In November: orphanage in Rudensk

Posted: December 15, 2011 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

Hello my friends!
I would like to tell you about our last visit to the Rudensk boarding school. As you know besides special meetings, which we call “lessons of self-support” we have separate meeting for girls and boys. These meetings help us to touch and discuss more deeply questions that concern adolescents . This is the time when girls can share their problems and worries with sisters from our group, while boys can talk with brothers.
Everyone has different life after leaving the boarding school. Unfortunately some might get in to the prison and many die before even reaching 18th birthday. Thus, our main concern is to teach girls and boys how to be a true women and men and how to be responsible for your own actions.
In our last meeting, we were talking to a 9 through 12th grade students about premarital sex, sexual relationship between boys and girls and consequences of such relationship. Thought most assume they know everything, in reality due the lack of knowledge, they could make mistake determining the fate of their own children. You understand urgency and importance to talk about this type of relationship, when you see an orphan giving birth to a baby, who most likely will suffer the same fate of an orphan. Unfortunately, this happens all the time; girls become pregnant and guys get into a prison with rape charges.
Pasha conducted a lesson. He tried to explain from different points of view that the results of sexual promiscuity are very deplorable. Being a doctor, Pasha told about consequences of promiscuity. Guys were very active, asked the most exciting questions, participated in discussion. Thanks to this lesson, everybody could receive qualified help. We know, God’s words always lead to life transformation. Both boys and girls were interested in how to build the right relations. In spite of the centuries, God’s Word still is able to change human lives.
We are so grateful to everyone who pray for us and help us financially to spread the kingdom of God.
Yours faithfully, “Love children” team.

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