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In November: Grozovo orphan ministry

Posted: December 11, 2011 by Dobr9k in Grozovo

Hello dear friends!!!
Thanks so much for all who are not indifferent to the work with orphans in Belarus. My story will be about our trip to Grozovskij boarding house. Our gratitude to all people, who has made this trip possible.
Every Wednesday we attend Grozovskij boarding school. This time was no exception. When we came to destination point, we divided for talk with children. Each of us communicated with a group of children. A part of our team were preparing a room for main meeting. Our gathering started from general singing and prayer. Eugene, member of our team, sang a song how God is able to solve our problems . Alina played a game with children. All this things were used with the purpose to prepare hearts of children for biblical lesson. The topic of the lesson was told Vadim and it was based on the verse from Scripture : “You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you”(Isaiah 26:3). The conversation started from the question to teenagers: What does it mean the steadfast mind? There were many answers, guys were active. It’s obvious, neither betrayal nor abortions could be consequences of the steadfast mind. After several answers Vadim asked one more question: what things can influence on the steadfast mind? Children came to conclusion that money, society, drugs and spirits can influence the steadfast mind. But we definitely know, if you have peace in your heart, it is not because of the absence of problems, but because God lives in your heart. Dima made the examples, what could be with those who are not of the steadfast mind: undesirable pregnancy, inability to manage with money, jails . The core idea was read by Dima: only God can give the steadfast mind. All of the children listened to him very attentively, because he told about things which were very close to them – about their future. Children are not indifferent for us , we come to them every Wednesday because we want they do not repeat the mistakes of their parents. Frankly speaking, it’s always a great pleasure to see when children think and made right choices by themselves. When children began to think about their own life, I rejoiced. The thoughtful wrinkles appeared on their foreheads, the eyes began sparkling when they realized they could change their lives, they have a choice. I am so glad, we could sow the seeds of faith in real God. May God bless them and save them prom mistakes in their hard life. Thanks so much friend for your support. God bless you!

In November: orphanage in Grozovo

Posted: December 11, 2011 by Dobr9k in Grozovo

Dear friends, I want to tell you about our recent visit to Grozovo boarding school. We had wonderful time with children during two evenings. Those meetings with children were dedicated to the following topic : “Relations between boys and girls”. Usually, we have conversations with all children, but that time we decided to divide into two groups – separately boys and girls separately too. I was in a group of girls. The following questions were discussed: how to keep yourself pure, sexual relations before marriage, how to keep yourself for the only man. Regrettable {unfortunate} consequences of wrong relations were discussed too, some facts from medicine – about sexually transmitted infections. But the key idea was that man was created according to God’s own likeness and image, but Satan wants to distort this image. As the example, some stories of girls who had already left boarding house were told to children. Some of girls bring their children up without husbands, some of them made abortions as the result of wrong relations with boys.
Girls were very attentive to every word, but we wanted ours words were heard by each of girls and they could use in real life. Now, we pray for them that they could make the right choice in life and all of them could have strong and sound families.
That was awesome time. Thank God for his mercy and his wisdom.