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In May: “Grozovo orphanage”

Posted: June 1, 2014 by Dobr9k in Grozovo

I IMG_3091found life in God! But what orphans find when we come? May is the last month of school. Summer holidays are coming soon. But also it’s time for good-byes and special feelings, because there are those whom you made friends with you love them very much. This mIMG_2883onth we just spend time with the children. We talked one on one, for boys we organized some sports, and our trips ended with the day for those who had birthdays. The atmosphere was very good, songs, games, IMG_3006word from the Bible and of course presents. On that day many of them had a real birthday, with many friends and presents. For some of them it was for the first time in their lives. Nothing could make their joy go away.
IMG_3135On one of the days we organized a volleyball championship. It was very hard to win over guys from the orphanage, as were played as one, we had a good understanding in the team. This is a good example for them, that unity – is a very strong thing and a cord of three strands is not quickly broken. TIMG_3150hough they lost the relationships stayed the same. There were many positive emotions from older guys and younger ones, who had their own program. Children love to have fun together! There were children from the whole small orphanage! Looking at us they see life in us and in God! What do they find? They find God! God, thank you that you use us, thanks to those who pray for this and helps with finances and encouragement!

In May: “Our ministry to the little ones”

Posted: June 1, 2014 by Dobr9k in Grozovo

I want to say that I am pleased with the result that we have reached by the end of this school year. IMG_2985IMG_2842Children became more open. They were open even for those whom they have seen for the first time, because now they accept everyone much closer than six months ago, and even more so a year ago. Many children are waiting for closing of the orphanage with the hope that maybe suddenly, after the closure, there will be something better.
“-Sasha, my mom will take me home – says Sergei, the court will be soon, and she will be allowed to pick me up, but it is a pity that my father is still drinking.” From the words of the boIMG_2863IMG_3121y it is clear how much he wants to have a family, relatives, people dear to him. He wants and dreams about it, but it is unknown whether it is a dream of his parents? It even seems to me that very few people dream about him at all in this world…

IMG_2891That was one of the goals of our team: to become native to the children and to find their relatives. So, summing up, I think that we did it! I’m saying it not to tell you that we are good, but in order to show how great is our God!
IMG_3089  In May, as it was before, we organized Bible classes, sporting events, trying to support their personal experiences and needs. Every conversation with children as for them, as for me brings a lot of joy, and after everything there is a big desire that this communication would not end even after boarding closes. The brightest event of this month was the farewell party, which we’ve called “Birthday celebration”. The boys could hear the parting words, and also had an IMG_2840opportunity to play, to remember learning songs and just to talk at the banquet table and remember the times lived together. At the end guys could get farewell gifts. We called this evening a “Happy Birthdays” to congratulate the children of the orphanage with the birthdays that they have already celebrated or will celebrate this year!
May 27 we had the last trip to Grozovskii boarding school, as the school was closed.