December: Trips to the Smilovichi orphanage.

Posted: January 6, 2012 by Dobr9k in Smilovichi

Some days before New Year we had a possibility to spend, probably, the mostunforgettable time with children from the Smilovichi orphanage! I want to tell about these meetings, after all each of them in own way the unique!
Many children who are in this orphanage, have parents who constantly abuse alcohol, and also live in the conditions menacing to life and safety of children!!
This month we had some meetings with such children. The administration has been very opened, and to us allowed to communicate with children freely. Communicating with them, we have learned that many children very talented, and some even write verses!! Also in this orphanage there are kids whom when we come, at once clamber to us on hands and we with pleasure spend with them time. Many were taken away recently from families, and by them very much are embittered. But that takes place not so a lot of time
as they settle down to us is surprising and behave very openly. Except simple dialogue, we showed to children cartoon films about Christmas. Then I told that Christmas it isn’t simple a fur-tree, ornaments and gifts, and it is Birthday of the Divine Son! On persons of children it was possible to understand that for many it was opening. Children asked questions and we could tell more that God has made for us. After all our purpose – to show to children the Divine love which It daily shows to us. We see, what exactly the Divine love influences children and changes their life. Communicating with children who come on our meetings, we see, how their behavior and their relation to life changes. Children become more open, leave a depression condition that allows us to communicate with them even more close.
Friends, we are very grateful to you that throughout all year you were with us and together with our command could serve and help children to orphans. I thank God that we and now have a possibility to come to boarding schools and to fill needs of children!!

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