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In January: Rudinsk boarding school

Posted: January 25, 2012 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

Greetings to you.
Dear friends, I want to congratulate you on Christmas, our Saviour’s Birthday! I’m lacking words to describe how much God loved both the abandoned and those who have everything they wish. In God’s design there is a place for everyone, which means that there is Hope for everyone. Hope is such a sweet word, that comforts the soul, warms and fills it with peace, joy and love! This is exactly what every man needs! Blessed be the Lord, who sent His only Son to the earth so that people wouldn’t perish but have life. Have a merry Christmas, dear friends.
This month we’ve spent Christmas holidays in the boarding school in Rudensk. Christmas is the day of love and hope, people gather together at home and celebrate with the relatives, but it’s still impossible to understand how the abandoned kids can celebrate. What these children think, what they pray for and what they dream of. We tried to get an answer to these questions. When we came to the boarding school with our Christmas program all the kids and the stuff were present. The youth from the Bethlehem church helped us with the program. They kids were coming to the room and in some minutes the service began. Our purpose was to get acquainted with the kids, to tell them about Christmas and the gift of God to us. During the service children were participating in the games, were singing songs and answering the questions of the leaders.
After the service we were talking to the kids and when we asked about their dreams on the Christmas day, the answer was to spend this day at home with parents. Many kids dream about having their own parents. Many pray for the parents who are in prisons so that they would be released and would come to take them home. When you hear such unchildish answers it touches the very heart and you can’t be indifferent.
We gave out the presents we brought and reminded the kids once again that the most precious present we have is the present God gave us. Christ is the present that can’t be measured in money, because due to Him we have everlasting life.
Dear friends, thank you for youк contribution in this God’s ministry. Pray for the kids and the seed planted in their heart to bring fruit.

In January: Special boarding school in Belinichy

Posted: January 25, 2012 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

Dear friends,

Let me remind you that not so long ago we, alongside many other Christians all over the world, celebrated the Birth of our Savior Jesus Christ! All churches and families paid tribute to this day and my family also spent Christmas together. There was one thing, however, that occupied my thoughts during the festive season. For some time I have been regularly visiting an orphanage in Belinichy where children with no families live. My team and I were deeply touched that there is nobody there for those children to tell them about Christmas. And that’s why we decided to address this problem to two churches and make a special day for the orphans. The congregations were willing to help us and one church organised gifts and songs for the children while the other prepared a Christmas performance. The administration of the orphanage allowed us to hold the celebration on January 13.

At last everything was ready and about 35 people gathered at the church to pray before our visit. Out trip to the orphanage took us three hours and when we got there the kids were so excited to see so many guests, the boys helped us to carry the decorations and music instruments while the girls were making friends with the girls from our church. In an hour the hall was full with the children waiting for the performance. When the host of the performance appeared at the stage everybody began to applaud to him, the kids eagerly participated in all the activities he offered, they loved Christian songs and the performance.

At the end of the programme we presented Christmas gifts to the children. The gits were prepared personally for each child. Every gift box had a name on it and all the presents were different. Children loved this surprise because very often they get similar gifts that seem to be a little boring. And when you have your name on a gift than you feel special for somebody prepared this very present especially for you and was thinking about you. All the children loved their presents and were very, very happy.

I thought that the children got a chance to feel the Christmas spirit during the evening we spent with them, they could experience God’s love in action represented and expressed by our gifts and attention. There were tons of laughter, smiles and happy faces. The kids thanked us and invited us to come again. I was pleased to see them getting acquainted with the people from the church who, I’m sure, were deeply impressed by this visit and will care more about the orphans from that time on.

I’m grateful to God for this wonderful time we had together, for this Christmas gift He helped us to organize for the children, for all those who participated in this project. I know that God remembers the orphans and cares about them. It is written in Psalm 146 that God keeps strangers and supports all widows and orphans. I also wish to thank you for your kind support knowing that your hearts always stay open to our ministry. May God bless you all!

In December: Sport in Grozovo boarding school

Posted: January 21, 2012 by Dobr9k in Grozovo

In December, when many went away for the holidays, with children who stayed in a boarding school in the storm, we played volleyball. This game was chosen because it can play and the guys and girls. Usually we play football with the guys, but now we have decided to engage and girls. We got it. The first Wednesday we played just … forces were equal. Benefited in many ways: we, they. It was interesting to see how they get angry when they lose and scream at each other. This suggests that they sometimes can not work as a team, and those in authority are always right. His game, we showed how to behave when something goes wrong, support each other and fight until the last-minute, just fun to have fun and enjoy, even if it’s not as much as you want. Not everyone knew it … But for some it was a good example and a lesson! Them to have a greater incentive to play next Wednesday we bought a sweet prize – the cake … We were smaller and in a team, we have several people from their boarding school. The game was tense. In spite of our victory, we gave the children a cake. Those who played on our team was able to feel relaxed and friendly atmosphere … This is especially felt Christina. She obtained do not feed and she was angry at myself, thinking that it would be cursing and screaming, but instead we just encouraged her and she’s a little fun … was not even shocked … I like it when we do spend time with their children, they can see us better in the difficult and unusual situations, can see the relationship between us, the response to the problem. We went through the game down to their level, we fight, we want to win, we do not always get something, we’re just fooling around … And most importantly we are with them become more amicable … Sport – it’s also a good icebreaker.

Christmas vacation with a litlle girl Valya.

Posted: January 11, 2012 by Dobr9k in Uncategorized

It was her first Christmas with Jesus!
When you ask the children from the orphanage that Christmas means to them, they respond that it presents, festive Christmas tree, and, of course, Santa Claus.
My story is about a little girl Valya from boarding school, which they spent holidays at my house with me. At this time, she understood the meaning of Christmas. These holidays were the best in the life of this girl! She was able to know the real story of the birth of the Savior Jesus Christ on this earth. And it was so cool to watch her shining eyes and a smile that is about to be reached out to the ears with joy when she helped us decorate the apartment and make delicious pies.
And it Christmas Eve! Everything is ready. Came the very moment when we are in a circle of friends and loved ones to tell the truth to the child. We told her that Christmas – it’s not just gifts and Christmas Tree … Christmas – the birth of Jesus is his holiday, his birthday. He came to save people, to give people hope and eternal life. And then we all prayedte the birthday of Jesus. And this smile never left her gentle little face. And we took care of my friends did it too pleasant, we presented her with gifts and told that God loves her very much and wants her too happy. The next day we went to church and to enjoy the holiday of Christmas with the church, and see the wonderful Christmas productions, and together praise God for His love for us!
Yes, this is a great blessing to hear the prayer of thanksgiving and an orphaned child to see her shining face and his eyes filled with joy and understanding of all that is happening! Great God, and through you He can change the lives of others. Just be obedient to His voice!

December: Trips to the Smilovichi orphanage.

Posted: January 6, 2012 by Dobr9k in Smilovichi

Some days before New Year we had a possibility to spend, probably, the mostunforgettable time with children from the Smilovichi orphanage! I want to tell about these meetings, after all each of them in own way the unique!
Many children who are in this orphanage, have parents who constantly abuse alcohol, and also live in the conditions menacing to life and safety of children!!
This month we had some meetings with such children. The administration has been very opened, and to us allowed to communicate with children freely. Communicating with them, we have learned that many children very talented, and some even write verses!! Also in this orphanage there are kids whom when we come, at once clamber to us on hands and we with pleasure spend with them time. Many were taken away recently from families, and by them very much are embittered. But that takes place not so a lot of time
as they settle down to us is surprising and behave very openly. Except simple dialogue, we showed to children cartoon films about Christmas. Then I told that Christmas it isn’t simple a fur-tree, ornaments and gifts, and it is Birthday of the Divine Son! On persons of children it was possible to understand that for many it was opening. Children asked questions and we could tell more that God has made for us. After all our purpose – to show to children the Divine love which It daily shows to us. We see, what exactly the Divine love influences children and changes their life. Communicating with children who come on our meetings, we see, how their behavior and their relation to life changes. Children become more open, leave a depression condition that allows us to communicate with them even more close.
Friends, we are very grateful to you that throughout all year you were with us and together with our command could serve and help children to orphans. I thank God that we and now have a possibility to come to boarding schools and to fill needs of children!!