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Rudensk boarding school in December: Will they have a holiday?

Posted: December 29, 2011 by Dzmitry Nachyna in Rudensk

One more year comes to the end. There are a lot of questions in my heart: How did I spend this year? How did I organize my spare time? Whom did I help? Whom did I support? Whom did I make smiling?) To tell the truth, I did some good deeds. But at the same time I realize, how much I could do. I am very sorrow now for this. Most of all now I want God has made my heart more sensitive and attentive to problems of other people! There are so much pain, tears and loneliness! I have a desire to share with you thoughts that has concerned my heart on Christmas eve and New Year.

Talking to orphans from Rudensk boarding school, I’ve understood that while we are preparing for holidays, decorating the houses, buying gifts Year, children who are in boarding schools, especially strongly feel loneliness. Not for the first time they won’t have a holiday. There will not be a festive table, decorations, gifts and congratulations.

The most sad, there will not be loving and caring parents.

While the whole world is preparing for the holidays, children-orphans ask questions: Where do my parents now? How do they celebrate holidays? Why did it happen to me? Friends!!! Isn’t it enough for orphans to feel lonely in order we could forget about our personality and give a helping hand to those people who need it especially. If you are not indifferent to the children’ lives who are in orphanages now, give them your attention, your care and love. They do not wait for the rich gifts from you. They simply want someone could listen for them and be next to them.