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In February: Grozovo orphanage

Posted: February 27, 2012 by Dobr9k in Grozovo

February is a very cold season in our country. Children aren’t allowed to go anywhere this time. So when we were visiting them children were glad to see us. They were very happy, tell us about their problems and didn’t want to let us home. Every child has wanted to talk with us as much as it was possible.
We have discussion on different themes such as “Trustiness” and “Hostility”. For example, when we talked about trustiness we’d answered to different questions about what does trustiness mean, tell different stories about this feature of character.
On one of the meetings we had a talk with boys and girls in separate groups. During this conversation we’ve revealed different problems which concerned both sexes.
We also pray for children which talk with us about different problems in their life. One girl had asked us to pray for her because sometimes she has thoughts about suicide. Her friend had done it. But on our next meeting she came and said thank us for help. She was enjoying her life and she knew that we love her and help her. She could felt love which she was so lacked.
We are happy to see joy of children which are in such conditions. It is very good when God gives them hope!…

In January: Grozovo orphanage

Posted: February 24, 2012 by Dobr9k in Grozovo

Dear friends, we have a great privilege to share with you what happens in our country and what happens in the hearts of children which don’t have parent’s care. Thanks God that He opens our eyes and ears so that we can see and hear and help to feel the needs of those people who needs. I’m grateful for people who read this letter because just with you we can change the future of the children in our country. We give them a hope that they don’t have.
I want to tell you about our visiting Grozovo orphanage. It was not long since the whole world was celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. We also have done a Christmas action for the children from this orphanage. With the help of our friends we’ve done a costume show which was called “Touching the sky”. We were able to show that God is not far from us that His influence on us is unchangeable. Guys have shown through this action that very often we are departed from God, replacing his everyday life, well then, in the bustle of people are deprived of peace and tranquility, become irritable! The group showed the relation of God to people, that God’s love covers all, and that God does not care what happens in human life. On this action came not only orphans, but also teachers and their families. It was a good opportunity for testimony, which we had used. A week before the performance, at the orphanage was a tragedy – one boy died. The tragedy has shocked everyone, but at the same time, each had the opportunity to reflect on the meaning of life … In the performance there was much talked about hope, about love of the Creator to man, as well as reconciliation with God. A lot of guys then asked questions for which it was evident that the information had concerned the children’s hearts. I thank God for what we could spend this evening with children, because thanks to this, we were able to answer many questions of concern to children, as well as talk about the birth of the Savior.
After the show we gave children a gift as a reminder that God is the initiator of the gifts on the Earth. It was the first time he made a gift to the people when he sent his Son into the world. Time has passed very quickly, people did not want go home and they had a lot of questions for which they wanted to get as many answers. Then we had said the guys that we’ll be able to answer their questions on Wednesdays because in this day of the week we visit Grozovo orphanage.
When we were driving home I thought about how great is to live when you do something for the eternal, knowing that it will give harvest at the right time.
I thank everyone who prayed or just experiencing a ministry to orphans in Belarus!