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Rudensk boarding school in December: Will they have a holiday?

Posted: December 29, 2011 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Rudensk

One more year comes to the end. There are a lot of questions in my heart: How did I spend this year? How did I organize my spare time? Whom did I help? Whom did I support? Whom did I make smiling?) To tell the truth, I did some good deeds. But at the same time I realize, how much I could do. I am very sorrow now for this. Most of all now I want God has made my heart more sensitive and attentive to problems of other people! There are so much pain, tears and loneliness! I have a desire to share with you thoughts that has concerned my heart on Christmas eve and New Year.

Talking to orphans from Rudensk boarding school, I’ve understood that while we are preparing for holidays, decorating the houses, buying gifts Year, children who are in boarding schools, especially strongly feel loneliness. Not for the first time they won’t have a holiday. There will not be a festive table, decorations, gifts and congratulations.

The most sad, there will not be loving and caring parents.

While the whole world is preparing for the holidays, children-orphans ask questions: Where do my parents now? How do they celebrate holidays? Why did it happen to me? Friends!!! Isn’t it enough for orphans to feel lonely in order we could forget about our personality and give a helping hand to those people who need it especially. If you are not indifferent to the children’ lives who are in orphanages now, give them your attention, your care and love. They do not wait for the rich gifts from you. They simply want someone could listen for them and be next to them.

In December: Live hope for children.

Posted: December 26, 2011 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

Very soon the whole world will celebrate the long-awaited Christmas and New Year! These holidays – family holidays. They are a good reason, for what would be the family gathered at the great celebratory table.
But there are children who his first Christmas will be welcomed in a boarding school, and there are those, for whom it will be the fifth, and for someone tenth. Sad picture turns out: in Belarus twenty-six thousand orphans will meet Christmas and New Year in boarding schools or orphanages. But all over the world, one hundred sixty-three million children-orphans will be welcomed not home, this family run holiday of hope and joy.
This month, we visited Belinichy school boarding school. Arriving there we seem to find ourselves in a different world with its own laws and rules. Children without dreams, without emotion. Sorry to see the guys in this state. Many are blaming the global economic crisis!! And you know, I thought, and may indeed crisis – the crisis of sin and opposition to God; but the children are only victims in this war.
Children are always welcomed us still on the street, not looking at the snow and the frost. Nice to come to the children and give them love, which gives us Christ! This month we talked about Advent. Advent is the holiday of waiting for Jesus Christ. We talked about the fact, that Christ, when he was born, brought people the love, peace, hope, and joy. The thing is that when I spent the lessons of independence, I have seen the eyes of children, when I talked about the fact that Christ brought to the world. Many children are still not in the world with their parents consider them traitors and can’t forgive them. We talked about the fact that forgiveness brings peace into all spheres of life. We also talked about the fact that Jesus has reconciled all men to God. There were a lot of questions!! Many expressed and said: “But how can we be reconciled with their parents?” I simply said: “Not possible to man is possible with God”. I also remember that when we were having the last lessons – we own themes were preparing children for Christmas. At the last lesson we talked about Christmas from the different sides. Purpose of this lesson is more to acquaint children with the miraculous birth of Jesus Christ. On completion of this lesson we brought things that we gave the guys. Many kids went in very bad things. For them we brought sweaters, jackets, trousers, shirts. It was great to see the grateful eyes of children.
We would like to thank all the people involved with us financially and prayerfully. Thank you very much!! We ask you in the future not to leave the matter, giving to children living hope!! It is that, which deprived children are orphans.
With respect team of the ministry of orphans in Belarus!

In November: Smilovichi orphanage.

Posted: December 19, 2011 by Dobr9k in Smilovichi

Hello dear friends! I would like to share with you and tell you how we went to an orphanage in the village Smilovichi. Perhaps not everyone knows this “orphanage”. This is the place in which children (often from socially disadvantaged families) before distribution to orphanages. While the kids have a “chance” to get out and back into the family. For example, if parents decide to get back on the right track and are being treated for alcoholism.
November 17 The Lord blessed us, and we had the opportunity to talk with their children in one of these shelters. Kids has joyfully accepted and then refused to let go. We played and talked with the guys. On this day, there were little kids in the receiver. Senior boy and girl of 8 years. Kids can easily go to the contact. Some girls and boys literally “rode” on the team members. It was a feeling that we are in the normal nursery. Kids just so warm and communicated with us, sharing with us your interests! But my heart bleeds when someone of the guys started talking about his family: a mom and dad, brothers and sister about with whom they were separated. Kids so directly talked about their families and with such ease talking about the shelter, apparently not realizing yet what to expect in the near future. Saying goodbye to us, some kids hugged us tightly, saying, “I will not let you anywhere!” Honestly, there were mixed feelings at the same time …
Let us hope that God will bless us to visit the orphanage and in the future!

In November: orphanage in Rudensk

Posted: December 15, 2011 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

Hello my friends!
I would like to tell you about our last visit to the Rudensk boarding school. As you know besides special meetings, which we call “lessons of self-support” we have separate meeting for girls and boys. These meetings help us to touch and discuss more deeply questions that concern adolescents . This is the time when girls can share their problems and worries with sisters from our group, while boys can talk with brothers.
Everyone has different life after leaving the boarding school. Unfortunately some might get in to the prison and many die before even reaching 18th birthday. Thus, our main concern is to teach girls and boys how to be a true women and men and how to be responsible for your own actions.
In our last meeting, we were talking to a 9 through 12th grade students about premarital sex, sexual relationship between boys and girls and consequences of such relationship. Thought most assume they know everything, in reality due the lack of knowledge, they could make mistake determining the fate of their own children. You understand urgency and importance to talk about this type of relationship, when you see an orphan giving birth to a baby, who most likely will suffer the same fate of an orphan. Unfortunately, this happens all the time; girls become pregnant and guys get into a prison with rape charges.
Pasha conducted a lesson. He tried to explain from different points of view that the results of sexual promiscuity are very deplorable. Being a doctor, Pasha told about consequences of promiscuity. Guys were very active, asked the most exciting questions, participated in discussion. Thanks to this lesson, everybody could receive qualified help. We know, God’s words always lead to life transformation. Both boys and girls were interested in how to build the right relations. In spite of the centuries, God’s Word still is able to change human lives.
We are so grateful to everyone who pray for us and help us financially to spread the kingdom of God.
Yours faithfully, “Love children” team.

November holidays with little girls.

Posted: December 13, 2011 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Uncategorized

Hello, dear readers! My name’s Alina, I am engaged in orphan ministry and I have a desire to tell & show you about the importance of this ministry. In other words, I want to inspire you to do good deeds, help people who need a help, take care of the orphans, give them your love and hope. This is the most significant aspect in their life, which helps them to develop as a personality.

Every weekends and holidays two girls become a part of my family. I take them away from orphanage.

Both of them have the same names- Valya. I got used to call them Val’ka and Val’ka. Very simple names to remember. I am so grateful to God for the opportunity to serve them. Do you know why should we take care of the orphans? This is God’s will. We have to love orphans, take care of them, give them hope and love. All these things God gives for everyone. Every time I attend orphanage, a fire lights up in the eyes of children, a gleam of hope in the best appears.

There is one more reason why I take girls away from orphanage: I can influence their lives. They are alone, they do not have people who help them to become a personality. We have a wonderful time with girls. The word “wonderful” does not mean to have a fun… the “wonderful” means that we are together, we cope with problems together and teach how to overcome them.

When we bow down before God and look his presence and defense – this is wonderful.
Thank you very much to all of you who are not indifferent to orphans. Let God bless you and strength you in hope.