In January: Rudinsk boarding school

Posted: January 25, 2012 by Dobr9k in Rudensk

Greetings to you.
Dear friends, I want to congratulate you on Christmas, our Saviour’s Birthday! I’m lacking words to describe how much God loved both the abandoned and those who have everything they wish. In God’s design there is a place for everyone, which means that there is Hope for everyone. Hope is such a sweet word, that comforts the soul, warms and fills it with peace, joy and love! This is exactly what every man needs! Blessed be the Lord, who sent His only Son to the earth so that people wouldn’t perish but have life. Have a merry Christmas, dear friends.
This month we’ve spent Christmas holidays in the boarding school in Rudensk. Christmas is the day of love and hope, people gather together at home and celebrate with the relatives, but it’s still impossible to understand how the abandoned kids can celebrate. What these children think, what they pray for and what they dream of. We tried to get an answer to these questions. When we came to the boarding school with our Christmas program all the kids and the stuff were present. The youth from the Bethlehem church helped us with the program. They kids were coming to the room and in some minutes the service began. Our purpose was to get acquainted with the kids, to tell them about Christmas and the gift of God to us. During the service children were participating in the games, were singing songs and answering the questions of the leaders.
After the service we were talking to the kids and when we asked about their dreams on the Christmas day, the answer was to spend this day at home with parents. Many kids dream about having their own parents. Many pray for the parents who are in prisons so that they would be released and would come to take them home. When you hear such unchildish answers it touches the very heart and you can’t be indifferent.
We gave out the presents we brought and reminded the kids once again that the most precious present we have is the present God gave us. Christ is the present that can’t be measured in money, because due to Him we have everlasting life.
Dear friends, thank you for youк contribution in this God’s ministry. Pray for the kids and the seed planted in their heart to bring fruit.

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