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From 9 to 18 June of this year, the territory of Belynichi held a boarding camp: “Pure Heart”. IMG_3769The program of the camp was founded on biblical lessons: “A man after God’s heart.” We used the life of David as a biblical example. IMG_3465God is creative and multi-faceted Personality! Praise Him for the excellent team, interesting and open children, responsive teachers, good weather! For miracles that never ceased to fascinate and delight us with its grandiosity! For a flurry of emotions and repentance of kids, for lives that been changed and spiritual lessons! For grace, peace and love throughout the camp! It’s not enough words to describe what was happening in our children’s hearts and the Holy Spirit was poured out on the boarding school Belynichy! DSCF4993Many thanks to those who did not forget to pray for us, for this camp and, please, pray for orphans! God bless you!

DSCF4457It was one of the most unusual camps that we did. From the first days of the camp God has blessed us with a team that aspires to be a single entity, given by 100%, to do everything that is necessary for children to trust us, open their hearts, to be friends and to search the answers to their questions and reservation of their problems. DSCF3693When we were submitting in fasting and prayer, God erases the borders of misunderstanding between us and the children, on the second day we were their friends, we were older brothers and sisters, we loved each other. fghjThrough the God’s Word in the morning and in the evening the Holy Spirit rebuked, taught, inspired and guided us. It’s amazing to feel the God’s guidance! We have received a special guidance of when and to whom we need to devote time and attention, especially for anyone to pray, and where we need just to stand in the gap. DSCF4351DSCF5026The weather pleased us all the time during the camp, even when there was rain, the children thanked God for it, because it was not necessary to work in the garden and that was an opportunity to spend more time by communicating with us. The weather didn’t preclude all the activities which were planned. It is worth also to mark the responsiveness of the administration and teachers of this school. God worked in their hearts, we believe that the Word penetrated and changed their attitude towards us and the kids, they became softer and kinder.The atmosphere of love that we impose will remain after us. It is necessary to pray that the devil won’t broke it…IMG_3843DSCF4599

I would also like to mention our evening meeting. We were singing, praying, playing there, and put a variety of formulations, but the most important was that we taught them to trust God their lives by illustrating David’s life. It was a good evenings, which made us rejoice and touched the hearts of children. DSCF3975DSCF4538I liked that the kids have always been trying to express themselves and show that they were not closed in themselves, they did not scary and did not hesitate to show they real personality, despite their mental and physical abnormalities. Sometimes we Christians do not have enough of such courage to show our faith and joy that God gives us. IMG_3382But the simplicity and innocence of children pushed us even more to pray for the salvation of their souls. During the call to repentance about 20 children decided to change their lives and to let God into their hearts.IMG_3415

This wonderful gift God has given to all those who care about the destiny of orphans. Once again God has proved that He is the Father of orphans! Last minutes of the camp were sad because we have a large family, children used to us, it was hard to say goodbye …DSCF3263 I had encouraged the children that the most valuable thing we gave them – these memorable minutes and moments that they will remember. I also believe that no matter where they are, no matter what has not happened in their lives, they will be able to recall what we have taught them, they can remember Him Who loves them, and Who is always ready to help them.

And may the grace of Jesus Christ, the love of God the Father and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with all the children of God! Joy and peace to all who read these words!

In June: “Rudensk orphanage”

Posted: July 3, 2014 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

DSC04636We had 2 final trips to Rudensk orphanage in June. Earlier we’ve told that children there were very open to any meetings with us. But most of all they liked our stag-parties and hen-parties when boys and girls gathered separately. That’s why we decided to arrange one of our meetings in such a way. The topic for girls and boys was the same: “Social networks. The influence of the Internet. The Internet is an addiction”. DSC04653This topic was of current importance for graduates. The reason is that while children are in their orphanage, they are taken care for, they are busy with their studies and other activities, and as the result they don’t waste their time in the Internet. But when they graduate from their schools they leave for other cities in order to either get another education or to enter a job. DSC04658As a rule, they start feeling there absolutely free and independent. More often children don’t know how to use money, how to make friends and this makes them be wasted in the Internet. We tried to warn children against any addictions, showing what God thinks about these addictions. In the Scriptures it’s said: “Everything is permissible for me – but not everything is beneficial; everything is permissible for me – but I will not be mastered by anything”. (1 Corinthians 6:12)

DSC04307Our second meeting was the last in this season. The graduates left for different cities either to study or to work. Those who are still in the orphanage were also sent to different cities for summer. Some of them left for Italy. The last meeting was held in a free format. Some of us focused on face-to-face communication with children, others played sports games with them. We were sad to part with the graduates, but we hope that we’ll be in touch with them and we also hope that God’s Word that they heard won’t be in vain.

Thank you all, who were with us during this year! May God bless you!

In June: “Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: July 2, 2014 by Dobr9k in Smilovichi

Greetings my dear friends! I want to share with you about how God has blessed children and us during this montIMG_20140626_194045IMG_20140626_200044h. We had only two trips to the orphanage, but during each of them we taught children what God wants. He wants us to have His Heart and not to lie to anybody! We watched cartoon “Fly, who likes to lie” and understood that we might stay all alone, without friends, if we will always lie!
Second meeting took place partially outdoors. We were playing with children outside. After that we went to a classroom. We were cutting out copies of our hand prints and hanging them on the tree. This tree stands as a symbol that we became one family during this year and God the Father, united us. He is the One who brought us to these children. IMG_20140626_200101IMG_20140626_200049We were growing the tree of kindness in their hearts and e want to see good fruits in their lives. We want to see the faith in Jesus Christ and good behavior. As the symbol of first fruits, we did a little surprise for them, the Chupa Chups grew on the handprints, which were on the tree. We reviewed everything that we learned during this year. Surprisingly, they remember a lot of things which even we forgot. In the end (for the summer period), we gave them the pencil stand which they made with their own hands. Let God’s mercy be with them entire summer and entire life! Dear readers and translators, BIG THANK YOU that you were always nearby, helping and praying for our ministry. Please don’t stop, we need you a lot; you are our strengths in the Lord! God bless you!