In December: Live hope for children.

Posted: December 26, 2011 by Dobr9k in Belinichy

Very soon the whole world will celebrate the long-awaited Christmas and New Year! These holidays – family holidays. They are a good reason, for what would be the family gathered at the great celebratory table.
But there are children who his first Christmas will be welcomed in a boarding school, and there are those, for whom it will be the fifth, and for someone tenth. Sad picture turns out: in Belarus twenty-six thousand orphans will meet Christmas and New Year in boarding schools or orphanages. But all over the world, one hundred sixty-three million children-orphans will be welcomed not home, this family run holiday of hope and joy.
This month, we visited Belinichy school boarding school. Arriving there we seem to find ourselves in a different world with its own laws and rules. Children without dreams, without emotion. Sorry to see the guys in this state. Many are blaming the global economic crisis!! And you know, I thought, and may indeed crisis – the crisis of sin and opposition to God; but the children are only victims in this war.
Children are always welcomed us still on the street, not looking at the snow and the frost. Nice to come to the children and give them love, which gives us Christ! This month we talked about Advent. Advent is the holiday of waiting for Jesus Christ. We talked about the fact, that Christ, when he was born, brought people the love, peace, hope, and joy. The thing is that when I spent the lessons of independence, I have seen the eyes of children, when I talked about the fact that Christ brought to the world. Many children are still not in the world with their parents consider them traitors and can’t forgive them. We talked about the fact that forgiveness brings peace into all spheres of life. We also talked about the fact that Jesus has reconciled all men to God. There were a lot of questions!! Many expressed and said: “But how can we be reconciled with their parents?” I simply said: “Not possible to man is possible with God”. I also remember that when we were having the last lessons – we own themes were preparing children for Christmas. At the last lesson we talked about Christmas from the different sides. Purpose of this lesson is more to acquaint children with the miraculous birth of Jesus Christ. On completion of this lesson we brought things that we gave the guys. Many kids went in very bad things. For them we brought sweaters, jackets, trousers, shirts. It was great to see the grateful eyes of children.
We would like to thank all the people involved with us financially and prayerfully. Thank you very much!! We ask you in the future not to leave the matter, giving to children living hope!! It is that, which deprived children are orphans.
With respect team of the ministry of orphans in Belarus!

  1. Егор Таразевич says:

    “Arriving there we seem to find ourselves in a different world with its own laws and rules. Children without dreams, without emotion.”
    That is very sad 😦

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