In June: “Smilovichi orphanage”

Posted: July 2, 2014 by Dobr9k in Smilovichi

Greetings my dear friends! I want to share with you about how God has blessed children and us during this montIMG_20140626_194045IMG_20140626_200044h. We had only two trips to the orphanage, but during each of them we taught children what God wants. He wants us to have His Heart and not to lie to anybody! We watched cartoon “Fly, who likes to lie” and understood that we might stay all alone, without friends, if we will always lie!
Second meeting took place partially outdoors. We were playing with children outside. After that we went to a classroom. We were cutting out copies of our hand prints and hanging them on the tree. This tree stands as a symbol that we became one family during this year and God the Father, united us. He is the One who brought us to these children. IMG_20140626_200101IMG_20140626_200049We were growing the tree of kindness in their hearts and e want to see good fruits in their lives. We want to see the faith in Jesus Christ and good behavior. As the symbol of first fruits, we did a little surprise for them, the Chupa Chups grew on the handprints, which were on the tree. We reviewed everything that we learned during this year. Surprisingly, they remember a lot of things which even we forgot. In the end (for the summer period), we gave them the pencil stand which they made with their own hands. Let God’s mercy be with them entire summer and entire life! Dear readers and translators, BIG THANK YOU that you were always nearby, helping and praying for our ministry. Please don’t stop, we need you a lot; you are our strengths in the Lord! God bless you!

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