In January: “Christmas events”

Posted: January 30, 2021 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Uncategorized

Dear friends, we are glad to welcome you to our website! January 2021 has begun! We are so glad that God continues to pour out His mercy, and we have the opportunity to spread His Kingdom on the Belarusian land. Together with the team, we prayed for open doors to boarding schools at Christmas time during the pandemic. We also prayed to collect gift sets for orphans. God hears and answers! We had the opportunity to collect more than 7,000 thousand gift sets. We are so happy that children will receive not just gift sets consisting of only sweets, but gifts that will contain everything they need. With the whole team we visited 20 orphanages and boarding schools in Belarus. Every orphanage has special children! When we visited the Molodechno, Shklov boarding school, there were children who had lost their sight and it is very important for them that toys make sounds. It was nice to see how the children touched the gifts with their hands and were happy that they now have their own toy with sound and new hygiene items with a pleasant smell! When they touched the shower gel or shampoo, soap, they tried to smell them, and then said: — How great everything smells! My dreams have come true this is the best gift ever. Anastasia always dreamed of a warm and soft bathrobe and wearing it feel in the arms of mom and it was in her gift that we put the bathrobe. Also we were in Rudensky and Belynichskiy boarding schools. Children with mental and physical disabilities live there. These children were especially happy that we came to them after a long time. We know many children and were able to see them grow up. Anton told me that Santa Claus did not come this year and did not bring gifts! It’s all Covid’s fault! I got a chance to reveal to him the truth about the Heavenly Father and the real essence of the Christmas holiday. Many children in a gift box found exactly what they had wanted for a long time and had prayed for! Children shouted: «I got a flashlight», «and I got colored pencils», « and I got a beautiful doll», «and I have a hat and gloves and I’m so happy about it, because now I will not be cold and ill». We went in Vileika boarding school where the children live with speech disorder. When they met us, each of them wanted to show their attention, so they grabbed our hands to talk face to face. Over the past 4 months, we have not seen them, and here is such an opportunity to communicate, because so many new things happened. When the Christmas production began, we noticed how our visits every Friday helped to form the children’s basic knowledge about God and His Son Jesus Christ. Even the teachers were surprised by the children’s answers. Everyone wanted to participate and prove themselves! When the gifts were distributed, we saw that the children were blooming, taken from gift boxes toothpastes, brushes, soap and toys in the corridor of the boarding school. Before our departure, the teachers said that they hadn’t seen children so happy for long time. Each of us is happy to be able to give a gift to every orphan child, andprimarily to tell them the good news about the Savior and God, who is Love! Thank you to everyone who prays for us, we really appreciate it! Let us pray that the seeds of faith sown will bear fruit.

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