spoken through us would turn out to be in vain. I pray that within this time the Lord will find each of the children for His Kingdom.


In September: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: October 1, 2022 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Rudensk

41sgFuuzvec1rew8EVlk8AThis year there weren’t many graduates at Rudensk orphanage, that’s why not so many children left school. Currently, the majority of children continue attending our meetings. According to our good tradition, we devoted the first meeting to the conversation with the children so they could share their news and tell us about the events that took place in their lives during the summer vacation. It’s interesting that the children in Rudensk, unlike the children in all the other orphanages we visit, eagerly asked where our team was and how our summer went. They were trying to find out about every person, who had been visiting them during the previous study year. We devoted our next meeting to the relay race as the children from Rudensk orphanage like it so much. Sport is highly appreciated here.

tsq-3v0iyW4TMXrHbiHXpMThe children go swimming actively, play football, and are keen on skiing during the winter period. They often take part in different contests and competitions among other schools and regions and often take prize-winning places. During one of our meetings, they asked Alyona to pray for the coming football competition. They were asking for getting exactly the first place not second or third. When we came the next time we heard a lot of words of admiration for how God had answered Aloyna’s and their prayers and God himself had helped them win! In such moments, we are filled with joy because God answers prayers and sends such great testimonies to these children’s lives! Glory be to Him for that!

MT6Iumx04wQ8NzHbcUB2boDuring our next meetings, we started the series of topics of our program ‘You are special’. The fact is that these children experienced rejection, and had problems with self-acceptance, and their appearance which had traumatized them deeply. Sometimes such a state leads children, especially teenagers, to either closedness and insecurity or aggressiveness and wish to mock others or humiliate them. Exactly for that reason, we decided to discuss the series of topics from the program ‘You are special’ so that everyone will be able to know that God treats every person with such love and affection and He created each of these children unique and incomparable!

Thanks to everyone who has been with us for so many years and is still faithful in their prayers!

In May “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: June 1, 2022 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Rudensk

In May I had trips to Rudensk. We presented a series of topics about Daniel. Most of the times I was IMG_20220518_201954responsible for the games. We also held a Banana party – active game-contest. The guys had been asking for such activity for a long time and were very happy. The younger ones were spectators and the older ones were participants, but in the end everyone got prizes — bananas! During discussions of the topics we told the guys about Daniel’s faithfulness and love for God and aboutIMG_20220518_192208 the importance of such relationships. While we prayed together a younger boy named Sasha came up to me and said that he also wanted to pray with us but he was too shy to stand out. Eventually he joined our prayer and asked God for reunion with his parents. I keep on interacting with him whenever I come to the orphanage and I can see that he is very attentive and sincere child. So I was very moved by this prayer. No matter how good they feel outside of their families all children still dream of a real family. But now Sasha knows he can speak to God and ask Him to involve. Let his prayer be answered!

IMG_20220518_192836I would also like to mention that the children sincerely miss us, always wait for us and are happy to have time with us.This month two new guys joined us during our visit to Rudensk. We hope that they may become part of our team in the future. On the way to the orphanage, we told them a lot about the children there and disabilities these kids have. They shared their worries that it would be too hard for them and they were especially worried about how the children would reactIMG-43318d50cf0e0d39ebdc02d4da21c83d-V to them. When we arrived at the orphanage from the very first minutes both older and younger kids surrounded our new guyes, started getting to know them, complimenting them, hugging them and telling them about themselves. Personally I was touched and amazed at that moment, because at those very moments, I especially admired how these children, despite the pain they have gone through and all the wounds that were inflicted on them in childhood by their closest people, can so easily accept, love and open their hearts to new people! Sometimes, we – adults, who have everything we need to live, whose freedom IMG_20220518_194323is not restricted, who have someone waiting and loving at home, are not able to accept and love as much as these children! Through all of this, we have once again seen that we are not the only ones who teach orphans something new, but that everyone has something to learn from them as well! So we thank God for the good lessons He is teaching us through orphans! We are also thankful to everyone who takes part in our ministry, who donates their resources, time, and finances!

In April: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: April 30, 2022 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Rudensk

In April, together with our team we visited a opharanage in Rudensk. This month we had a series of talks IMG-2de94acc114e3dc69eb30a654ccd66db-Vabout David. We talked with the children about fears; about how God looked at the heart; about how David also made mistakes in his life, but whatever happened he came to God; we talked about jealousy and the consequences it can lead to; we also talked about friendship, using the example of the relationship between David and Jonathan; we also talked about Easter and we discussed the history IMG-d41b2466de1d5f79479ea09298c365ad-Vof the holiday, its significance in our day and traditions. In order to bring the information to the kids as clear as possible, we prepared auxiliary materials such as IMG-5b6da9807cdb9d64facdc2930626ca67-Vvideo clips, slide shows, thematic games and visual examples. In addition to the breakdown of the topics, we were able to talk with many of the kids in person. On one of the topics we discussed was fears, Sasha suggested that the children think about the fears that are keeping them from living. As well he offer to stay longer those kids who would like us to pray for them personally. There were stayed about 10 kids, whom we divided among all the team members. I prayed for the two girls. I was surprised to know that both of IMG-3e4f1805386aa7109b4456124a5fd60d-Vthem are named Sveta). Immediately we tried to figure out what fears they would like to pray for. One of the girls had difficulty expressing her thoughts, but we were able to find outIMG-2bb51c0d6674ce08e2c52774d913936d-V that she was afraid of insects and would like to be less afraid of them. The second girl said that she was ridiculed and called names in class because she wanted to do well in school and get good grades. It is difficult for her to be in class and communicate with children who hurt her. I prayed for them and so did the rest of our team. Also this month we started not just praying for the kids, but teachingP_20220413_192724_vHDR_On them to be more conscious of prayer, teaching them to address God in prayer, to bring their fears and problems to Him. We suggested that the kids not just listen to our prayer, when someone from the team prayed for them, but that everyone who wanted to join in repeatedly pray with someone from the team. Almost all of the kids are praying with us in this way. I’d also like to note that most of the children are well aware of the Bible stories we studied, they quickly and accurately answer our questions, reflect, ask interesting and deep questions. In addition to fellowship, games, and organizational moments, everyIMG-d41b2466de1d5f79479ea09298c365ad-V time I try to give one of the children a hug, like when we are listening to a lesson or watching a video. It’s noticeable how much these kids miss that kind of attention. I see how these children come to life, how they come to me on my next visits and hug me, give me their attention, share their worries and try to stay with me longer. I hope that I manage to give them a little bit of warmth. IMG-8a4bbe65bce67bb10e92b0ddb8d19bc4-VOn one visit I noticed one boy who greeted us, came to meet us, and then left and only came for a topic breakdown. He missed the time when we were socializing with the kids, playing, singing songs. After the meeting I asked him why he did that – he said he didn’t know. I told him that we weren’t just coming to tell them a Bible story, that it was important for us to spendIMG-9459a1f0a32a0990f3cbff229a51a0b0-V time with the kids in person, that we all noticed and felt that we would like to spend more time together with them. At the following meetings this boy never left again. Last week we brought small gifts of various stationery to the children who were at our meeting and I was really touched by the reaction of one of the boys when he opened his gift. It was such sincere and great joy for such mundane things! It made me step back and look at my life from different perspective and thank God for what I have!