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In September: “Grozovo orphanage”

Posted: September 26, 2012 by Dobr9k in Grozovo

Hi everyone!
So here we are – the summer is over and a new academic year has begun.
It means that a new season of our visits to the Grozov orphanage has
been launched. During the summer camp we have built strong attachments
with the orphans and they are looking forward to see us again now. We
are happy that the kids trust us more now. We can discuss anything
with them, they share with us their joys and sorrows, tell us their
prayer needs, ask for advice and some kids have accepted Jesus Christ
into their hearts. All this gives us plenty of strength and
inspiration to serve those kids.
We have prepared a cycle of lectures for them entitled “Jesus We Don’t
Know”. We want the kids to learn more about our Savior Jesus Christ.
We also talk with them about the positive and negative subcultures
that exist in our world so that the kids will have knowledge and
understanding about the music they are fond of which can influence
their minds, their attitude to clothes, make-up and, their choice of
role-models. We teach them about the hidden symbols and show that
there is an alternative to all that has evil roots. Many kids love to
read and we used it as an opportunity to preach – each time we bring
with us Christian books for the children to read. And they like to
read them and discuss with us.

Our foremost task now is to fight for the kids who still haven’t
reconciled with Jesus and for those who have already accepted Jesus
into their lives so that they will not lose the love and faith they
have received. We encourage you to join our prayers for the kids so
that the seeds that were sown would grow and give plenty of fruit and
so that God would give us wisdom to provide the children with the
right guidance so that no soul would perish but rather gain eternal
life with the Lord.

I am very grateful to God for our ministry! I am thankful for this academic year and for communication with children, for this opportunity that we got to share with them something new about God. Moreover, we have an opportunity to play with them, talk and simply sit next to them.
We want these kids to know that they are loved from their childhood. But our main goal is to tell them about God’s love to everyone. Also to show them that God accepts people the way they are without reference to their age, appearance and accommodations.
It’s so great to see how God opens children’s hears for communication and receiving His Word!
Praise the Lord that through His Word He’s given hopes to their hearts!
On our meetings with small kids we talk about: “The creation of the earth”, “First humans”, “Noah’s ark”. Children with joy and interest listen to it, because in every day’s life not so many people are telling them about the way the earth was created and who were the first people on this earth. Even though they talk about it in school sometimes, most of the times they are told about evolution. Unfortunately, God is left behind as something mythical or fairy. But we are trying to do everything we can to let these children get to know true Creator of the earth and everything that fills it!

I am very thankful to God that the next school year began. For children, it is not always an enjoyable time, but we all know and understand that the welfare of their lives depends on their learning and the level of knowledge. And for our team it is the next challenge!
Our dreams come true when the dreams of the children we serve come true. You might think that the dreams of children from orphanages often based on material needs. But this is false. Many of them have dreams that are hidden deep in the heart, to find themselves in this life, to be important for someone, to have a family. That’s why we dream and do everything possible to make their dreams come true. That they recognize the value and uniqueness of their personality, they saw the beauty of life and make the right decisions on their not a simple path.
We strive to ensure that children at risk, with whom we communicate, get in the right direction in life.
Throughout the year we attend Smilovichi shelter. There we met with Julia and her brother Sergei. In the winter, they were happy that they soon will be taken to a foster home. This hope they lived! But no one would have thought that five months later, they again fall into the shelter. It seems that all hope is destroyed! Cruel adult world again rejected the “inconvenient” children! But the pain and wounds that we sometimes inflict, left deep scars in the hearts.
During the talk, Julia disclose everything that happened to her and what she felt. Inflicted wounds of the heart are still being felt, because the pain is just in time! Julia and Sergey – children who have been rejected once and again, they again are deceived and disappointed, but – did not break. Yes, these children grow up very quickly and adapt, but inside they have a huge hole, they lack the love of parents, they lack the support of family members.
If you go back to the beginning, you can view the whole tragedy of life of Julia and Sergey. Their mother had cancer patients. She struggled to care for herself, let alone to care for their children, and especially to go to work. The father of these children for many years is unemployed. Besides – alcoholic. Houses were constant scandals and lack of funds. After a while, the children were sent to an orphanage, before the court decision. At the hearing it was finally decided, “termination of parental rights” parents of Sergey and Julia. Children could only wait, what will happen to them next? They face life in a boarding school. But in winter there were people who wanted to take them to the family. At that time we saw them shining with happiness eyes! Then we said goodbye to them in the hope that they have found a new family and be able to live a full life. But a few months later, we met again with them in the shelter. Julia shared with us the fact that life in the new family was very difficult and that a return to the shelter has become their great joy. At present they are again waiting for a new turning point in their lives. Once again, they are waiting for either a new foster family, or distribution of a boarding ...
What can I do to help this children? We overcome our difficulties, so that the children we serve, have learned to overcome their own. We win our fears so that each of them, look to us and have stayed in achieving their dreams. Through our work, we are trying to attract the attention of people around them to the children who are so in need.
We believe that with God the life of each child can be transformed and changed, because it is God who helps to get up, when you just can not do it. God gives hope. He gives faith. He gives belief that another family can be the ones to meet the parents, their dreams, which they prayed!